Saturday, August 17, 2013

The New Writers Interface

I received the 12 page critique from Mary Rosenblum yesterday on my mystery novel. I have taken a novel writing course from Mary through Long Ridge Writer's Group. Since that time, she started The New Writers Interface, a service to help writers with their novels.

After taking the novel writing class with Mary through the mail, I totally trust her. I trust her skill and intelligence. She knows what she's doing. I have no doubt she is a Mensa because she is brilliant. In the online forums for Long Ridge that she used to host, there was no writing question that she couldn't instantly answer. She's amazing and she is one of the writers I admire most. She is a successful science fiction and mystery writer with writing awards.

When I learned about The New Writers Interface, I thought this would be just what I need to do. I have four finished novels that need more revision that are just sitting on the shelf. I want to start publishing my writing. I want to start making money. I want to write a mystery novel every six months and then go on the road for book signings. This has been a dream for a long time and I thought that Mary was just the person who could help make this happen.

Mary said that I have a marketable romance mystery that could be turned into a series. I need to do more work to get it ready. I'm excited about working on my book again starting today with new hope and real help to make it work. I also sent a check for a full chapter by chapter critique and analysis. First, I need to do the revision based on her critique I received yesterday.

My life is busy and full of hope for the future as I continue to work towards my goals.

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