Tuesday, August 14, 2007


We bought a new computer at Best Buy in Salem and I'm sure happy with it. It's an emachine and the Geek Squad at Best Buy installed the Windows software and the virus protection. I'm impressed with my problem-free experience on the Internet so far.

Best Buy seems to have everything you could want and I saw many things that would be nice to buy someday. Expert friendly service...what more could you want?

Medical Update

Leslie went to the Lincoln Clinic yesterday. I thought he was doing much better. On Sunday he went outside to work out in the yard for a little bit. He looks better. He's moving around more. However, Dr. Williams told him the blood test came back with cause for concern with the elevated white count level. He said that no one has seemed to get to the bottom of what is wrong with Les for a very long time and he wants to find another doctor who might be able to help him. Les goes for a CT Scan at the end of the week.

I thought that it was interesting that when Les asked about his cardiogram taken several months ago that the test wasn't in his folder and Dr. Williams had never looked at it. Les had asked the nurse about it before and she said it wasn't in his folder either. Why?

I'm impressed with Dr. Williams because he doesn't pretend to know something he doesn't and he cares to find out the truth. He cares about his patients.

The whole health care system needs to be changed so that the best care is provided to all people in need for health care. This in and out system in 10 minutes with a hit or miss diagnosis just doesn't cut it.

Republican Party

My husband of 35 years, Leslie received in the mail a questionnaire for the Republican National Committee. I thought it interesting when he told me that health care wasn't even listed as a cause for concern. My husband wrote it in as his number one cause for concern during the election.

I think Lou Dobbs has it right when he says that neither the Republicans or Democrats seem to have the answers or solutions.

So You Think You Can Dance

One of my all time favorite shows and one of the most important shows on television to encourage the arts is SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. It's down to four young people and I'll be voting for Sabra or Danny or Neil.

I was so impressed when Nigel Lythgoe spoke briefly about the right to express an opinion. He said, "Art should be allowed to make statements and until we find a way of living with people we disagree with, we are never going to find peace. We've got to work at this." Nigel is a great man who has encouraged the love of dance in millions and now begins the great effort that should be rewarded with a Nobel Peace Prize of sharing dance with kids all over the United States by using the best choreographers to teach dance to the teachers who work with young people in inner city programs. He is working to change the world to make it a much better place by channeling energy into dance, instead of violence.

All the dancers who have participated and were chosen have been great and will go on to amazing careers in dance. My favorite was Hok and I was sad to see him leave. The dance of the hummingbird and the flower was nothing less than the highest art expressed through dance.


Daniel spent two weeks in Israel with the Taglit Birthrite Program. I asked him to put my name in a space in the Western Wailing Wall for a blessing and he did. He stayed with a group of young people his own age to explore and learn about being Jewish in Israel. He brought home a large bag of seven cosmetics from the Dead Sea for me, and a beautiful Star of David with a blessing on it for our home which reads, "May this home be a place of happiness and health, of concernment, generosity and hope, a home of creativity and kindness. May those who visit and those who live here know only blessing and peace."

I'm so proud of Daniel how he embrasses life and is beginning to have friends all over the world.
He's perfect in every way and he works hard to do his best at everything he does. He's a brilliant young man with a kind heart and has a keen ability to find solutions.