Wednesday, May 13, 2015


I love to eat at Chipotle and I feel good about their choice to not use GMO (genetially modified) foods. The food is delicious and I am proud to support them. I eat there 2 to 3 times a week. I usually buy the salad. I ask them to add brown rice, black beans, peppers, corn, chicken, mild salsa, cheese, and then it is perfect.

I just read an article in Mental Floss written by Bill Nye. I've always liked Bill Nye, the Science Guy who is also the Executive Director of the Planetary Society founded by Carl Sagan. I'm concerned that Bill Nye didn't stand up for the dangers of GMO foods.

Why do I feel strongly about this issue? About ten years ago, I interviewed on the phone for about two hours a scientist working at Monsanto for an article. I didn't publish the article but I was very interested in this topic about GMO foods. As a Master Gardener, I learned about splicing plant genes together to create new plant species and cultivars. When I learned that at Monsanto, they splice in RoundUp into corn and soy and other plant seeds, I was horrified. We shouldn't ingest RoundUp. It is a weed killer. What does it do to the food that we eat when it is part of the genetic make up of the plant itself? Is this why we are becoming so sick in this country? Yes, it does a great job of keeping the weeds down around these crops as they are grown so that the world can produce more food but at what cost to our health?

I will continue to eat at Chipotle and believe in their choice to not use GMO foods in their restaurant. More restaurants should do this.

I would love to have an extra part time job working at Chipotle. I would feel proud to work there. I believe in Chipotle. Everyone should eat at Chipotle to show their support and to eat healthy.