Friday, March 09, 2012

My Family

I was looking through some old family photos and came across this one that made me very happy. We're all sitting on the couch. I'm sitting on the far left holding Daniel. Ben is next to Gretchen. Then comes Aaron and Joe who is being held by Leslie. Les passed away over 9 months ago. We were married over 39 years.

My Job

My job at the Seattle Times telemarketing center didn't work out. I wasn't able to make the required quota of daily/Sunday subscriptions each week. I needed 16 every week in order to stay. I was told last week that if I didn't make the quota, Friday was my last day. It was a great job, great hours, health care benefits, and close to my home. I wanted it to work out so I felt sad to leave.

Everyone with whom I worked was different from one another so it was interesting. Each call was a challenge. I believe in print media. I believe in newspapers. I love the Seattle Times and I'm a subscriber. I believe in newspapers with the same irrational love that I have for trains. It's in my blood. So I don't understand anyone who doesn't share the same feelings. A newspaper, a great one like the Seattle Times that has won 8 Pulitzer prizes, is a blessing to any community with the highest standard of journalism, reporting, and commentary. It is the pulse of the area. It gives you important information that everyone needs to know. I consider it essential.

The best part of working for the Seattle Times was the birthday card I received from Michael Shepard, senior vice president, business operations. It was an honor to briefly work for the Seattle Times.


I'm part of a bookclub at the library. The last selection was THE WORST HARD TIME by a Seattle author, Timothy Egan. This is an important book and won the National Book Award. It tells of the drama of the American dust bowl and how it was caused by greedy people wanting to make money by using the land inappropriately. The native grasslands of the region of the area where Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico intersect weren't meant for large scale farming. After the top soil was disturbed by farming, the winds and drought took over to destroy this region. The heartbreaking misery caused is well documented within the pages of this book.

After reading this book, I wonder what other things are being done in the name of greed and money that will destroy the land? drilling for oil, nuclear power, natural gas and oil pipeline, chemicals spewed into the air and water, etc.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

My Birthday

I turned 64 on February 25th. What I wanted to do was go roller skating. I haven't been on roller skates since the early 1980's in California when I skated with my kids outside. I used to be serious about roller skating in junior high in Salem, Oregon but that was a very long time ago.

I didn't think I was going to be able to stand up because I was even having trouble standing on the carpet at first. After about an hour, I was skating around almost as fast as my son, and Amanda, his wife.

It was a wonderful day. We went to the Rusty Pelican in Wallingford for breakfast and I ordered my favorite, Garden Skillet. Then we went for a cupcake at Trophy Cupcakes and I had the chocolate cupcake with white butter cream frosting, my favorite.

I wish there were more roller skating rinks around. Roller skating is pure fun.

Jodi Picoult

Jodi Picoult came to the Seattle Public Library to a packed auditorium of fans who love all her books. Jodi shared with the crowd some of her research that went into LONE WOLF, which was fascinating. I’m in awe. It was an honor to meet her and to walk away with signed copies of her books. I was in the presence of greatness and everything that a writer should be. She’s articulate, clever, generous, brilliant, funny, does original research for each book, and writes about serious issues with courage.

Her newest book, BETWEEN THE LINES, that comes out in June, was written with her daughter. It sounds like it will be a big hit, not only with the young adult crowd but with all of the Jodi Picoult fans. I wouldn’t be surprised if it starts out on the top 10 bestseller list after hearing a little preview.

I am wondering if she knows Stephen King who says on her book jacket, “Picoult writes with unassuming brilliance,” and if she plays with the Rock Bottom Remainders since she is musical—SING YOU HOME.

I stood in line with two young high school students who have read every Jodi Picoult book and cry at the endings. They brought her a card.

You can see a podcast of Jodi Picoult at the library website.