Sunday, February 03, 2013

520 Bridge

The controversy surrounding the 520 bridge is interesting and a recurring problem throughout many cities. It's interesting to me because I am wondering when are contracts going to be written that say those persons who build defective structures will not get paid. Why aren't monies put in a fund to be paid out when the job is done and when it is known that the structure is flawless? You say....but that isn't how it works because everyone needs the money in order to build the structure. Then.... I say...... why aren't there more safeguards put in place to prevent short cuts, to prevent using materials that are defective, to prevent cutting corners, etc. Everyone looks the other way when bad decisions are made. Micromanaging is a dirty word now but it sure would prevent some of these problems. And...why does everyone hire companies that don't have the money to produce products in the first place and won't stand behind the workmanship? Is it wise to give jobs to the lowest bidder? What is going to be the real cost of the 520 Bridge?