Friday, June 13, 2014

Whip It!

The Amazing Whip It!

I saw a demonstration yesterday at QFC in Northgate in North Seattle and had to go back and buy Whip It. It's a household cleaning product. I bought it to clean my rug. This "earth friendly miracle multi-purpose cleaner is amazing. It is non-toxic with no bleaches or acids, no fumes, no color or dyes, no phosphates and you can drink it! I had to buy it because my carpet needs cleaning plus I remember this product from the movie GUILT TRIP! This movie has special meaning to me since I could have written a similar screenplay and planned to do so when I went on a road trip with my son, Daniel from Mountain View, CA to Columbus, Ohio in a Penske truck. Then a few years later, the movie came out. This cleaning product which you can drink is the same one in the movie so I have a connection and had to buy it. I'm glad I had the urgent need to buy it. I thought I would find it on the shelf but no. I went to where the demonstration was and found the person in charge of this product. She was only going to be there for an hour so I'm glad I went out to buy it. I should have asked her for a job to sell it. I'm great at smiling and sure could use more income.

So how to you get it? Call 1-800-582-0398.