Monday, March 31, 2008

Odwalla Super Food

Odwalla Super Food is one of my favorite beverages. Yes, it's green. I love it! It makes me feel good when I drink it and I know it's good for me.

When Leslie, my husband was in the hospital last year, I started drinking it in the cafeteria. I found that it helped me at a time when I was running myself ragged and my immune system was lowered. It made me feel better and it helped me. I would get a big salad and an Odwalla to take up to his hospital room when he stayed for 7 days.

If you are busy and don't have a lot of time to eat right, grab an Odwalla.


I love eating at Subway. I always order the same thing--a Veggie Delight on whole wheat with pepperjack cheese, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, olives, green peppers, and nothing else. Perfect! I could eat at Subway every day for the rest of my life and never get tired of it. I'd probably switch off between the Veggie Delight sandwich and the Veggie Delight salad.

Right now they are having a special--any regular footlong sandwich for 5 bucks. It's an amazing buy so go to your nearest Subway and try one.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


I pulled out a video tape from years ago when I was an extra in the movie, A Summer to Remember with Tess Harper, Louise Fletcher, and James Farentino. I was standing right next to James Farentino in a multi-colored bright striped Koret shirt and red skirt. We were standing in front of a stage with belly dancers and a juggler at Fargo's Famous Circus. This movie was made in the mid-80's. I forget what year but it was fun to be standing next to James Farentino.

Our whole family came to be part of the movie at the Polk County Fairgrounds but I was the only one who got to be part of it. We got a T-shirt and boxed lunch for the effort. I was fluffy at that time too. I've had a weight problem since 1978 when my husband got sick. So there I am standing next to James Farentino, fluffy cheeks and all.

We were also in a Brooks running shoe commercial. Our whole family showed up at Bush Park in Salem and our whole family got money--$20 bucks a head. This was in the mid-80's too.


TMTH = Too Much To Handle

My Tivo has been clogged. I had 7 American Idol shows to watch so I was way behind. Last Tuesday, I watched live because I haven't been voting and I didn't know what was going on. My favorite to win is Michael Johns.

I was sad to see that Danny Noriega was voted off. I'm a fan, Danny. This was TMTH. I loved it when his reponse to Simon Cowell was a snap of his head saying, "Some people weren't likin' it!" Danny has pizzazz and I really like him. He should have been in the top 12 so he could tour the United States.

Simon Cowell is important. He helps everyone reach higher, dig down deeper to be the best they can be. It's not always easy to listen to his comments but anyone who critiques talent is giving a great gift.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Watch JOHN ADAMS, the powerful HBO mini-series this weekend. It is based on the the best seller written by David McCullough, the winner of the Pulitzer Prize. Anything written by David McCullough is worth reading, buying, and putting in your home library. The executive producer of JOHN ADAMS is Tom Hanks so you know it's going to be outstanding. Anything Tom Hanks touches is excellent. I sincerely hope this is one of many to come based on books by David McCullough. We are in for a treat, if this is true.

Overleaf Lodge

My husband and I were given a gift certificate to the Overleaf Lodge in Yachats, Oregon for Christmas from our son, Benjamin and his wife, Amanda. We stayed there last Saturday night and plan to stay on April 19th to celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary. What a wonderful gift to heal the heart and nourish the soul!

I love Yachats, my favorite area along the Oregon Coast. My favorite place to eat is the Blue Whale and my favorite choice on the menu is fish and chips.

The historic 804 Trail next to the ocean is a few steps from the Overleaf Lodge along with the pounding waves on the rocks, magnificent sunsets, and the variety of coastal birds. To walk the trail, breath in the fresh air, and feel part of the pristine coastline renews and nourishes. It doesn't get much better than this.

Everyone at the Overleaf Lodge works in concert to make your stay a special experience for each guest. All the special touches and care, as each does their best, succeeds to make your stay unforgetable. The complimentary breakfast couldn't have been nicer. I went right for the cut-up fresh fruit and juices. Leslie went for the calorie-laden foods and he's the one without a weight problem.

I finished the last page in WHAT ABOUT THE BIG STUFF? Finding Strength and Moving Forward When the Stakes are High by Richard Carlson, Ph.D. in our room at the Overleaf Lodge. It was appropriate to end on the last chapter entitled "Happiness," which talks about staying in the moment, take your focus off problems, allow your mind to clear, and make a choice to be happy now. There are always problems in one's life to deal with. No life is ever perfect or the way you want it to be but if you always postpone seizing moments of happiness or joy, you will never be happy.

Thank you, Benjamin and Amanda!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What I want..............

This morning I turned on Direct TV and looked at my horoscope to find that it said, "You deserve to have what you want--not approximately but exactly. Be as specific as possible, and stand back in amazement at how precisely the universe was listening to you."

I thought to myself, Why, that sounds great! So I started writing on 3 X 5 cards everything I want and taping them by the television. Here's my list so far:

Finish 2 plus novels a year. Write lots of screenplays that inspire and make millions. Travel the world in safety. Opportunities to help people, protect the environment, animals, and inspire people to be the best they can be. Health care for all, no homeless, healthy food and clean water for all, world peace, and protection of the planet. $5 million winner in Oregon lottery. Weigh 135 pounds through diet and exercise. Able to afford to buy condos near my children. Dance, sing, and laugh often. $700 million winner from national lottery. Able to attend writing conferences. Winner of $5,000 a week for life from Publishers Clearing House. A new bright yellow Toyota Corolla with temperature control. Time to read 4 hours a day. Time to write 8 hours a day. Time to exercise, swim, lift weights every day for 3 hours at a luxury gym. Surrounded by trust-worthy, smart people. Always have fresh, healthy food to eat. Live a long time with perfect health. Opportunities to make people happy and laugh. No war. No crime. People who are kind to each other in the world. No drugs. No mean people. Visit Sweden every year and own a home in Sweden. Opportunities to speak to large groups. A 10,000 sf house overlooking water that I own and can afford to live in the rest of my life. A 500 sf room filled with floor to ceiling bookcases on each wall. A 500 sf writing studio with windows on two walls and one entire wall a dry erase board for plotting novels. Endless patience. Unlimited wisdom and understanding. Able to buy all courses from the Teaching Company. Opportunity to go back to school and get an MBA, an MFA in creative writing, and a Ph.D. in psychology. Win 3 Oscars. Great music that I can turn on at an instant, like American Standards, cool jazz, and classical. Win a Pulitzer Prize. My books on education and parenting on the NY Times best seller list for over a year. Speak of my books on C-Span on Book TV. Happy, healthy children and grandchildren, and a happy, healthy Leslie.

And then my husband, Leslie says my horoscope in the Corvallis Gazette Times this morning says I'm going to cause everyone a headache! Whatever.... I have the right to dream.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Teaching Company

I've recently discovered the great gift of learning from the amazing courses through The Teaching Company. At 75% off, I selected as my first choice, Argumentation: The Study of Effective Reasoning taught by Professor David Zarefsky of Northwestern University. I believe that studying logic, rhetoric, and reasoning are basic to writing and will help me as a writer. I was right. I believe this course can help all writers to organize and uplift their writing to higher standards of argument. I learned so many things about the history of debate, how to organize an argument for effective reasoning, and now I want to read everything by Aristotle. I plan on listening to it again and again. This is a great gift to give to any young person in school for this course is basic to all learning and study.

The Teaching Company was founded in 1990 "to ignite people's passion for lifelong learning by offering great courses taught by great professors." The professors are selected "for intellectual distinction and teaching excellence." The courses range from art and music to history, economics, religion, and science.

I just finished listening to The Study of Effective Reasoning by listening to it in my car as I drive back and forth to Corvallis and now I'm on to the second course that I selected, Einstein's Relativity and the Quantum Revolution: Modern Physics for Non-Scientists by Professor Richard Wolfson from Middlebury College. He's an amazing teacher. I could learn anything from him.

I'm interested in almost all of the courses offered and plan on purchasing them through the coming years. I'm excited to select courses on philosophy, history, and literature first. I can't afford to go back to school with the high cost of higher education. I've love to get my masters degree and go on for a Ph.D. but it's unrealistic. Even the best universities do not have all the best teachers that inspire at their universities but the Teaching Company does.

With a lifetime satisfaction guarantee take a look, order a catalog, and try a course by calling 1-800-TEACH-12.

Sunday, March 02, 2008


I checked out FEED by M. T. Anderson at the library yesterday and I'm almost finished. It won a Los Angeles Times Book Prize 2002 young adult fiction award, and was a finalist for the National Book Award. I recommend listening to the audio book at the same time that you read the book so you get the full nuance of the voices of young people to capture the full experience.

It's a disturbing book, not only because of the deterioration of our society and young people but of the consequences of choices to ignore warnings about our environment and using harmful chemicals. I shudder to think that my grandchildren might have to live in a society like this with a "feed" implanted in them at birth giving them instant access to computer knowledge with streaming commercials. When I think about this, I think about the research at Oregon State University and Hewlett Packard in Corvallis into nanotechnology. I think about how invasive and what a danger this has the potential to be to civil liberties and individual rights. Sometimes I'm glad I'm 60. The choices made by the leaders in this country are taking our country away from a path of freedom and individual rights.


I'm taking a class on Tuesday nights at the Benton Center in Corvallis on screenwriting. The instructors are Linda and Gary Hamner. This is part of the Linn-Benton Community College. The assignment last Tuesday was to bring a 5 minute scene in an elevator. Here's part of mine entitled FACE YOUR NEMESIS. The man in the scene is a composite of about five people. I'm changing the formatting due to the limitations of this blog.

A middle-aged man and woman in their late 50's walk into an elevator in a large building and the door shuts. Immediately the elevator halts and the door jams.

GREAT ARBITRATOR (booming, echoing, haunting voice over loudspeaker)
You are on the new reality FOX show FACE YOUR NEMESIS from the producers of Survivor.
(audience CLAPS)

What's going on? I didn't sign up for this?

Oh, yes, GILT E. MANN....You were both selected by the producers to be on the show.

We'll see about this. I'll call my attorney. I was expecting to meet a client.

Your attorney and wife have already agreed on paper to this alternative, in lieu of costly court litigation and a possible jail sentence.

How dare you! Let me out of here! I didn't do anything!

GILT E. MANN leans over to grab CELESTE L. REIN around the neck and a plexiglass breathable shield covers CELESTE as a protective barrier from harm.

You're going to listen to me.

You're not going anywhere GILT E. MANN. You are here until the door opens.

Outrageous! I've never heard of such a thing.

At the end of two hours or however long this takes, you both have the choice of a spa vacation at a premier resort at a Caribbean location, a seven-day cruise on Cosmos Cruise Lines, a new wardrobe or room make-over, $50,000 cash, or a brand new Mustang convertible.

This is a horror show!

You are both on camera with microphones. (audience CLAPS) CELESTE L. REIN has at her disposal the buttons of torment, the Guilt-O-Meter, and a full range of sound, smell with visual and motion effects to alter your reality.

The elevator shakes, vibrates, and starts to drop. The lights go out and lights flash as if there is no ceiling and lightening could almost touch both participants. One side of the elevator becomes a video screen. Both back away to the other side of the elevator. The side of the building seems to disappear with no railing for safety giving the illusion that they could both fall hundreds of feet. CELESTE pushes buttons at random bringing rain, heat, and wind in rapid succession.

I think I'm going to like this.

CELESTE L. REIN presses more buttons that change the video screen giving the illusion that an airplane is going to crash into the elevator within seconds, then switching to under water with great white sharks swarming. Next the illusion of snakes coming out from every corner of the elevator quickly changed to STENCH from garbage and rats appearing on the floor.

There are a few rules. CELESTE L. REIN has the choice to select buttons of torment for effect that bring no harm for the purpose of soliciting a public apology, retribution, and commitment for change leading to a signed contract for a settlement. Guilt has already been determined by our army of criminal attorneys and a federal judge on the basis of written documents and undercover investigation.

You can't get away with this! I didn't do anything wrong.

Yeah! Saint on Sunday. Criminal and thief during the week.

This is baseless slander.

The time has come for you, CELESTE L. REIN, to FACE YOUR NEMESIS. Confront GILT E. MANN who has been predetermined to have hurt you most in the world so you can heal, rediscover yourself, and move forward with your life. A documentary will display on the EVIDENCE WALL. Relax, lean against the back of the wall and view your lives in conflict.

A documentary on the EVIDENCE WALL showed signed documents of illegal activity outlining criminal behavior and video of GILT E. MANN conspiring against CELESTE L. REIN causing her to lose home, bank account, friends, opportunities, and good name.

See how you have hurt me! You used your power to silence me. I lost everything because of you.

Now for the demonstration of the Guilt-O-Meter. This devise was invented by a genius who was awarded the Valor of Honor by the CIA. This sensitive instrument is able to detect the slightest weakness and gives an instant readout on the hand-held scanner with suggestions for the best ways to take advantage of weakness.

This is almost three minutes or three pages of the script. Lots more in my head where this came from.........................So many scripts to little time.................