Saturday, June 30, 2007

Nancy Drew

I saw a great movie yesterday in Corvallis with my Safeway movie coupon. Nancy Drew was on the list of movies so that's what I decided to see. I went by myself since my husband is having problems with asthma and the expiration date on the coupon was almost up. Thank you, Safeway!

Growing up, I used to read Nancy Drew mysteries. I also read Trixie Belden and the Bobbsey Twins.

This is a great movie, full of action that centers around a gifted teen who loves to solve mysteries. The theater was full of parents bringing their children to enjoy the movie together. This was nice.

This should generate a lot of interest in reading Nancy Drew mysteries. Buy them from your local book seller or go to the library and read them all.

I sure had fun. I had the full movie experience with popcorn, a Diet Coke, and box of candy while enjoying a great movie.

Monday, June 25, 2007

What is most important?

To me, what is most important is: to constantly learn, work hard to become better each year in all areas of your life, family, and treating others with kindness.

I took a test last year and I learned that learning is my highest motivator over reaching goals and having friends. Friends was in last place out of the three and I find at this time in my life, I have no close friends.

I've always felt that it is important to progress in life and to be a better person next year as compared to the last year. In life, there are many levels of need for improvement so what may seem apparent to one may not be to someone else. I'm proud of the fact that I learned how to swim 2 1/2 years ago, which is quite a feat since I was so afraid of deep water.

Family is so important to me but I find that I don't have the opportunity to be near family as often as I would like. Everyone is scattered, busy, and involved in important projects. I think these days, family is not a priority in today's world. I've said I would love to live on the same street with my children so I could have a big dinner once a week, be helpful, bake bread, babysit, etc. but this isn't in the cards for me. I guess I'm stuck in the 50's of how I think things should be in life.

I feel it is important to be kind and respectful to others in life. This does not mean, however, that you continue to put yourself in the path of someone you know will cause you harm or continue to allow yourself to be used or hurt. It's important to protect yourself but it is important to forgive and treat everyone with respect and kindness no matter how you are treated by others. I guess this is my Miss Pollyana view of life.

Writing is essential, as important as breathing. To move my writing goals forward daily is important to me. Having computer problems stunts my progress. I recently lost family photos, my screenplay and writing on my computer. Frustrating!

To read to support my writing is equally important. Right now I'm reading the BEST library book. I need to buy it since it is one of the BEST books on writing that I've ever read. A WRITER'S COACH by Jack Hart. Jack Hart is a managing editor at the Oregonian and a former professor at the University of Oregon.

So what's important to me?.....moving my projects forward, being nice along the way, and seeing my family as often as possible.

2007 Maui Writers Conference

I got the conference brochure for the 2007 Maui Writers Conference in the mail and dream about going. Can you imagine learning from Ron Howard, Frank McCourt, Barbara Kingsolver, Mitch Albom, Carrie Fisher, Tony Hillerman, Robin Cook, Nicholas Sparks, and dozens of other writing heroes? I dream of it. I've always wanted to go. Maybe someday I can.

Lisa Nichols will be at the conference, who is known as Iyanla from Starting Over on television, another one of my heroes who dares to tell the truth and who cares about people.

The news in this brochure tells me that for only $20, you can sign up to attend the conference and never leave home. IF my computer keeps working without interference and IF I can get speakers for my computer, I'm going to be listening. I'm also dreaming of an Ipod so I can download these writing workshops--each one important and each one with great wisdom for anyone who takes writing seriously.

Doctors and Clinics

My husband went into the Lincoln Clinic in Corvallis. He waited the time period until there could be no doubt this wasn't a virus. He was given amoxicillin, flunisolide, and albuterol inhaler for an "alergic nose" or nasal alergy on June 11th.

During this time my husband was coughing and having a difficult time breathing. He would cough standing up, black out and fall on the floor. This happened several times.

Then on June 15, since he had an allergic reaction to amoxicillin, he went to the Corvallis Immediate Care Clinic at Corvallis Clinic where he was given azithromycin, prednisone, spiriva handihaler and told to continue taking the albuterol inhaler and flunisolide, which is a nasal spray and throw away the amoxicillin. X-rays were taken to show it was a sinus infection. His lungs were clear.

He was coughing so badly and in so much pain that he was unable to sleep through this period of at least three weeks. I finally got him to start sleeping in the chair a little bit at a time.

On June 23, he returned to Corvallis Immediate Care Clinic because he wasn't getting better. The rash on his back was worse and it covered most of his body from the amoxicillin. He had difficulty breathing. When asked what his first complaint was, my husband said breathing. The doctor commented that the muscle on his back might have been torn from so much coughing but he didn't check it. He was given a new round of Predisone, Advair, Rhinocort nasal spray, and Avelox. He's finally getting better, I'm happy to report.

I took him to the doctor at the Immediate Care Clinic and to see the nurse at the Lincoln Clinic all three times. I've stayed home from work because he was in so much pain, having such a difficult time, and because he became confused. Hopefully I can return to work soon.

Sometimes I think we are in the Dark Ages of medical care and it's a miracle people get better after taking all this medication. It seems to be hit and miss. Why isn't there a hand held scanner that instantly diagnoses with complete accuracy and offers recommended treatment? Where are the little gifted kids who grew up to be doctors who take seriously the profession of medicine and who keep updating their knowledge?

I know from master gardening that it is possible to get a detailed soil analysis from a sample with a readout of exactly what nutrients and minerals are missing so why isn't this possible in medicine for human beings? Why don't you get a printout at the doctor's office when you are sick with a complete listing of what vitamins and minerals you need, what exercises would be best, what foods you should be eating to heal, and what recommended treatments should be given to make you well?

My Computer

My computer has been down for the last two weeks, which halted my progress to write a screenplay in a month for Script Frenzy at I like things to work, especially my computer.

I don't know what happened to it. This happened before to my last computer which is still unusable. I thought this would be the same but my husband finally got this one going again. It's frustrating! I feel like my progress is halted and stopped when this happens.

Sometimes I wonder whether it is worth being on the computer at all. I've been listening to Kim Commando on the radio in the car when I drive back and forth from Corvallis. It seems like you have to have so much specialized knowledge about protecting yourself on the computer these days.

Friday, June 08, 2007


Since my soil needs to be tested and I don't have the money to do everything I need to do to create a garden this year, I've decided to wait until next year. I need to test my soil since my corn had purple throughout the husks last year. My sunflowers dramatically depleted the nitrogen in my soil. I need to create great soil first. I don't have the money to buy great bedding plants from the nursery. Time is also a factor since I can't do everything I want to do in a day. I love working out in the garden early in the morning, especially during the summer. This year I'm planting a cover crop on most of the garden areas to get ready for next year.

Miserable with a Cold

I feel miserable with a cold today. My nose is red from blowing it so much. Yesterday it was hard to work since the last few days, I've been sneezing and blowing my nose every few minutes. I'll be glad when I feel better.

Patent Pending

I received a letter a couple of days ago from the U.S. Patent Office letting me know that my application for a design patent will be considered. This was thrilling for me to see this letter. I've been sitting on several inventions and ideas for several years since I haven't had the money to do anything about it. I thought I would start with easy ideas first to learn the process and see what happens. Pretty exciting stuff!

International Society of Poets

I received a letter on May 5th saying that I am cordially invited to the 21st annual International Society of Poets Convention and Symposium in Las Vegas. I have been nominated as Poet of the Year for 2007. The letter goes on to say that I will be inducted as an International Poet of Merit and Honored Member of the Society for 2007 to 2008.

This is a great honor and I sincerely hope that I am able to attend. Money is the deciding factor.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Joann Fabrics

I love working at Joann Fabrics and Crafts. It's fun. Joann sells everything that I love and everyone who comes through the door has something in common with me.

If I were to dream big and think of how I would do things, I would put out all the freight, move sections, and put back stock in the middle of the night with a night crew. Then the people who work while the store is open can concentrate on giving excellent customer service.

I wish we were a Super Center so we would have classes. That would be fun. I think it's a natural that we have a Super Center in Corvallis with the clothing design program at OSU, 4-H, and sewing classes in the high school and middle schools. Sewing seems to be taking off. People are seeing that you can put your unique spin on a dress with your own fabric choices and embellishments making it a one-of-a-kind design.

We have so many great bargains and sales. The last clearance over Memorial Day weekend had $1 a yard fabric which was an extreme buy! It's easy to sell things at Joann Fabrics because everything's a good buy and something that I believe in. Come and see...........and sign up for the sales fliers so you, too, can know when the great bargains happen on your favorite items.

Weight Watchers

I lost 1.8 pounds yesterday bringing my weight loss total to 12 pounds for the last five weeks. I'll take it. I love Weight Watchers. It's recommended by doctors. It's motivational and positive. It holds you accountable, which I need. I need to Watch what I eat or my eating can get out of control with a little here and a little there and splurging once in awhile.

This was the topic of the day by the leader. She talked about "licks, bites, and tastes" and how they can add up quickly before you know it to an extra 700 calories. I understand this and this is why I need to count and keep track of everything I eat. It's easy as a woman to taste your cooking, think that standing up while you're eating doesn't really count, and to not pay attention to an occasional pass by the nut dish to get a few.

I got a great tip at the meeting from a member. This woman mixes cereals with the highest fiber and the least calories for a unique taste. Sounds great to me. I think I'll try it. Another member likes to use a tiny spoon, a tiny cup, and a tiny plate. I don't think that's for me. I'm the one who used to always go to the "all you can eat" places and do my best to make sure I got my money's worth.

We learned that if you follow all your good health habits that this uses up 98% of your points with only 2% for extras.

I'm trying not to use my weekly points. We learned that we should only use it for an emergency, like a special night out at a restaurant.

We learned that if we aren't losing weight, it's most likely that we aren't monitoring our food intake. I believe that.

I tend to get in an eating rut and eat the same things day after day because I feel they are safe. I like to stick with lots of fresh fruit and stir fry but I'm a little too heavy on the olive oil. I need to be careful to counting it, instead of just pouring.

I'm glad I'm back at Weight Watchers. I weighed 130 pounds for years and I'm determined to get back there. With exercise, healthy eating, and monitoring my food intake, I should make it this time and stay there. Permanent changes are necessary. You just can't think that you can go back to your old ways after you get down to your goal weight.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Script Frenzy

It sure is fun to be deep inside the process of writing a screenplay. This will be my first finished screenplay, if I make it. I'm trying to live up to the challenge of writing the first draft of a screenplay in the month of June for the website

It's harder since I am working part time. I want to finish my screenplay. I'm writing about the Portland to Coast Volkswalk team I was on in 2003. It sure was fun and exciting and something I had never done before or since. The challenge of being part of a team to walk from Portland to Seaside on the Oregon Coast in a weekend is one I'll never forget so I'm trying to put it into words in the form of a screenplay.

Last month I wanted so much to go to a screenwriting workshop in Portland to learn from Michael Hauge, one of my writing heroes but didn't have the money and had to work. That wasn't possible at that time but trying to participate in Script Frenzy is possible.

So back to work on my screenplay..............

Timberhill Athletic Club

Timberhill Athletic Club in Corvallis is building a new outdoor pool with water slides for recreation. It's going to be great for young people when it's finished.

I love exercising in deep water since I learned to overcome my fear in December, 2004. I love to swim slowly back and forth for 30 minutes to an hour. What I am doing can't really be called swimming but I can get from one end of the deep end back to the other end and stay in the water without a problem.

Since the last time that I wrote about Weight Watchers and exercising at Timberhill in this blog, this is how much I have exercised and what I did starting with the last time I went.

May 30--Wednesday
15 minutes swim
1 hour hydrofit

May 29--Tuesday
30 minutes elliptical runner
5 minutes weights for arms
45 minutes hydrofit

May 26--Saturday
1 hour hydrofit

May 24--Thursday
1 hour hydrofit
1 hour water aerobics

May 23--Wednesday
1 hour swim
30 minutes elliptical runner

May 22--Tuesday
1 hour hydrofit

May 21--Monday
30 minutes exercise bike

May 18--Friday
1 hour hydrofit

I should drive in early to exercise this morning but I need to work on my screenplay before going to work today.

Weight Watchers

Since I started Weight Watchers a month ago, I've lost over 10 pounds so far. I sure hope I continue to lose. I'm really trying hard. I need to go to Weight Watchers because I need to watch my weight, my portions, and to be held accountable for what I eat. I eat healthy but I can get out of control quickly since I love good food.

At the last meeting I learned that there is no such thing as failure, only feedback or consider it a learning experience. "Refuse to accept anything less than success" was written on a flip chart. Then Nancy talked about Sir Edmund Hilliary after he failed at his first attempt to climb Mount Everest. In front of a large audience, he looked at a photo of the mountain and said, "You've grown all you're going to grow but I'm still growing."

Some great tips were discussed by Nancy:
1. have healthy foods ready to eat that I enjoy eating. 2. keep trouble foods out of sight. 3. relax and take naps. 4. make a unrelenting schedule for meal time. 5. plan your food and outings. 6. take time out for prep time after shopping to cut up your veggies so they aren't wasted. 7. relax with a hobby to feed your soul. 8. keep your house nice so you don't feel stressed. 9. keep away from stressful relationships and toxic friends. 10. accept things that you can't change. 11. have prepared things ready to do that are stress outlets when you want to reach for food.

Nancy talked about a great meal that she made with baby bok choy, hearts of romaine, Mrs. Dash, and boneless, skinless chicken thighs. Sounds great!

Weight Watcher meetings are always inspirational. One member reached her goal weight at the last meeting. Many do with Weight Watchers. You just have to keep going to meetings, keep watching your food portions, and exercise.

So You Think You Can Dance

It sure is fun to be able to watch So You Think You Can Dance on television. I have it saved on Tivo. I'm still not finished with the New York auditions. I'm excited to see what's going to happen this season. This is one of the best shows on television. It gives young people hope and a place to shine after working so many years at dance. I love to see young people develop as the show progresses and see what they can do.

It's fun to see Nigel Lythgoe and the other judges. It's always fun to see Mary laugh. Thank you for bringing this show to showcase the best in dancing.


On Monday, May 28th, I had a day off. My husband, Leslie and I went into Corvallis and saw a movie, Pirates of the Caribbean. It was great and for three hours, we escaped into an exciting adventure with Johnny Depp and pirates.

When we came home, I noticed first thing that my red purse was on the kitchen table, even though I had left it across the room next to my other purse just before we left the house. The clasp was bent. I bent it back. Later I found my handwritten notes missing out of my work journal that I didn't have time to type yet. I had punched holes in several sheets from a legal pad and put them in my notebook but they were gone. I found fabric missing--about three yards of Hoffman batik sunflower print that I had been saving for several years because it's my favorite. I went into my bin to discover it was no longer filled to the top but 2/3 of the way full. I found some Hoffman batik sunflower fat quarters in a plastic bag at the bottom but there was a lot of fabric missing. What else is missing?

The bigger question is why does this continue to happen? We have a security system. We pay every month to have a national security system monitor our house and we use it when we leave the house. We closed the gate. No one has keys to the house. After Christmas we changed the locks on the house. Our kids don't have keys to the house. I don't have any close friends and haven't given the key to anyone. So how can this happen? Why? I sure wish someone would have the courage to tell me.

I don't get a lot of phone calls but when I do there are clicks on the line. Why?

I'm trying hard every day to do the best I can--to work hard at my job that I enjoy, to eat healthy, to lose weight, to exercise when I have time, to write, to read. I'm a nice person. So why? I guess this is truly the time of Big Brother but why me?