Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Senator Bernie Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders was the shining star standing up for single-payer health care in the Senate. If I were to rewrite the script of when he stood up to read the 700 page document in the Senate, I would have each Democrat Senator walk up to stand next to him in an unpresidented show of support for REAL CHANGE. If I were in the Senate representing Oregon, that is what I would have done and I would have encouraged others to stand beside me.

Bernie Sanders also negotiated great gifts for Vermont and so did Senator Baucus from Montana. Senator Sanders got $600 million in Medicare help. Senator Baucus got Medicare coverage for victims of asbestos exposure. Senator Dodd got $100 million for a new hospital at the University of Connecticut. Senator Nelson from Nebraska got a gift worth $100 million because now Nebraska is exempted from paying expanded Medicare costs. What did Oregon get? NOTHING!

Everyone forgets the lessons of 2008 and why President Obama got voted into office. I plead that Democrat leadership and people of conscience will rise up and stand strong against Republican bullies. And what happened to Senator Leiberman? Guess he got picked by the Republican party to be their spokesperson to carry out their agenda. Guess he got lots of money to pull it off.

I plead that Democrats in the Senate will grow a backbone, join hands, and not allow the hope of everyday Americans to be extinguished. We need single-payer health care. We need wealthy Americans and businesses to start paying their share. We need good jobs. We need quality education so we can compete in the world market place.

We need change--real change. Change cannot happen without a cap on greed and a harness on bullies who refuse to respect the rights of all Americans to dream and hope for a better tomorrow.

Survivor Samoa

I wanted Mick or John to win Survivor Samoa. Mick made it to the final three but he didn't get one vote.

Russell played the best game of Survivor ever in the history of Survivor but it's hard for me to respect his game play or like him. He found idols without clues. He manipulated, lied, and cheated. He poured out canteens of water. He burned socks. He called women "dumb ___" and played everyone. He outmanaeuvered, outplayed, and outlasted but he didn't win.

The game of Survivor is an amazing play of how people interact, choices, relationships, and how people react under pressure. I would love to be on the show and see how I do but I couldn't eat the disgusting "food" you have to eat.

Julia Sweeney

Over the weekend, I watched a documentary written and performed by the comic, Julia Sweeney called LETTING GO OF GOD. It's about her struggle with religion, all her endless questions, and her inability to find satisfactory answsers. It's all about how I feel. She's great, funny, and I like her just the way she is. She's telling the truth and unfortunately in this world today, you see very few religious people who live up to their own words that they say they believe in.

Danny Deckchair

Danny Deckchair is a comedy made in Australia that is fast paced, keeps you laughing, surprised, and interested. It's great writing and supposed to be a true story. It's about this guy who just doesn't fit in or is appreciated. He ties helium balloons onto a deck chair and literally floats up and into a different part of Australia where he is loved, appreciated, and blooms. It's a great story and a great movie.

I feel like Danny. Maybe I need to buy some helium balloons and see where they take me............

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Applied Knowledge in Education

Classes where the knowledge is applied and integrates what is learned multiplies success in the classroom.

What classes do this?
Physical Education
High school newspapers and yearbooks

What's sad is that PE, music, and drama are often eliminated in schools.

Here in Alsea, there is a wonderful English teacher, Patsy Jones who encourages her students to take photos, write, and put all their dreams into words. I know she is encouraging one student who is almost finished with a novel.

The Junior Class has just finished working on a logging calendar project as a fundraiser. Everyone worked as a team to make it happen and they are on sale now at John Boy's Mercantile in Alsea, Oregon for $15.00. Or write to the Alsea School at PO Box B, Alsea, Oregon 97324 or call 541-487-4305

My son and his fiancee gave my husband and I flowers for Thanksgiving. They were beautiful. Flowers are always a wonderful gift. This wasn't the original order. There was a problem so my husband called. The company sent two dozen roses to make up for it.

It is my hope that I can plant enough flowers in my yard so that I can have flowers for most of the year.

Keith Obermann

I watched Keith Obermann last night on CNBC for the first time. My husband has been talking about him. I guess a few months back, he set up free clinics at several cities across the country to show members of Congress the great need for health care reform. Members of Congress refused to come to see what would happen. There were so many people who needed help, people had to be turned away. I'm not surprised.

What I am happy about is to see the great courage and strength of Keith Obermann who speaks out on the important issues of our time and stands up for people without a voice who desperately need help. I admire him. He's a hero in this time of so many who let money shut their mouth and stop them from speaking up against injustice.

Warren Buffet and Bill Gates

I watched a special presentation on CNBC with Warren Buffet and Bill Gates at Columbia Business School. The room was filled with hopeful MBA students who want a chance to have the life of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. I learned a lot from what they said but also from what they didn't say.

Warren Buffet said that in 2008, it was an "economic pearl harbor," and that the "dominoes were really lined up." He also said that "having sound principles take you through everything." Warren Buffet said that "nothing has gone wrong with our system," and there is "equality of opportunity."

I don't buy this "equality of opportunity." There is opportunity if your family has already in position with money and connections. If you have money, there are opportunities and if your family is connected to the "right" people, you have promise. I'm sure that it is true that every MBA student in the room has a great future. They are at Columbia Business School.

What about the other kids who are brilliant without the money and the connections? Not all schools are the best environment for gifted and talented children. Not all teachers are capable of teaching to the high end of ability. Most are clueless of what to do. Yes, there are many who try very hard, are sincere, and are doing their best. Is it really fair to expect a teacher to teach to a wide range of ability in a classroom with few resources? Bill Gates said that our educational system in this country is lacking and needs to be fixed.

U.S. News and World Report just listed recently the top 25 schools in the United States. There weren't any in Oregon!

After thinking about this event with these great men who have accomplished their dreams, I believe the answer is to work hard and never give up. Work hard to learn all you can and get as much education as possible. You have to be serious now more than ever before and use every minute to your advantage without wasting any time. Warren Buffet said "to do what you love" and success will follow.

If things don't drastically change in this country and if, as Warren Buffet says, that "greed is alive and well," then there is a significant number of people in this country without a future, without opportunity, without hope for a better tomorrow.

I'm going to concentrate on reading, writing, growing my own food, taking care of my home, and doing what needs to be done to watch out for my husband. Will I get to go back to school? Will I get to get my MFA in creative writing? Will I get a job where I am challenged and where I can grow? I don't know but I do know that it requires mentors who know answers and are successful at what you want to do in life.

Burlington Northern

Burlington Northern is a freight carrier. Warren Buffet said at Columbia Business School that railroads are "environmentally friendly and the most efficient" for moving freight. It can move "1 ton of freight 470 miles on 1 gallon of deisel." It sounds great but I would need to compare what it costs to move freight using semis on freeways. If this is true, there should be an explosion of new rails across America to move freight.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


I signed up for Facebook. When I started the process, I found a lot people already in my folder. Most of them I didn't know. I clicked on everyone anyway. I thought that it was great that I already had people who wanted to be my friend. My family said that I should only keep the people who I know so I deleted everyone I didn't know. We'll see how this works out. I'll just keep it how it is for now.

Dangerous Bridge

I've lived in Alsea for 8 1/2 years. There is a bridge on Highway 34 between Alsea and Philomath that I feel is dangerous.

The photo above is of the bridge crossing the North Fork of the Alsea River at Fish Hatchery Road on Highway 34 facing west on the way to Alsea. It is a blind curve when you come around the corner from Alsea because the brush isn't cut making oncoming traffic invisible. The bridge is narrow, too narrow. The sign says that no pedestrians are to walk on the bridge, however, I have witnessed several times when this rule was not followed. The sign "One Way Traffic for Trucks and Buses" is confusing. What does this mean? Who has the right of way--cars or trucks and buses? I have seen black skid marks on the pavement several times, especially during the summer on both sides of the bridge. One time when I came around the corner going east towards Philomath, I had to quickly stop at the side before the bridge because a logging truck was in the center of the bridge straddling the yellow line going towards Alsea. Years ago my husband came upon this bridge going east and found people walking on the bridge, cars parked on the bridge, and motorcycles were headed towards the bridge coming from the opposite direction. He crashed into the side of the bridge so he wouldn't hit anyone. This is not a safe intersection or bridge. It needs to be fixed.

What needs to be done to fix the problem? In my opinion, the bridge needs to be widened and a pedestrian walkway needs to be on the other side of the bridge railing. It's a fact that people need to go from one side of the bridge to another because this is a big fishing spot where people come from all over to catch salmon. The sides of the road needs to be cleared of all brush so you can see around the blind corner. The signs needs to be changed. In my opinion, this is a serious accident waiting to happen. Why do changes like this come only after several fatalities? Why can't people recognize the danger and fix it?

Ben Haber

My son, Benjamin Haber was in Kentucky yesterday running in the National Cross Country Championships. He ran for Seattle Running Company. He came in 5th on his team and he came in 140th over all. He called me from O'Hare in Chicago. I'm always proud of Ben. He runs back and forth to work every day. He's amazing. He said there were over 50 teams that entered.

Health Care

I've been watching Book-TV on CSpan 2 on Saturdays. They have been broadcasting live testimony in the U.S. Senate on health care. Yesterday Senator Orin Hatch from Utah spoke about working with Senate leaders in both parties. He is the strong voice that works hard to defeat needed change in this country for health reform and to keep the status quo. Republicans and Conservatives are fighting hard to prevent health care reform that would bring relief to those who need help. The Republican way hasn't worked.

I believe strongly that everyone deserves quality health care. I believe in a single payer system so that everyone gets preventative care and doesn't have to worry about cost. Insurance companies keep raising premiums. The cost of medical care keeps rising even though most hospitals are nonprofits. No one seems to understand that you can't have needed health care reform until you cut the costs, stop waste and fraud, and put a cap on greed. Health care reform isn't going to work until the rich and corporations start paying their fair share. Otherwise, people should just tell the truth that there isn't enough money to take care of everyone and that a large population of the sick, elderly, and infirm will die without care. Last year greed ruled. CEO's took millions in bonuses they didn't deserve. Ponzi scams ruled and billions were stolen from investors. Protection needs to be put into place so this will never happen again. Either people in this country are valued or they aren't. I believe that every human life has value and that everyone deserves to have health care. It should be a right, a basic human right.

Maybe the truth is that only the rich have the right to care. Maybe only the rich are valued and the rest of us don't matter.

President Obama was voted into office to bring about real change. Health care reform is needed. Real reform to help everyone. I believe that everyone matters and that major change is needed.

10 Most Influential People

Barbara Walters interviewed the 10 most influential people in 2009. Michele Obama, the First Lady, was selected as most influential and I agree. I admire and respect her. She's an attorney, a perfect mother, a great role model for all women, and a great example to everyone. She exercises every day. I'd sure love to know her daily exercise routine.

Tyler Perry was my second favorite of those who were interviewed. His interview was touching. He said he is most proud of helping his mother and seeing that she got to live the life of Mrs. Chancellor on The Young and the Restless. This a soap opera that I have watched for years. He's a kind man and didn't grow up having an easy life. I love his writing and his characters as he plays them in the movies.


I've always wanted a quilting frame so I could hand quilt. My husband and I made one and I love it. It's made out of two by fours and it takes up a lot of room in the front room. This is my third day quilting and I'm having a great time. I plan on making lots of quilts for my grandchildren.


I made a turkey last week for me and my husband. Then I made 10 turkey dinners to put in the freezer with turkey, gravy, stuffing, peas, and mashed potatoes. It works great to have these dinners in the freezer for times when I don't want to cook.

The Middle

I enjoy the new comedy sitcom on TV, The Middle. My favorite character is Brick.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Health Care Reform

I'm disappointed that health care reform is so difficult to achieve. Democrats have the votes needed to make the public option a reality and yet they drag their feet and find reasons why it can't happen. With our economic system gutted by Republican greed, there are so many reasons why health care reform is needed. We need a basic level of care for all Americans.

I don't have health insurance. I don't have savings. I don't have a job.

I am trying to exercise and eat healthy to prevent problems, which I think is the answer anyway.

In the last few years I have lost my blind faith in doctors. I used to think that having a M.D. after your name, meant that you knew all the answers. Now I know that only 15% of medicine is evidence based, which means that 85% is guesswork. I've come across too many doctors who do not know answers and yet you need to pay them anyway. It makes me think that a significant number of doctors have come down with TDD, which seems to be going around in many professions. What is TDD, you ask? TDD = Too Damn Dumb

So just when are Democrats going to get the backbone and vote for the public option?

I am for singlepayer health care. I'm for having large corporations pay their fair share so that we can have a basic level of care in this country. I'm also for wealthy individuals who make over $250,000 a year to pay their fair share. Tax loop holes need to be plugged. There shouldn't be people who are homeless or hungry. People who need health care should get it without having to worry that they will go bankrupt. Congress needs to put a cap on greed to solve some of these problems in our country.

Odd Fellows Hall Writing Event

I went to a writing event at the Odd Fellows Hall on Thursday, December 3rd. I was happy to hear writers read their writing and to meet new writers. They served a free baked potato dinner. It was so nice of them to hold this event. I'm glad I went.

Ted Cox from Old World Deli talked about his book, MURRAY LOOP. You can buy it at Old World Deli. It sounds like a great book to read and give as a gift. He didn't read from his book but if you like Oregon history, you will want to read MURRAY LOOP.

Paul Turner read a couple of essays from one of his books, PRANCING LAVENDER BUNNIES. His writing is clever and funny. It's about motorcycling and travel. It's worth buying for yourself or as a gift.

Both of the books above are self published and worth reading. It's also important to buy books by Corvallis writers and Oregon writers.

One woman read her children's book to everyone with the title, COYOTE MAKES A MOUNTAIN. It was amazing.

So much talent in the group.

Kathy read part of her essay on antics in Catholic School in England--funny and great writing.

Betty McCauley was there and she read one of her essays. She teaches life writing at LBCC. I listened to one of her stories recently in a writing critique group about hats. It was clever, like her. It's definately worth taking her class. A book is published of writing by the students in the class so you have great memories to take away from the class and you are published. Betty's daughter, Jane used to teach English at Western Oregon University. Now she teaches at a university in Northern California. Jane is brilliant, just like her Mom.

Cold in Alsea

It's 5 degrees in Alsea. It's cold. It's Scandinavian ski sweater weather. No gardening in this weather.

I'm 1/2 Swedish. I've never been to Sweden but I've always wanted to visit. Three of my cousins from Swedish visited me here in Alsea a few years ago. It was amazing to meet them. They all had the familiar smiles and I felt such a deep connection.

I've never had the opportunity to learn to ski. Now I ski on Wii Fit and I love it. It's much safer and warmer. No avalanche hazard.

Friday, December 04, 2009

OSU vs. U. of O.

The civil war game between Oregon State University and the University of Oregon took place last night and the University of Oregon won.

I'm happy. I will always side with the University of Oregon because of...
Steve PreFontaine,
Bill Bowerman,
the summer program for gifted children,
Melissa Hart who teaches English and who pubishes great articles in The Writer.

Editing Blog

My goal is to edit my entire blog during this month and finish before January. I will be able to do this as long as there are no computer problems. This will, however, prevent me from meeting some of my other goals but at least it will be done and out of the way.

Some of my blog entries are getting in the way of my progress to move forward. This blog has been my way of reacting to the injustice I have felt and experienced. It is my truth. Everything said in this blog is true from my point of view. I have reacted like a victim in the past and not always stood up for myself. In a way, this blog has been my attempt to stand up for myself.

As a person, I am on many levels of ability and growth. I am continually trying to move forward and grow. I evaluate myself at least four times a year with the goal to improve. All you can do is work on yourself. You can't change others.

The question is do I erase my truth as if it never existed because it makes others uncomfortable? Do I have the right to stand up against things that have happened that were unfair and unjust? I think so. Maybe I should publish a memoir.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Nancy Drew

I used to read Nancy Drew books. That started my interest and love of mysteries.

Little LuLu

I loved Little Lulu as a little girl. I saw a Little Lulu doll this evening in a doll collection. I remember buying every comic book about Little Lulu that was sold as soon as I could turn the pages. I had stacks and stacks of Little Lulu comics. My Dad would buy me a $1.00 worth of penny candy, which was a lot in those days and $1.00 worth of funny books or 10 comic books.

I still have a drawing that I drew of Little Lulu when I was a little girl. If you are around my age, your parents probably read Dr. Spock. His book was the parent's bible. Dr. Spock recommended enemas. I drew a picture of Little Lulu having an enema, of all things and she didn't look happy. My husband had to endure enemas too, thanks to Dr. Spock.

It sure would be fun to see some Little Lulu comic books. She was a positive, strong role model for little girls.

Gifted Children

I was part of a conversation this evening in a group of intelligent women who are in a writing critique group. The conversation turned to gifted children. I feel strongly about this subject and spoke my mind. It wasn't the politically correct thing to say in this group.

I believe strongly that all children have the RIGHT to be taught at their level. Yes, social interaction is important but each child has the right legally in Oregon to have an education which develops his/her potential in the classroom. This is not being done for gifted children. Most gifted children are skipped or left to assume duties of the teacher or allowed to be bored. More attention is paid to the lower end of the IQ scale than to the greatest potential in gifted children. It's a national tragedy. It's a global tragedy. I should write about how gifted children are destroyed every day in public schools.

If a child is bored and active, many schools recommend medication. Medication should never be used on a child whose brain isn't developed. Just read about the research of Dr. Daniel Ammen and the brain! Many teachers in the past have skipped kids, which isn't the answer either. Play is important. Being around kids your own age is important too. Still......children have the RIGHT to learn at their level.

The State of Oregon has a law that says all children have the right to learn at their own level. Too much time is wasted in the classroom with bored kids who must put up with nonsense and baby stuff. It's unfair to put labels on these kids which makes them less than they are. All children should be allowed to bloom and reach their potential without labels. Is it easy for teachers to have to feel responsible to teach the wide range of potential in a classroom? No. Do I sympathize? Yes. However, it is still the RIGHT of the child to learn at their level--their LEGAL right, their moral right.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I love trains and I love riding on Amtrak. I’m a little kid again when I hear the train whistle going through towns and hear the rails on the track.

When I was a little girl in Libby, Montana, one Christmas I got a train set. It had real smoke and logs. It was glorious. One summer day, my dad drove my mom and me to Troy so we could ride on the train back to Libby. All this started my love of trains.

There’s something magical about trains. You’re going somewhere. I feel the excitement in the air. It would be fun to work for Amtrak and serve food in the dining car. Everyones nice who works for Amtrak.

This is the 4th time this year that I’ve traveled on Amtrak round trip from Albany to Seattle and back. My son, Benjamin and daughter-in-law, Amanda sent tickets four different times so we could see our newest granddaughter, Anna. This time it was for five days. We had the joy and honor of babysitting for Anna.

On the way home on the train between Seattle and Portland, I got to see the movie Julie and Julia. I’ve been wanting to see this movie because it was written by Nora Ephron, my favorite screenwriter. It was everything I thought it would be. I loved it and it was such a treat to see it on the train.

You never know what the future brings but I hope there are more trains in my future.

Everyone should go on vacation this New Year, 2010, on Amtrak. You don’t have to fight the traffic. You can sit back and relax. There are dining cars where you can sit down at a big table to eat and look out the windows. There are sleeping cars where you can sleep during an extended trip. There are double-decker sight-seeing cars. Many smart business people travel by train. I also see a lot of students. If it is game day in Seattle and I am going home at the right time, there are people coming back to Tacoma from a game in Seattle. It’s all fun and well worth the money.

Plan your next vacation or business trip using Amtrak. You’ll be so glad you did.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Ellen Beier

I had the honor of visiting the home of Ellen Beier last night, the gifted and talented children’s book illustrator, for the monthly Corvallis Children’s Writers critique group. I love her art. She’s meticulous about research, planning her illustrations, and working in collaboration with her editors to achieve perfection. Ellen told about researching handmade paper and the handmade paper used by her favorite illustrator for watercolors that costs $40 a sheet. She showed her drawings for her current book project, THE CHRISTMAS COAT. As everyone was leaving, she gave one of her children’s books that she has illustrated. I selected MRS. PEACHTREE AND THE EIGHTH AVENUE CAT and I asked her to sign it. One of my favorite illustrations that she has painted is of Mrs. Peachtree riding a bike. Ellen illustrated the children’s book version of Anne of Green Gables.

Only one of the members of this critique group read their work to be critiqued. Nancy Matsumoto read her delightful manuscript for children ages 4 through 7. Everyone agreed that it was a polished manuscript ready to be published. She just attended the Silver Falls Conference for Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and connected with NY editors. I have no doubt that her book will be a best seller. I know I would love to read it to my grandchildren and I know other children would love it.

Lill Ahrens shared her current sculpture project that she is working on for a deadline. Linda V. Smith showed her yearly project of creating a book of photos and poems that she passes out to her family. There were over 70 poems in the thick book and it is filled with love for her family. The creativity and talent is off the charts in this group.

Linda Smith recently visited the Alsea School and taught three classes about constructing poetry. It was very kind of her to come. She's a master teacher.

It’s always been my dream to go to the SCBWI conference and also to the Willamette Writers Conference. I’m sitting on a lot of writing—stories and a novel for juveniles and two mystery novels, short stories, and articles. I need to revise and start submitting again. I need recommit to writing every day. I received the latest issue of THE WRITER yesterday in the mail and there is a quote by Donald M. Murray that says, “A piece of writing is not finished until it is submitted for publication as many times as is necessary for it to appear in print.” I’m also toying with the idea that I need to sign up for National Novel Writing Month even though I am 6 days late. I would start on a memoir. I’m inspired to write. I've been trying to concentrate on exercise and reading but writing MUST in there too. I NEED to write. It is essential.

Health Care Reform and Senator Bob Casey

Senator Bob Casey from Pennsylvania testified yesterday in the Senate about a study by Johns Hopkins University that said that uninsured children are more likely to die when they enter the hospital. This study was done in 37 states from 1988 to 2005 and for the 23 million children’s hospitalizations, 60% faced an increased risk of dying. This great senator asked “Would Congress be a faithful friend and sturdy shelter for children?” Senator Casey also asked, “Why have we tolerated this?”

We desperately need health care reform. We desperately need single payer health care. We desperately need health care for all Americans. There are enough votes, if all Democrats unite and if Republicans with a conscience will support health care reform.

I do not have health care. No one in this country should be without health care or housing or food. Basic needs must be met for all Americans.


My husband has Humana as his prescription drug plan. He found out through asking questions and looking at documents that they’re raising the deductibles higher than the price of the drugs. Between the premium and the co-pay, you pay more than what the drug costs. They’re cheating everybody. This is the free market system!

Republicans in Washington

Republicans are in Washington with great strength in numbers carrying out the agenda of those who do not want health care reform. For several weeks, every time I watch the Senate leaders on C-Span 2, I hear Republicans whining, confusing facts, and ranting about fear of change. Our country faced an economic collapse because of Republican greed. Our country needs to change to make sure that the needs of all Americans are met with health care. We need single payer health care. Democratic leaders in the House and Senate need to remain strong and vote to support the change that President Obama is trying to bring about so that all Americans have health care.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Black Swan Classic Jazz Band

Yesterday I was in the right place at the right time. I saw an announcement in the Corvallis Gazette Times that the Black Swan Classic Jazz Band was going to play Dixieland at the 1st Presbyterian Church in Corvallis so I went. I was there over an hour early because of the changing of the clocks for day light savings time so I read several articles in the latest issue of the Writer. That worked great.

When they started to play it was glorious. There is no happier music on the planet, in my opinion. You can't be sad in the presence of Dixieland or Disneyland. Just a fact. This group is amazing. They are all great performers and versatile musicians. They are good enough for a world tour and to pack in crowds. They are good enough to be on the David Letterman Show and on the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

I experienced pure joy and happiness during those two hours tapping my foot, slapping my leg, and shaking my head to the beat. This is heaven--listening to the Black Swan Classic Jazz Band.

Marilyn Keller tours Europe, Australia, and also plays with New Orleans Delight. Her voice is strong, powerful, and clear. She's a great performer. Ron Leach is great on the drums. He keeps it all going. Dave Holo is gifted on the cornet. It was joy to listen to him. John Bennett played solos on the piano from ragtime to dixieland--perfection. Pat O'Neal was amazing on the trombone. He's played for stars like Della Reese, Mel Torme' and others. He knows his way around on the stage. He's electric. The great Kit Johnson plays the tuba in the background and introduced the band. John McKinley has played with Pearl Bailey, Lawrence Welk, Helen Reddy and Burl Ives. He's on the banjo and knows his way so fast up and down the frets that you can't keep up with his fingers. Steve Matthes on the clarinet plays like Pete Fountain, my favorite of all times. He's from Corvallis and is Director of the Corvallis Community Band.

As I was leaving and put money in the basket, the lady said that it looked like I was having a good time. I said yes and it would last for several months. She said there's lots of great music in Corvallis. I don't know. It seems like the best music is in Portland.........Pink Martini, Black Swan. I wish I could be part of something so fine..........

Kit Johnson, manager

Friday, October 02, 2009


I love shopping at Catherines. When I used to live in Salem, I always shopped at Catherines on Lancaster in East Salem. I love the twice yearly clearance sales. One is going on right now and it's worth going to Catherines to look around.

I drove to Salem yesterday to shop at Catherines because they are having their 70% off clearance sale plus I had an additional 30% off coupon on top of that. I found a beautiful dress with a jacket that is fully lined and originally $95. It had been marked down to $45.98. I got 70% off that so that took off another $32.19. The other 30% off took off another $4.14 bringing the grand total to $9.65. Such a deal! It was worth the trip.

I love Catherines. The clothes are high quality and beautiful fashion. I only buy at clearance time because I don't have the money to shop like other women with more money. I'd rather buy quality and nice clothes that last and last on clearance. Most of the clothes that I have were purchased at Catherines years ago. They last and look great years after.


Medicare doesn't work as well as some may think.

My husband almost died twice in the last two years. The last time he entered the hospital in Corvallis with renal failure and was in the ICU for 10 days. He was on dialysis for about two months.

My husband has Medicare Part A and Part D. When he went into the hospital this last time, we signed him up for Medicare Part B. He couldn't afford it before. Because he wasn't on dialysis for over three months, Medicare didn't pay for renal treatment. My husband had to drop Medicare Part B because he couldn't afford the premium of almost $400 a month and the co-payments for care.

There is something wrong when premiums for Medicare keep going up and up and up. We need to help and protect those who are sick. We need to protect the elderly and those who need help. Those with Medicare are often people with limited income and their premiums shouldn't be raised EVER.

The Obama Plan for Health Care

I went online at to find the health care plan by President Obama.

I'm concerned that it cares more about keeping insurance companies vital and healthy than keeping the people in America healthly with good medical care. We have helped too many businesses in the last year which just wants to take money and not help people.

I don't want to be forced to pay for insurance I don't use. My gym membership is my health insurance. My gym membership is cheaper than health insurance and it prevents problems.

We need single payer health care so there is care for all Americans. We need to place an emphasis on prevention. We need to make sure that all people get high quality medical care.


I was watching C-Span yesterday as I was on the elliptical runner for an hour at Timberhill Athletic Club.

In the Senate, I listened to Senator Sherrod Brown, a Democrat from Ohio who read heartbreaking letters from people who live in Ohio who are suffering without adequate health care. I like him. He cares about the people in Ohio. Senator Sanders is doing his job by listening and identifying problems in health care. Now he needs to take action to prevent these stories from happening again to anyone else.

Senator Bernie Sanders an Independent from Vermont was listing the millions of dollars and billions of dollars of fines paid by the major builders of aircraft. For example, the military was given aircraft with defective gears which have resulted in deaths. In stead of correcting the problem, they pay fines. Senator Sanders is doing his job by identifying these problems. Now he needs to take action and prevent it from happening again.

In the House of Representatives, it was a different tale. Representative Steve King, a Republican from Iowa spoke about people going bankrupt from medical bills. He celebrates and wants to protect the freedom that we have in this country to go bankrupt from medical bills. Representative Todd Akin, a Republican from Missouri spoke about the freedom to have 7 bipass heart surgery. I don't get it. Why doesn't Representative Steve King care about preventing people from having to go bankrupt from medical bills by solving the problems? Why doesn't Representative Todd Akin care about preventing anyone needing 7 bipass heart surgery by solving the medical crisis in this country? We need to place emphasis on prevention, solving problems, and taking action.

Health Care Crisis

I believe we have a crisis of care in the medical community in this country. When a doctor sees a patient for 5 to 10 minutes for one symptom, how can he or she possibly solve any medical problem? There needs to be time spent on reading files, thinking, researching, and listening to all the symptoms of the patient. When a doctor sees a patient for 5 minutes, he can't possibly solve any problems, except for the simple and easy to diagnose.

Emphasis is now on greed and getting as many patients through the door as possible in a short amount of time. No answers can be found this way. In fact, it is training doctors to not be able to think or solve medical problems. We are destroying the role and potential of physicians by doing this.

Emphasis should be placed on prevention and the care of the patient. We need single payer health care and give care to all people who need it in this country.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Determined to Lose Weight

I started a new blog--Determined to Lose Weight

I decided that I have been staying the same weight for the last year with little change. I've been exercising but I need to concentrate on getting down to a healthy weight. I used to weigh 135 to 150 in high school and college. I want to look good again and I want to feel good again. I figure that if I hold myself accountable in a blog for a year, maybe, just maybe, I'll lose weight.

I have already made the discovery this month that it helps to exercise in the evening before bed. I sleep better and I lose weight in the morning.


I have been watching surfing on television the last few months. I've never surfed in my life. I have just learned to swim in 2006. I DO love the ocean and it is fun to watch for a few moments the beauty of surfing with precision moves amidst the huge waves.

Surfing should be in the Olympics as an Olympic sport. A surfer must be very athletic and strong. I don't see why there should be a question about this since they have ribbon twirling as an event. Roller skating should be in there too.

I've been watching John John Florence. He was featured on Fins and I watched it this morning. I've seen him before. He was 13 in 2006 when the film was made. He lives on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii so he surfs every day and surfs with some of the best surfers in the world. I'm a fan and will look for him to win surfing competitions in the future.

Liberty House

On September 22nd, my husband, Leslie, and I drove to Salem to the Salem Conference Center for the Champions for Children Luncheon for Liberty House. Our daughter, Gretchen Bennett is the Executive Director of Liberty House, a non-profit in Salem that is "committed to keeping children healthy and safe." Children who walk through the doors of Liberty House have experienced abuse, usually sexual abuse. The staff hear stories that shouldn't happen to any child and all have the courage to stand up with courage to help these children.

The luncheon was a great success. The large room was crowded with enthusiastic supporters of this important work. Gretchen spoke and I felt a mother's pride as I took a couple of photos remembering how she used to debate in high school and in college at Lewis and Clark College. There were two large screens on both sides of her projecting her image, so the people in the back could see. Gretchen has always been a leader and now she's committed to doing this important work to protect children.

A brave woman spoke as a survivor of childhood abuse as early as 5 years old. As she told her heartbreaking story, I thought of how often people misjudge behaviors of teenagers and don't listen to them. Many people judge instead of trying to understand. I'm guilty of this too so it made me more aware and more willing to just take people as they are. Danielle is changing hearts when she speaks and will help to make important changes that are desperately needed. It's so important to listen to young people and to carefully watch changes in their behavior.

Alsea Valley Voice

The October issue of the Alsea Valley Voice is finished. There are 16 pages. I thought I had it done on the 23rd but late articles came in and changes had to be made. I'm happy with this issue. More and more people who live in the Alsea Valley are writing and expressing their opinions. On page 15 is a great health care debate with Steve Moore on one side and Mimi Stout on the other. This is wonderful to see people expressing their opinions and defending their side. I'm working hard to encourage all voices in the area to write. I put on the front page, "The Alsea Valley Voice is the VOICE for all people living in the Alsea Valley in Benton County Oregon. If your voice isn't represented, write a column, essay, or article."

I'm having fun with the paper and want to do it for many years to come.

The Alsea Valley Voice started in January, 1998 so I am one of many editors who have worked on the paper.

I'm going to work on getting some new advertisers so no one has to worry about the number of pages or the cost of paper.

October 15th is my next deadline when I will be starting to work on the November issue. Right now I have a couple of days to do something else.

Ms. Bradford's Blog

I just subscribed to Ms. Bradford's Blog. She's my grandson's first grade teacher and she's amazing. I haven't even met her but I'm so impressed with everything I've heard so far. For one thing, she keeps grandparents in the loop of what's going on in her classroom. That's pretty terrific! My grandson, Jack loves her and loves going to school. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to see photos of Jack and hear what's going on in room 116 at Myer's Elementary in West Salem.

Friday, September 18, 2009


I love interviewing people. It's fun to learn about other people and what's important to them. I finished writing up two interviews that I did recently for the Alsea Valley Voice.

I'm having fun with the Alsea Valley Voice. I am working on the October issue. I received permission to publish monthly. This is the most fun I've had since I have moved here eight years ago.


I just learned about Acorn and it's work to give legal help to the poor in major cities across the country. I'm surprised at the reaction in the news right now, because of what I have witnessed by attorneys in the courtroom. Why would Democrats abandon this program that helps the poor?

I have witnessed myself in the Benton County Courthouse and the Marion County Courthouse, when I was called to be a juror, attorneys counsel crooks on how to be smarter, how to get away with it the next time. I was shocked at the time and outraged but this happens every day. Criminal attorneys always help criminals survive and work to get them out of legal trouble. This is hard to see or watch but it happens.

Just because there are attorneys who cross the line doesn't mean a great program to help the poor get the essential legal help they need, should be torn apart. Bullies seem to rule and people need help. Republicans and conservatives are working to cut off help to the poor on all fronts. It isn't right and Democrats don't seem to have the backbone to stand up and debate this issue. All people, rich and poor, have the right to legal representation. Attorneys have the potential to be great heroes and defenders of right. Acorn is a fine example of helping the poor get the help they need with volunteer attorneys.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dental Care Crisis and Health Care Crisis

My husband’s filling came out in a back tooth. He pulled out a book he bought years ago at the Army Surplus Store called WHEN THERE IS NO DENTIST. It’s for helping people in third world countries. I guess we live in a third world country here in the United States. He went to the store today to buy an over-the-counter product to replace tooth fillings. He brought it home and I acted as dentist. I shouldn’t be placed in this situation. I’m not a dentist. Everyone who needs dental care should receive it in this country. Everyone should receive preventative care for dental needs and all health care. We need single payer health care in this country.

I need to see a dentist too. Doesn't anybody care out there? Do the greedy and the rich have to always dictate what happens in this country? We need single payer health care so everyone has preventative care.

Maybe all those people who enjoy sending their kids to school at public schools who cry that single payer health care is socialism should have to pay to send their kids to school. Public schools for all children, which is important, is just as much a socialist program as health care for all.

Danger of Cell Phones

Yesterday I watched CSpan and the testimony in the Senate about cell phones causing brain tumors. I believe that Senator Teddy Kennedy died from using his cell phone over the years which caused his brain tumor and cancer. Senator Arlen Specter was asking questions of a doctor who tried very hard to be careful not to reveal too much information that could start a panic about cell phones. Cell phones are big business in this country. Almost everyone has one and people feel the need to have the latest model with the most features.

After listening to the testimony given, I felt alarmed about the usage of cell phones and spoke to my children about my concerns. I have been receiving e-mails the last few years about the dangers of cell phones and this testimony which wasn’t conclusive convinced me that cell phones are as dangerous as smoking cigarettes. Children should not be using a cell phone because their brains aren’t fully developed. You should never use a cell phone on a train or in an area where the reception is not strong because the radiation is stronger. If you are at home, you should buy a land line or regular phone. If you do need to use the cell phone, don’t put it up to your ear. Don’t use a blue tooth because it directs the radiation directly to the side of your head, just as if you were holding the cell phone directly to your ear. Use a small ear piece connected to a long wire, if you need to use a cell phone.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I've always admired Walmart as a business model. Walmart managers know instantly what products are in the store. They know prices. They know instantly what was ordered and when it's coming in. There is no excess. There is no cheating happening anywhere. There is transparency and accountability. Walmart was started to sell American products. They sell more goods now from all over the world than other stores. People who can't afford to shop at other high priced stores can count on low prices at Walmart. I wish I lived close to a Walmart. I would apply for a job.

If health care were run like Walmart, we would know instantly what was going on. We would know that prices are being charged that are many times what it should be. We would know that accounts are being charged more than once. We would see the excess and would be able to cut. Walmart has transparency and accountability. I know of no other business as efficient.

There needs to be transparency in health care. Health records should be shared so that doctors don't have to keep redoing tests. I guess doctors and hospitals don't like sharing records because it lets others see potential errors, mistakes, and actions that shouldn't happen.

If our government and health care were run like Walmart, there would be accountability and transparency.

U.S. Representative Barney Frank

I called the office of Barney Frank, the U.S. Representative from Massachusetts this morning to leave a message to say that I applaud his great courage to stand up for single payer health care and for being a strong voice for all of us without health care. I'm impressed that he stands up for all issues to help people. He's a political hero at a time in our country where most politicians are bought and sold. Many politicians today disregard what is best for this country. They stand for greed and the interests of the rich.

I enjoy watching C-Span when I get a chance and I enjoy the strong voice of Barney Frank.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Walking Bridge in Salem

There's a new walking bridge in Salem over the Willamette River connecting downtown Salem to West Salem. It used to be used for trains as a rail bridge. Gretchen showed us this amazing addition to Salem. We parked close to Gilbert House, which is a toy museum and we walked onto the walking bridge. Lizzy and Jack rode their bikes across and back. It was so nice. I loved it. Everyone who lives close to the bridge in West Salem is lucky to be able to cross on foot and walk to shopping in downtown Salem. We also walked to see the new tile globe at the other end of the walking path next to the Willamette River. The globe is 25 feet in diameter.

Everyone living in Salem can enjoy the walking bridge and the great walking trail next to the Willamette River. Every city should have all these advantages and beautiful places to exercise.

Public Schools

It is interesting how so many people in the United States take for granted that there are free public schools so that children can learn. Many parents who enjoy the benefits of sending their children to school free without having to worry about paying tuition payments to private schools, oppose single payer health care so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of prevention and emphasis on care for all. I guess it is situational ethics. They cry out that it is socialism for us to have health care for all but they don't see it is socialism to enjoy free schools.

Maybe all those parents who protest that the President of the United States, President Obama, address school children to work hard in school should have to pay tuition at private schools.

President Obama's School Message

I understand that President Obama had big plans to address school children all over the United States to tell them to work hard, persist, and study. I didn't get to hear the speech yet or read it. What I don't understand is why all this opposition. It is appropriate for President Obama to address the children at the school. He's the President of the United States. His message is important and inspiring.

I guess Conservatives and Republicans want kids to not study, not read, not work hard to be the best you can be. I guess Conservatives and Republicans want kids to pray their way through school and hope they will get good grades without doing all the work.

Hollywood Nails

Leslie and I stayed at our daughter Gretchen's house in West Salem from Saturday through Monday nights to visit with family. Ben, Amanda, and Anna drove down from Seattle. Daniel and Jodee flew to the west coast from Ohio. We had a nice time visiting.

On Monday, Jodee treated the girls to pedicures and manicures at Hollywood Nails in West Salem. I've never had a pedicure before. It was fun and wonderful. Hollywood Nails does a great job at spoiling you and making you feel special. It took over an hour. Lizzy who will be five in November was happy to have her toenails painted too. She'll be going to Brush Elementary for preschool. Gretchen has done this before and so has Jodee. It was my first time and I enjoyed every minute.

I comomented that it we had more care than a visit to the doctor. The chair had special massage features. Our arms and hands were massaged. Our feet, ankles, and part of our legs were massaged. She lady who worked on my toes said that it is recommended to come at least once a month. At $35 for both a manicure and pedicure, it is affordable for most women. We sure had a nice time. Thank you, Jodee!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Mad as Hell Doctors

On the front page of the Corvallis Gazette Times this morning is the wonderful piece by Bennett Hall "'Mad' M.D.'s head for D.C." What a great story about medical heroes going to Washington, D.C. to fight for people who desperately need medical care and to fight for single payer health care.

Doctors Paul Hochfield and Mike Huntington from Corvallis are the local heroes on the front page of the newspaper. I can't thank them enough for their courage. They are fighting for me and my husband and the millions of people all over this country.

We need single payer health care. Nothing is impossible. Many said it was impossible for President Obama to get elected and he is the greatest President we have ever had in the history of the United States. This is the time for everyone who needs health care and believes it is important to stop greed in the health care system to support this effort by doctors. Call your senator and U.S. representative to tell them you support single payer health care. Nothing is impossible, if people work together to make it happen to end greed and to put care of people and prevention first.

CNN has been doing a series of excellent stories of health care around the world. Every country has better coverage and better care for its people at less cost than the United States. I would have better care in Cuba!

I sure would like to travel with the caravan to cover the story. It would be the story of a life time and I could appear on C-Span BookTV, one of my all time dreams.

God bless the amazing doctors who step forward with great courage to make a difference and stand strong for single payer health care. They are my heroes.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Editorial in the GT

There was an editorial in the Corvallis Gazette Times on September 2nd asking for fresh suggestions to stop the spread of meth.

So I sat down and wrote a page and a half. I sent it to the Publisher and City Editor of the Corvallis Gazette Times, Sheriff Simpson, and Governor Kulongoski. I sent them a copy of the article I wrote in Listen Magazine in 2004 about meth use in Benton County after interviewing staff and youth at the detention center.

I believe in prevention and I don't see anyone fully using the opportunities out there to make a difference. When a woman is pregnant, she is thinking about what is best for her new baby. Hopefully, she is married, has enough money to take care of her child, and can plan for her new baby with his/her best interests at heart. However, not all children are born into this type of family. There is an opportunity to make a difference and change the course of what doesn't have to be, when a woman is pregnant and comes into contact with a hospital, doctors and other professionals.

Here are a few of my ideas to prevent problems in the first place so no one has to go down that road leading to meth...
1. Classes need to be held on how to be a mother and a father.
2. Professionals who see a new family who might be a risk, need to act. Some families need special attention to prevent future problems. If intervention is needed to prevent abuse and possible future criminal behavior, the time is at the beginning to intervene. Some parents shouldn't be parents. Babies need to be protected. All babies who are born have the right to the best future possible to develop their fullest potential.
3. Churches and synagogues could make a big difference with couples at the time when new parents are planning for their new family. This is a time when young people are vulnerable and open to what is best for the new baby they are bringing into the world. This is the time to make a difference by actively approaching these new families.
4. Public education needs to start before birth. Research shows that babies can learn to read and learn math. The future of our country is questionable at this time. What better way to make a dramatic change and big impact, than to give each new baby coming into the world the best chance for a bright future by starting to teach them before birth.

In other words........Prevention is KEY.


There have been three suicides in Alsea in the last eight months. That's three too many and something needs to be done to change the conditions. There needs to be a large community center that's FREE. It should be open to kids with lots of games, equipment, pool tables, etc. There needs to be a place to play bridge. There needs to be lots of exercise equipment that fills a giant room so people can stay healthy and exercise during the rainy winter.

There needs to be a ductless heat pump in the community center so that the heating and cooling are at the lowest possible cost or windmills need to be on the property or solar energy on the roof. All people should be included and should be made to feel welcome at all activities. There should be dances and live music. There should be lots of fun things here. We need public transportation that goes from the coast into Corvallis and back. We need lots of things but most of all a FREE community center where everyone is welcome and can call it a safe place to enjoy being around other people. That's my two cents.............

Big Brother

I’m in the middle of watching Big Brother. Either Jeff or Jordan is going home, I’m sad to say. I like both of them. They’re a cute couple. The more I learn about Michele, the more I like her. She’s smart and she’s good at competitions. So now I’m for Jeff or Jordan and Michele. Michele has a Ph.D. and her husband calls her a nerd. That’s okay to be a nerd. The best people in the world are nerds.


I wait and I wait and I wait to find out why. Why have I been treated like a criminal or terrorist or stupid or nuts. I have never done anything against the law. I have spoken out against injustice, crooks, and greed. I guess I have stepped on some important toes. If people who have worked hard to ruin my reputation and close doors for me because of their sins, it needs to stop. I deserve to win and a chance to reach my potential. We have an alarm system and yet someone has still gotten into our house. That tells me that it’s someone official with power to bend the law. I wait for someone to give me answers. A real friend would tell me the truth. So far—no friends, only questions. If I had the big bucks, I’d hire a lawyer and a private investigator. Sometimes I want to move far, far away. I’d go to Sweden, if I had the money, but I stay waiting to find out the truth as to why. It’s probably a mormon. I like people who are direct without an agenda and who don't try to manipulate. Most of the time I just work hard to act positive, treat people the way I want to be treated, and look for the potential in others. Sometimes it's hard to move forward when someone keeps pulling my leg back every time I try to walk forward. I keep trying. Every day I work hard to make it a good day, a productive day. Maybe I'll never find out why but it would help me to find understanding, perspective so I can leave it behind.

Ductless Heat Pumps

We just got a ductless heat pump and it is wonderful. Now we have air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter for at least half the price we have paid in the past. State and federal government rebates are available for installing a ductless heat pump. We learned about this program through the magazine from Consumer Power.

We have been using a pellet stove and have used 3 tons of wood pellets each winter. Last year we paid over $750 for pellets plus the over $100 a month for electricity.

Les got four bids from heating and cooling companies. We picked Pace in Corvallis. They are located at 1557 SE Crystal Lake Drive. Their phone number is 541-753-4328.
We were convinced that Pace would give us the best service, the best price, the best product with professional courtesy. We are very pleased and are happy with our choice.

Ductless heat pumps have been used in Europe and Asia for years. A ductless heat pump can heat and cool your home for as low as $200 a year. Amazing! We are expecting a drastic reduction in cost for heating and cooling. Why haven't ductless heat pumps been popular in the United States? Because we don't care about saving money in this country. Companies can get away with pushing high cost furnaces and other heating systems that rip all of us off.

If you want an estimate, call Craig Briggs at 541-753-4328. He'll tell you all about it. You can trust his professionalism and service.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


When I was younger, I put doctors on pedestals and rarely questioned them. Now I realize that they know far less than people believe. Just because they are confident and earn the big bucks doesn't mean they have answers. Only 15% of medicine is evidence based, which means that 85% is guesswork.

I recently learned that the legal perimeters for a resident was that they couldn't work longer than 80 hours a week and couldn't work longer than a 30 hour shift. If you were in ER at a busy hospital, how would you feel about a resident making life and death decisions about you after working 70 hours that week and they were finishing a 30 hour shift?

Exercise and healthy food can heal so many problems in your body. That is my choice. I don't have health care so that is my ONLY choice. I think it is by far the safer choice.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Big Brother

I watch Big Brother every year and get all involved. It would be fun to be on the show. It's the ultimate test, in my opinion, of being in a group and around other people. It's a show for young people and it's fun to watch. They should have a Boomer Big Brother.

My favorites are Jeff and Jordan. Number one is Jeff. Number two is Jordan. My third favorite is Kevin. I hope that Jeff or Jordan win.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Senator Ted Kennedy

I have always admired the Kennedy family. Senator Ted Kennedy has been an inspiration to me for years with his tireless leadership, public service, and working on great causes to help people.

My son, Aaron wrote to Senator Kennedy when he was around 5 or 6 and sent him a valentine. Senator Ted Kennedy wrote back and sent him a letter and autographed picture. I will always treasure the photo. The fact that he would take the time to answer a little boy says it all.

When I started homeschooling my children in Arroyo Grande, California in 1978 and created the curriculum, I asked myself, "What would go into the curriculum of a school that would be good enough for the Kennedy children?" Without a lot of money or resources, I tried to create a curriculum that I thought would do it. It was a Kennedy-inspired curriculum.

The greatest way to honor Senator Ted Kennedy now would be for the Senate to work together to put single-payer health care into law NOW, for all people to have care, to put emphasis on prevention, and to end GREED.

Senator Orin Hatch

I called the office of Senator Orin Hatch this morning in Washington, D.C. and left a message with staff for the Senator. I called to urge the Senator to use his leadership and years in the Senate to work for single-payer health care to honor Senator Ted Kennedy.

Two nights ago around 2 a.m. or 3 a.m., I was up working on a writing project. Fox News was on in the other room. I walked by and stopped as Senator Hatch was speaking about everyone in the Senate working together to honor Senator Ted Kennedy and work on single-payer health care. I was surprised because I had the impression that Senator Hatch, up until now, was uncompromising unless it was his way, his answers, his solution. I'm pleasantly pleased.

I urge Senator Hatch to do the right thing and work hard to bring concensus in the Senate for single-payer health care.

We have the opportunity today, a moment in time that may never return, to work for real health care reform that puts people first, care first, prevention first.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Senator Ted Kennedy

There is no greater way to honor Senator Ted Kennedy than for everyone in the House and Senate to work together to pass health care reform—real health care reform—single-payer health care so that all people who live in the United States are protected and have health care. Senator Kennedy’s whole life was an inspiration working for others in public service. Honor Senator Kennedy. Put differences aside. Put others first, instead of greed.

You can make it happen. In the last election, many said it was impossible to elect President Obama. It happened. Health care reform can happen too. Nothing is impossible. All you need to do is unite, work together, and put others first. Senator Kennedy’s life would be honored if health care reform is passed that puts care first, prevention first, and cuts self-interest and greed.

Please honor Senator Ted Kennedy by passing single payer health care!

Senator Jeff Merkeley

Outside the Salem Public Library on Wednesday late afternoon, a volunteer was collecting signatures for single-payer health care. I signed. I was there with my daughter, Gretchen and grandchildren, Jack and Lizzy. As I was signing, I spoke to the man collecting signatures and found out that he went to dinner with Senator Jeff Merkeley. He said that Jeff Merkeley is supporting single-payer health care. I felt so proud of my new senator from Oregon. It takes great courage as a new Senator to work hard for something so controversial, even if it is so right. I was so proud of him and proud that I had volunteered to elect Senator Merkeley.

There is no greater way to honor Senator Ted Kennedy than for everyone in the House and Senator to work for single-payer health care and pass it NOW. This is not impossible. Nothing is impossible if everyone unites and works together to do what is right.

I called Senator Merkeley today and asked him to work to pass single-payer health care to honor the great tradition and memory of Senator Ted Kennedy.

Monday, August 24, 2009

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama is the greatest President we have ever had in the history of the United States. He became President at a time when a hero and leader was needed that would change the world and bring justice to our land. He has moved flawlessly and yet everyone taunts him. I shake my head when I hear that he “throws like a girl,” and that he wears “mommy jeans.” Ridiculous! He’s perfect as he is. The greatest leaders in the history of the world who have corrected great wrongs and injustice were NEVER appreciated or liked at the time.

President Obama lives a scandal-free life. He’s calm under pressure. He is brilliant. He can speak to all people. He has a family that can only be admired. He inspires. Yet those who live in the realm of superstition and who point fingers, instead of correcting their own faults, taunt, harass, yell, and criticize. These same people who speak the loudest are many who brought our country down and everyone’s dreams with it. President Obama has corrected and is responsible for bringing a healing in our country. Still Democrats in both the U.S. Representatives and Senate refuse to support him. Shame on them! Rep. from Oregon, Peter DeFazio voted against the stimulus package. Where is support for all that President Obama is trying to accomplish?

Our country needs a single payer system of health care. Greed in all parts of our society must end. It is destroying our way of life and the future of all. There must be a cap on profits. The richest must pay their fair share. Businesses and individuals must have tax loop holes plugged so they must pay for the opportunity to live in the United States and for doing business. In Oregon the legislature, this last session, put a tax of 1/10th of 1% and businesses squealed as if in pain. Churches expect their members to pay tithing of 10% of their earnings, even if they don’t have any extra money to pay their own bills. “Pay tithing and your blessings will come,” is a common refrain. The richest individuals and the businesses with the most profit must pay for the health care of all and for a basic standard of living for all.

Accountability is needed. I think there are a few too many nonprofits with too many hands in the pot.

There should be no homeless. All children have a right to a quality education and have the right to go on to a university. Universities should be free because all people have the right to develop their gifts and talents. It will make our country greater and stronger. Emphasis on prevention and building the resources of the best and the brightest should be a priority. The elderly and children should be protected.

Too many things have been wrong for a long time. These wrongs need to be righted and President Obama is the one to do it. I believe in him.

President Bush went on vacation all the time. President Obama has a right to take a vacation.

Michael Jackson

It has been determined that Michael Jackson was murdered by his doctor, says television newscasters. Doctors need to be held accountable for irresponsibly using medications and drugs causing harm and death. So little about medicine is evidence based. Ohio State University Medical School says only 15% of medicine is evidence based. Therefore, the rest is guess work.

So few doctors are held accountable for their harm. It’s funny that doctors want a cap on being sued for malpractice and yet they don’t want to see a cap on greed, on profits. More doctors need to be sued, lose their license to EVER practice medicine, and some need to be put in prison for deliberate, negligent malice. It should never be tolerated or condoned and yet it is every day.

The doctor who murdered Michael Jackson should be put in prison, if this is so.

Michael Jackson was such a cute little boy with such a great gift to sing and dance. It was sad that he didn’t appreciate that he was perfect as he was. The cloud of suspicion of child molestation hung over his reputation taking away from the greatness of his gifts and hard work.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Single Payer Health Care

We need single payer health care. Everyone needs to be assured that they have basic care. Emphasis should be on the patient, not on making sure enough money is made for the doctors and hospital. What irony that most hospitals are non-profits! At the very least we need the public option so that we can move towards universal health care and so that everyone is protected in this country with a safety net.

Spiritual Crisis

I’ve been going through a spiritual crisis the last few years. I was active in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from 1995 to 2001. I had lots of people in my home for parties and dinners. I enjoyed visiting with people. I served in leadership positions and sang in the stake choir. I felt part of something wonderful. I felt like I had friends. The only people I associated with were members of this church so when I saw cracks in this perfect system and questioned, I was left without friends. When I sent letters to Salt Lake, Bishop Haslam of the Philomath Ward told my husband to shut me up and control me. My letters were about ethics and things that shouldn’t be happening in any church. I wanted answers. I learned that women aren’t respected and don’t have a voice. I learned a lot about this church that I didn’t know when I joined. I was sincere. At the last I was even serving a mission at the employment center in Salem helping people find employment and teaching workshops. It was odd that when we moved to Alsea during this, we weren’t asked to speak in church even though we wore missionary badges. I guess they don’t want anyone to hear what would come out of our mouths because we dared to question and speak the truth. All leaders are gods in this church. You can’t question their motives or ethics because whatever they do is the will of God, even if it is wrong. Yes, there are some nice people in this church but all Mormons are Mormons first before anything else.

I can't deal with religions that disrespect women. I believe answers are in empowering everyone so everyone feels uplifted and encouraged.

So after all this, I have kept myself at a distance from everyone. I have felt betrayed. I grew up going to the Lutheran Church every Sunday with my parents. I really don’t know where I belong. I guess I should just read books to try to figure it out.

To speed up the process I would like to go to one of the large conference rooms at OSU and invite religious leaders from the area plus people representing opposing points of view for debate to answer my questions. People might be interested in coming to have their own questions answered at a time when religions and churches fail to meet the needs of people to counter the increasing social isolation in this society. The LaSalle Stewart Center would be perfect.

Maybe the real answer is that I belong staying at home, writing, and reading to find answers.
I went into the 4-H office yesterday to meet with Tammy, the Director at the Extension Office for 4-H. She’s nice. I like her. I made an appointment to come in and meet with her about being a 4-H leader after talking to her on the phone a couple of days ago. After I got off the phone, I wrote up a curriculum of what I wanted to teach since they didn’t have any materials for a writing group.

This is what I thought should be included:
Elements that make up a meeting: 4-H meeting format, teaching writing craft, teaching graphic design and how to use Microsoft Publisher, writing exercises, grammar and vocabulary building, presentation by a student, learning to edit or critique, interview techniques, photography. Longer workshops could teach how to write creative non-fiction, essays, news writing, articles, interviews, and create Power Point presentations. Some of the writing projects that could be produced as a club: create a newsletter using Microsoft Publisher 2 to 4 times a year, submit articles to the Extension Newsletter, submit articles to the Alsea Valley Voice, encourage submission to magazines and ezines, visit the Corvallis Gazette Times to talk with reporters and editors, self-publish a book each year composed of essays, interviews, articles and creative non-fiction on sale at, create videos of mock interviews, start magazine for other 4-H clubs in Oregon to submit articles, visit magazines. Ways to mix other 4-H club elements with Writing Club—during long meetings bake something together, visit Neo Clonal Germplasm Repository in Corvallis to interview experts and write articles, prepare questions to ask experts, like an entomologist.

I enjoyed my visit with Tammy. I thought it would be fun to be a 4-H leader again. The problem is that I don’t have any references. I need three. I don’t have any close friends or chums or buddies. I haven’t done anything against the law or caused harm so that’s not a problem but I have kept people at a distance the last few years. I’ve been going through a spiritual crisis. From 1995 through 2001, I was active in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I had students involved with a newsletter and taught workshops for them. I was a Primary President and wrote a nativity play that we performed. All my friends were in this church but when I started to question the ethics and practices, I was shunned. I had no friends left. I was hurt, betrayed, and vulnerable so I have kept myself at a distance from everyone.

So I guess I’m back to square one. It was a nice idea. I wanted to feel needed and contribute to empowering children. I love to teach and I miss opportunities to teach. I guess I have enough to do to keep me busy. I’m having fun with the Alsea Valley Voice. I have a lot to do in my garden and take care of my home and watch out for my husband. I guess I’m backing into my cocoon again to nurse my wounds. When I whine like this, I’m not good for anyone anyway. I have a lot to do. I need to concentrate on losing weight, eating healthy, exercising a lot more, writing more, reading more, decluttering, and make my house spotless. That should be enough to keep me busy but my heart keeps yearning to be involved, contribute, make a difference, teach, and do more than I am doing now. It would help so much to have a good friend to talk things over with who would encourage me and want me to win. I think friends are rare and I’m not sure I have ever had a real friend for very long in my life, if ever. The only friend I have in the world is Leslie, my husband. That’s it. So I’ll concentrate on trying to make him happy. I love being around my kids but they are active and busy. They do what they can. Daniel calls often and listens to me. Benjamin sent me three train tickets this year to come visit. Gretchen calls. Sometimes I get to talk to Joe. I love them all. They are the best people I know.

Cell Phone Tower

Alsea needs a cell phone tower on top of South Mountain Road. There are no cell phone towers in the area. In some places in Alsea, there are dead zones where no communication is possible by any means. Even the Sheriff Department is unable to communicate in some areas. This is dangerous. Emergency responders need to be able to communicate through as many ways as possible. A cell phone tower is needed for everyone.

I once asked a worker from Pioneer Telephone, our telephone company in the area and he said that they don’t want a cell phone tower in the area. I guess they want the monopoly on the business. Is this really kosher when it is a matter of public safety? This is not okay.

I brought up this issue in the Emergency Preparedness meeting in Alsea that met in the library on Tuesday evening. One leader in the community said it was impossible and that it can’t be done. I have a hard time understanding people who respond with this kind of rhetoric. I think if there is a problem, everyone should work towards figuring out answers and a way to make it happen.


I think medicine is in the dark ages. I recently heard that 15% of medicine is evidence based which means that it is something that can be proven. This means to me that most of medicine is guessing. We pay the big bucks for no one finding answers, making guesses, or causing harm! Add to this the fact that many doctors see how many patients they can see in an hour giving only 10 minutes per patient and you've got disaster with no one reading the files, researching solutions or answers. We've got a major problem in this country and we're paying for it through bankruptcy and worse.

We need single payer health care in this country. All human beings deserve care and there shouldn't be concern about the bottom line and profit. Care, no matter how deficient, needs to be at the top of the list.

500 pages a day

There is a 9 year old girl named Mia who was featured in the Corvallis Gazette Times on August 18. She goes to Ashbrook Independent School, the best school in the area, in my opinion for gifted and talented children. Mia is clearly a gifted child who is soaring even at 9 years old. She inspires me and makes my heart happy.

As a challenge to students at Ashbrook School, the kids are supposed to read 50 pages a day during the summer. Mia has no problem with that because she's reading an average of 500 pages a day and her Dad thinks that's a conservative estimate. Cool! She's so cute. When I think it is too daunting to read 100 pages a week for a writing critique group plus all I am doing, all I have to do is think about Mia. She inspires me.

During the school year, Mia reads 200 pages a day in addition to keeping up with the intensive academic curriculum at Ashbrook School, playing the piano, and gymnastics.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Health Care Reform

I’ve been shocked and amazed at the conflict with passing health care reform. Money from groups who have a vested interest in keeping the current system has poured into advertising and given to people who will rally for and support their cause.

What shocks me is that the people who often show up in town hall meetings vehemently support the current system probably could benefit from real change. Many of these individuals are fearful of socialism. If socialism means a basic level of care for all Americans, then I’m for it. I don’t think that in this great country, there should be homeless or children going hungry or people going bankrupt over needed health care. This shouldn’t be tolerated.

There needs to be a cap on greed in this country. It’s not okay for the wealthiest Americans to not give back and pay taxes on their millions of dollars in profit. Hiding assets is common and unfair when so many Americans are in great need. Medical costs are out of control and must be brought into line. All Americans deserve care. Priority should be placed on patient care.

The richest Americans feel they should get to keep all their pennies. I don’t agree. The wealth in this country is in the hands of 1% of the population. I agree with President Obama that those who make over $250,000 a year should pay their fair share of taxes. Tax loop holes need to be closed. It shouldn’t be okay to be able to take profits out of the country and hide money in Swiss banks or in a bank in the Caribbean. If you do business in the United States, you should pay to bring the standard of living up for all Americans.

I don’t have health care. My only choice is to eat healthy and exercise. I don’t have a doctor. If something happens to me, I’m done for. This shouldn’t be tolerated. Every human being is valuable and has the potential of being productive. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs shows how when one is hungry or isn’t given basic care, they aren’t able to be the best they can be and reach their highest potential. A basic level of care should be given to all Americans so everyone can reach their dreams.

I have my bachelor’s degree and I’d love to work on my master’s degree or go on to earn a Ph.D. There’s no way I can afford this. A university education should be free, in my opinion. I love to learn and I would love to go back to school but it’s impossible the way things are now.

I support single payer health care because I think that a basic level of care should be given to all Americans. So you might have to wait a little bit. I don't have care now. Waiting would be better than no care.

What's this about the death panels that they bring up in the news? Comfort care has been alive and strong in Oregon the last few years under President Bush and Republicans in power. My mother-in-law, Sadelle Haber was coded comfort care when there was nothing medically wrong. Family was not notified. Food and water was withdrawn and morphine given for the pain of dying. This is called comfort care in Oregon. We rescued her in time to save her but this can happen and has happened to many elderly in the last few years when their money runs out! This has nothing to do with health care reform and President Obama. This has been going on for years!


My son, Benjamin and his wife, Amanda sent train tickets as a gift to Les and I so we could come and visit Anna. She’s our newest grandchild and she just turned six months old. This is the third time I’ve gone to visit Anna on the train since she was born. I love spending time with her. She’s so good, so cute, and so smart. I wish I lived closer but I am so grateful to Ben that I get to see her so often.

Ben’s an amazing father. He’s always been there for Anna since she was born. He took time off work so he could care for her and spend time with Amanda. Anna waits for Ben to come home from work and I know it’s hard for him to not take her with him to Zymo Genetics. I'm glad that Amanda can stay home with Anna.

I love Green Lake, Ballard, and Seattle. I love the walking trail around Green Lake. I love the energy and intelligence of the people of Seattle. I love the great restaurants. While we were there, Ben and Amanda took us out to eat at Kidd Valley and Spuds in Green Lake, and Portage Bay in Ballard—some of my favorite places to eat.

The train makes it so much easier to travel. You can relax and not worry about the traffic between Alsea and Seattle driving on the freeway. Many business people travel on the train every day to meetings or to work. The dining car has a great menu. It’s fun to watch out the window. I love sitting on the western side of the train so I can see all the water from Olympia up to Seattle. Many students on the train bring their laptops and work. I enjoy reading on the train.

Northwest Nut Growers

Les and I attended the Northwest Nut Growers Summer Tour on August 5th in Corvallis. I learned a lot about Hazelnuts and want to plant a few trees on our acreage.

Hazelnut Hill was my favorite stop on the tour. Sally and Rob Hilles’ farm is located at 27939 Highway 99W, south of Corvallis. Their phone number is 541-754-565. It’s worth a trip to visit Hazelnut Hill with your family and friends to stop for a hazelnut ice cream sundae or chocolate covered hazelnuts at their shop. I was sooooo impressed with Sally and Rob Hilles as they spoke to the large group of members of Northwest Nut Growers. Their intelligence, inventive solutions, and commitment to running a sustainable farm are impressive. Rob Hilles has invented equipment and found ways to increase the yield of his hazelnut tree orchard. They are both dynamic speakers.

I learned that it is possible to grow an observation research plot for Oregon State University and receive free hazelnut trees. Such a deal! If you have room for a few nut trees, call Dave Smith in the Horticulture Department at OSU at 541-737-2702.
Join the Northwest Nut Growers for only $15 a year so you can attend these great tours with expert speakers and receive important information about growing nut trees. Write to the Nut Growers Society of Oregon, 21595 A Dolores Way NE, Aurora, Oregon 97002 or e-mail or look at the great website at I’m impressed and you will be too.

Poison Ivy

I’ve had a bad rash from the poison ivy I touched in my garden. I read in a book by Readers Digest called THE HEALING POWER OF FOOD about the use of honey for wounds, rashes, and skin problems. It was used in ancient Egypt for wounds and skin problems. I decided to use it and found that it takes away the itch and heals the skin. I think it’s much better than taking Benedryl or using Benedryl cream. It’s messy though so I need to wrap up my arm in a towel and it isn’t going away as fast as I want.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Leadership and Self-Deception

I finished reading the book LEADERSHIP AND SELF-DECEPTION: GETTING OUT OF THE BOX by the Arbinger Institute. I have some concerns about the basic premise that asks everyone to focus on getting results and staying out of the box. I have no problem with working hard to get results and working hard to support/help those around me to achieve these objectives. However, it is important for me to work with people that I can respect, admire, learn from, and who are ethical.

The problem I have with this book is that I can see that a corrupt business could drive forward their objectives using people who focus on results. In the last several months, we have seen a myriad of examples of people who focus on driving results and someone in the organization is a crook, manipulator, and a thief. Our economy has collapsed as a result, thanks to President Bush and Republicans who stand for GREED.

Crown of Thorns Starfish

The crown of thorns starfish is eating away the coral reef next to Australia. Its numbers are out of control despite round the clock diving teams who are trying to kill them. The question is why are their numbers out of control? Several scientific opinions say that the nutrient rich runoff from farmlands play a role. Another theory is the temperature of the ocean. Still another theory is about the natural predators of the crown of thorns starfish being wiped out by overfishing. Pollution is another theory. It’s sad that scientists fight about the cause and not realize that each play a part in the result. Focus on solving the problem should be result of actions and thought since the coral reefs around the world are essential for our planet’s survival.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid from Nevada

Senator Harry Reid from Nevada is the Senate Majority Leader. I’m shocked and outraged that Senator Reid makes the choice to go home and feels he needs a vacation when the President of the United States makes the urgent plea to work hard and put in the time to find a health care solution for the American public. A health care solution is urgently needed in the United States. The cost of health care is exorbitant. Health care in the United States is broken and needs to be fixed.

Senator Harry Reid, a Democrat, isn’t working to support a health care solution or working hard to put in the time when asked by President Obama. As the Senate Majority Leader, he should be showing leadership in the Senate and working harder than everyone else. Instead Senator Reid is trying to delay the vote and put off doing the work to get things done in Washington. This is outrageous!

I made a phone call to Senator Reid and left a phone message asking him to show leadership in the Senate by working hard to push forward the needed health care reform and vote for single payer health care or free health care for all Americans. I guess Democrat Harry Reid doesn’t care about health care for all Americans or the people in Nevada. Maybe Senator Reid is too old to be engaged in the political battle to work for a solution for health care. Doesn’t he care? This is inexcusable!

Insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and health care organizations are spending over 1 1/2 million dollars a day to defeat health care reform that would benefit all Americans and lower the deficit. Did they put money in the pockets of key Democratic leaders to slow the process?

Peter DeFazio

Oregon U.S. Representative Peter DeFazio is a hero at our house. My husband called him to help him with a problem with Social Security and Medicare. His office got results. Peter DeFazio cares and works hard to help people in Oregon.

My husband was on hemodialysis for over two months so he signed up for Medicare Part B. Since he didn’t have it for many years, he was penalized. He had to pay four times the regular cost. My husband discovered that now with Medicare Part B, he could no longer afford the copayments for care so he can’t use it anyway. It’s too expensive. Because my husband was not on dialysis for over three months, Social Security Medicare won’t pay for his medical care for dialysis. Two months of dialysis, no help. Three months of dialysis and medicare would pay for it all.
Peter DeFazio finally got the Social Security office to communicate. DeFazio’s office hasn’t seen anything like this before.

The Albany Social Security office refused to return calls. Social Security is going to allow my husband to cancel Medicare Part B, which he can’t afford and doesn’t do him any good but it won’t take effect until September. Outrageous! Not fair!

We need health care reform in the United States. There should be free health care for all Americans. The emphasis should be on patient care and prevention, not on greed and bringing in the bucks for hospitals and doctors who only see patients for 10 minutes.

Leadership and Self-Desception

My son, Daniel gave me a book through called Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting out of the Box by the Arbinger Institute. I’m on page 126. I’m also reading it to my husband out loud and we’re on page 80. It’s an important book. Stephen Covey says, “Profound…engaging…packed with insight. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.” I agree.

As I am reading this book through, it reminds me of what is happening in Congress regarding the important fight for all Americans to improve the quality of health care. President Obama is showing unparalleled leadership asking for hard work by the House of Representatives and the Senate to improve health care for all Americans and, at the same time, it would lower the national deficit. It’s important to do NOW. It’s urgent because the need is so great. So what is happening? Many leaders in the House of Representatives and Senate don’t want to put in the work. They say they need a vacation. They want to go home. Forget that they were elected to work hard for the people in the United States. They are too tired and don’t want to do the hard stuff. They want everyone to like them. They chose to play politics, rather than do the right thing.

Maybe everyone in the House of Representatives and the Senate needs to read this book as required reading. Then maybe they would see that they are elected to work hard on issues that will serve the American public and quit playing politics. It’s inexcusable for a member of the House of Representatives and Senate to ignore the urgent pleas of the American public and the President of the United States to work hard and get something done.

Core Rhythms

I sure could use a part-time job. I saw an infomercial on television about Core Rhythms, exercise CDs to lose weight. It looks like so much fun because it’s dancing and having a good time as you lose the pounds. The beautiful and dynamic Mary Murphy from So You Think You Can Dance—that great show on television is the host for Core Rhythms. I know it would be fun and I want to order it. You can dance to the Latin beat to sculpt your abs and lose inches. No boring floor crunches. Only fun. Dance your heart out and lose weight! Such a deal. All exercise should be this fun.

Benton County Democrats

I attended the meeting for the Benton County Democratic Central Committee on July 16th at Grace Lutheran Church. Everyone seemed nice, committed to the Democratic Party and I felt I could find friends among the group.

Dr. Paul Hochfeld spoke about single payer health care and the urgent need for health care reform. He's an emergency room physician. He was dynamic and a great speaker.

I was shocked that there wasn't an urgent feeling among the group that everyone needed to work hard for health care reform NOW! I came to get inspired and to get support regarding this important issue. I was disappointed. There seemed to be more enthusiasm and energy for the bus bingo that was going to be played on the upcoming picnic for the Democrats than in working for health care reform. Yes, it sounded like fun and I'd like to go. But what about health care reform? There is a window of opportunity to get something done. Insurance companies and health care organizations are spending over 1 1/2 million dollars a day to defeat health care and it seems like Democrats are cooperating.

I asked Oregon State University Democrat students who attended the meeting, if they were working on health care reform now, holding meetings, and if they planned on working for health care reform in Washington, D.C. They said no. Why is there such apathy? I don't get it.

Harvard Professor Gates

It’s inexcusable what happened to Harvard Professor Gates. After proving his identity to police officers in his own home, Professor Gates was arrested and taken to police headquarters. Would this have happened if his skin color was white? No! Black Americans have to endure this kind of racial prejudice every day, even Harvard professors and upstanding members of every city who don’t break the law. It’s not right and it’s inexcusable!

Wind and Solar Power

Wind and solar power needs to be affordable for the individual home owner. Right now it is not. It’s too expensive. I would love to put up solar panels on our roof and put up several windmills on our acreage. We have lots of wind here in Alsea. It would be great to be able to use natural resources for electricity and then sell back the extra to Consumer Power. The only way that wind and solar power can be affordable is if Consumer Power offers this opportunity through subsidy. Electric prices are going up. We need this opportunity here in Oregon. I’m waiting…………

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jewelry Television

I can’t believe the fabulous bargains on Jewelry Television. For very low prices, you can get something beautiful to make yourself feel beautiful or give a great gift that will be loved.

They were just selling a lab created 3.5 ct trillion purple sapphire that was gorgeous for only $6.99. Unbelievable! Item number S36T100.

A lab created gem stone is a natural gem stone. It’s like a tomato from a greenhouse as compared to a tomato grown on a farm. Both tomatoes taste great and have the nutrition of a tomato and are sold as a tomato.

To go with that beautiful purple sapphire, you can order a 10 kt. semimount with .25 ctw diamonds for only $149.00. Item number SMT719Y. So for only $155.99, you can have a gorgeous ring for yourself or as a gift.

Right now they are selling an 18.40 ct Brazilian lemon quartz round for only $39.99. Item number WT148.

Go to to look for more bargains or watch Jewelry Television. Call 1-800-619-3000 to order.

U.S. Senator Ron Wyden from Oregon

I tried to call Senator Ron Wyden this morning to talk to his staff or leave a phone message but his message box is FULL. I've tried before. I've sent an e-mail. This is a great way to ignore and not listen to what people want to say.

Democrats have a window of opportunity to push for real health care reform and pass single payer health care into law. There are enough votes to push this forward into law, IF all democrats in the House and Senate vote to pass it. Some Democrats are dragging their feet. Senator Ron Wyden is trying to delay this important vote to create change according to the news. Why? Does he have too much money invested in the health care industry? I know he was great friends with Mormon Republican Senator Gordon Smith. Why is he dragging his feet? Why isn't he working hard to support President Obama and help everyone in Oregon without insurance?

Health care reform is desparately needed. I'm one of the millions without health care. Maybe most Democrat leaders have health care and money in the bank but I don't. Maybe they don't feel the urgency. Democrats have the opportunity to make real change in the United States and put people first by giving health care to everyone free.

Senator Ron Wyden, I urgently implore you to vote for single payer health care and that you show leadership in the Senate and push for this needed change.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Many faithful church goers tithe monthly, giving 10% to their church. My husband and I used to do this for years. Many business leaders on FOX news, FOX business channel, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, and MSNBC say that businesses shouldn’t have to pay taxes and that they should be able to keep all their profits. These same business leaders say that single payer health care or free health care for all is wrong. These same people who want to keep all their pennies and never share feel no moral or ethical responsibility for those less fortunate. I’ve had it. This kind of sinful greed is unpardonable.

In Oregon, businesses are complaining about having to pay a tax that is 1/10th of 1% of their profits. Profit means all the loot that they get after all expenses and salaries are paid. This is the gravy. They don’t want to even let loose of 1/10th of 1%. Shameful! They should be paying 10% of their profits and paying another 10% to charity in Oregon.

Mike Huckabee who has a show on FOX on Saturday nights is a Baptist minister and doesn’t believe that there should be free health care. He’s working hard to defeat single-payer health care. He doesn’t believe that business should have to pay taxes. If I were a member of his congregation, I would put zero bucks in the collection plate.

Those in Oregon who say they shouldn’t have to pay 1/10th of 1% and who believe that there shouldn’t be free health care for all, I’d tithe 1/10th of 1% of my extra and if I didn’t have extra, I would give zero buckeroos.

Neil Cavuto who is Catholic, believes that there shouldn’t be single-payer health care and that businesses shouldn’t pay any taxes. If I were a Catholic, I’d put in the collection plate a note that says zero bucks for the church because of the moral example of Neil Cavuto.

If I were President Obama, the moral compass of this nation, I would take a look at all nonprofits that accept money and who find ways to deny they make a profit on paper. I would revoke tax exempt status of most churches and organizations.

It’s so interesting to me how so many church leaders in most churches and synagogues expect the congregations to give, give, give, even though they are having a difficult time. 10% is expected. Yet these same church leaders are not a moral example by crying out for social justice in the United States saying that single-payer health care or free health care should be law and businesses should pay 10% of their profits.

I’ve heard several people in the village where I live talk about times getting hard, like the great depression. Why don’t these business and religious leaders get off their duff and show courage, values, and moral strength by calling for what is needed. We need free health care for all and all businesses should have to pay 10% of their profits in the United States for doing business here.

I’m disillusioned. I don’t see anyone caring about anybody or feeling accountable. I’m disillusioned with churches and synagogues, and businesses who stand for GREED!