Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Health Care

I heard on television that the United Nations now ranks the United States as 37 in the world in health care. So why are we paying the big bucks for health care when we are number 37 in the world. We are the only country in the world who charges so much for health care. We should have single payer health care or the public option in the United States. The people in the United States got sold out in Congress.

What I don't understand is backward diagnostics in this country and the lack of adequate equipment to diagnose. How can one be diagnosed with 4th stage cancer after several years of complicated blood tests, being seen by medical experts, and have it not show up? Where is the hand-held scanner that instantly tells you what is wrong in your body with recommendations for vitamins and treatment? We are backward in medical care in this country. Doctors and nurses seem to be smart and seem to care but just how far away are we in this country from the guessing of 100 years ago? Doctors and hospitals seem hesitant to share information which just might solve some of the problems. Equipment should instantly feed the numbers into the computer so it doesn't have to be entered by hand.

Some doctors and nurses have abused their position and the public trust. No doctor or nurse should be using their position of power for their own personal agenda. A doctor or a nurse who has caused harm should not be protected.

We need better medical security so that a hospital or doctor can communicate with a pharmacy without fear of who they are communicating with. Itemized bills are a thing of the past. Why is that? Is it because there are just too many items with outrageous charges?

Someone needs to clean it all up. Where are the Democrats with courage in Congress who have a voice and want to vote for the public option and single payer health care? Where are the Democrats with courage in Congress who want to make sure that health care is held accountable?

China and Education

China is now number one in education in the world. They are first in math. First in reading. First in science. They are the best and they worked hard to get there. I admire what they have accomplished. I admire excellence. I'm not surprised because usually the best students are from China in American classrooms.

We struggle in the United States. We don't seem to care about excellence. We would rather protect inadequate teachers than make sure that students come first. Great teachers need to be rewarded. Excellence needs to be rewarded and celebrated.

Tax Cuts for the Rich

I'm disappointed and shocked that everyone in Congress is so willing to give tax cuts to the wealthy. Democrats seem to be wearing Republican clothing and no one seems to remember the financial disaster just prior to President Obama being elected in the fall of 2008. I don't get it. Where are the strong Democrats who care about fighting for the people who are poor and disadvantaged without a voice? Where are the strong Democrats who care about fighting for the elderly and senior citizens? Where are the strong Democrats who care about doing what is right because it is the right thing to do and refuse to take the perks and money from public interest groups?

Why would anyone even consider giving 7 billion dollars to the wealthy in this country who don't need it when millions are without health care, millions are or have lost their home, millions are hungry, and we have such severe need? Corporations should pay more. The wealthy should pay more to solve the problems in this country. Corporations and wealthy individuals shouldn't be allowed to get away with robbing this country again and again and again.