Thursday, May 27, 2010

Banned Inventions

Isn't it time to take a look in the file of "banned inventions" to find new and better ways for energy resources at a time when oil and natural gas has worn out its welcome?

I remember watching on the Science channel and seeing a program about Motor Development International MDI in Nice, France who has produced a car that can run on water vapor. It needs only one tank of gas to run from NY to LA. Isn't this a much better idea? They already have cars and trucks made.

Senator Jeff Merkley

Oregon's Senator Jeff Merkley, my Senator, is a HERO for standing up to Big Oil and saying "No!" to offshore drilling along the Oregon Coast. It takes courage to do this. He's a hero and I'm proud that he's the Senator from Oregon.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oil Spill

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is threatening the environment, life in the ocean, tourism, cities along the ocean, and the qualify of life in the area.

It is outrageous and ridiculous that President Obama should be blamed for this.

BP obviously didn't put measures in place to prevent this from happening. If they didn't anticipate problems and have a plan, they shouldn't be drilling in the first place. All oil companies and natural gas companies that are drilling with accidents should be held accountable. They should pay for the damage. They are responsible.

We need to use other energy sources and stop relying on oil and natural gas. There are oil spills in other parts of the world that have seriously caused harm to wildlife and fish. This should be stopped.

We need to halt and seize assets. With this much damage, oil and natural gas shouldn't be given the opportunity to drill.