Monday, July 27, 2009

Leadership and Self-Deception

I finished reading the book LEADERSHIP AND SELF-DECEPTION: GETTING OUT OF THE BOX by the Arbinger Institute. I have some concerns about the basic premise that asks everyone to focus on getting results and staying out of the box. I have no problem with working hard to get results and working hard to support/help those around me to achieve these objectives. However, it is important for me to work with people that I can respect, admire, learn from, and who are ethical.

The problem I have with this book is that I can see that a corrupt business could drive forward their objectives using people who focus on results. In the last several months, we have seen a myriad of examples of people who focus on driving results and someone in the organization is a crook, manipulator, and a thief. Our economy has collapsed as a result, thanks to President Bush and Republicans who stand for GREED.

Crown of Thorns Starfish

The crown of thorns starfish is eating away the coral reef next to Australia. Its numbers are out of control despite round the clock diving teams who are trying to kill them. The question is why are their numbers out of control? Several scientific opinions say that the nutrient rich runoff from farmlands play a role. Another theory is the temperature of the ocean. Still another theory is about the natural predators of the crown of thorns starfish being wiped out by overfishing. Pollution is another theory. It’s sad that scientists fight about the cause and not realize that each play a part in the result. Focus on solving the problem should be result of actions and thought since the coral reefs around the world are essential for our planet’s survival.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid from Nevada

Senator Harry Reid from Nevada is the Senate Majority Leader. I’m shocked and outraged that Senator Reid makes the choice to go home and feels he needs a vacation when the President of the United States makes the urgent plea to work hard and put in the time to find a health care solution for the American public. A health care solution is urgently needed in the United States. The cost of health care is exorbitant. Health care in the United States is broken and needs to be fixed.

Senator Harry Reid, a Democrat, isn’t working to support a health care solution or working hard to put in the time when asked by President Obama. As the Senate Majority Leader, he should be showing leadership in the Senate and working harder than everyone else. Instead Senator Reid is trying to delay the vote and put off doing the work to get things done in Washington. This is outrageous!

I made a phone call to Senator Reid and left a phone message asking him to show leadership in the Senate by working hard to push forward the needed health care reform and vote for single payer health care or free health care for all Americans. I guess Democrat Harry Reid doesn’t care about health care for all Americans or the people in Nevada. Maybe Senator Reid is too old to be engaged in the political battle to work for a solution for health care. Doesn’t he care? This is inexcusable!

Insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and health care organizations are spending over 1 1/2 million dollars a day to defeat health care reform that would benefit all Americans and lower the deficit. Did they put money in the pockets of key Democratic leaders to slow the process?

Peter DeFazio

Oregon U.S. Representative Peter DeFazio is a hero at our house. My husband called him to help him with a problem with Social Security and Medicare. His office got results. Peter DeFazio cares and works hard to help people in Oregon.

My husband was on hemodialysis for over two months so he signed up for Medicare Part B. Since he didn’t have it for many years, he was penalized. He had to pay four times the regular cost. My husband discovered that now with Medicare Part B, he could no longer afford the copayments for care so he can’t use it anyway. It’s too expensive. Because my husband was not on dialysis for over three months, Social Security Medicare won’t pay for his medical care for dialysis. Two months of dialysis, no help. Three months of dialysis and medicare would pay for it all.
Peter DeFazio finally got the Social Security office to communicate. DeFazio’s office hasn’t seen anything like this before.

The Albany Social Security office refused to return calls. Social Security is going to allow my husband to cancel Medicare Part B, which he can’t afford and doesn’t do him any good but it won’t take effect until September. Outrageous! Not fair!

We need health care reform in the United States. There should be free health care for all Americans. The emphasis should be on patient care and prevention, not on greed and bringing in the bucks for hospitals and doctors who only see patients for 10 minutes.

Leadership and Self-Desception

My son, Daniel gave me a book through called Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting out of the Box by the Arbinger Institute. I’m on page 126. I’m also reading it to my husband out loud and we’re on page 80. It’s an important book. Stephen Covey says, “Profound…engaging…packed with insight. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.” I agree.

As I am reading this book through, it reminds me of what is happening in Congress regarding the important fight for all Americans to improve the quality of health care. President Obama is showing unparalleled leadership asking for hard work by the House of Representatives and the Senate to improve health care for all Americans and, at the same time, it would lower the national deficit. It’s important to do NOW. It’s urgent because the need is so great. So what is happening? Many leaders in the House of Representatives and Senate don’t want to put in the work. They say they need a vacation. They want to go home. Forget that they were elected to work hard for the people in the United States. They are too tired and don’t want to do the hard stuff. They want everyone to like them. They chose to play politics, rather than do the right thing.

Maybe everyone in the House of Representatives and the Senate needs to read this book as required reading. Then maybe they would see that they are elected to work hard on issues that will serve the American public and quit playing politics. It’s inexcusable for a member of the House of Representatives and Senate to ignore the urgent pleas of the American public and the President of the United States to work hard and get something done.

Core Rhythms

I sure could use a part-time job. I saw an infomercial on television about Core Rhythms, exercise CDs to lose weight. It looks like so much fun because it’s dancing and having a good time as you lose the pounds. The beautiful and dynamic Mary Murphy from So You Think You Can Dance—that great show on television is the host for Core Rhythms. I know it would be fun and I want to order it. You can dance to the Latin beat to sculpt your abs and lose inches. No boring floor crunches. Only fun. Dance your heart out and lose weight! Such a deal. All exercise should be this fun.

Benton County Democrats

I attended the meeting for the Benton County Democratic Central Committee on July 16th at Grace Lutheran Church. Everyone seemed nice, committed to the Democratic Party and I felt I could find friends among the group.

Dr. Paul Hochfeld spoke about single payer health care and the urgent need for health care reform. He's an emergency room physician. He was dynamic and a great speaker.

I was shocked that there wasn't an urgent feeling among the group that everyone needed to work hard for health care reform NOW! I came to get inspired and to get support regarding this important issue. I was disappointed. There seemed to be more enthusiasm and energy for the bus bingo that was going to be played on the upcoming picnic for the Democrats than in working for health care reform. Yes, it sounded like fun and I'd like to go. But what about health care reform? There is a window of opportunity to get something done. Insurance companies and health care organizations are spending over 1 1/2 million dollars a day to defeat health care and it seems like Democrats are cooperating.

I asked Oregon State University Democrat students who attended the meeting, if they were working on health care reform now, holding meetings, and if they planned on working for health care reform in Washington, D.C. They said no. Why is there such apathy? I don't get it.

Harvard Professor Gates

It’s inexcusable what happened to Harvard Professor Gates. After proving his identity to police officers in his own home, Professor Gates was arrested and taken to police headquarters. Would this have happened if his skin color was white? No! Black Americans have to endure this kind of racial prejudice every day, even Harvard professors and upstanding members of every city who don’t break the law. It’s not right and it’s inexcusable!

Wind and Solar Power

Wind and solar power needs to be affordable for the individual home owner. Right now it is not. It’s too expensive. I would love to put up solar panels on our roof and put up several windmills on our acreage. We have lots of wind here in Alsea. It would be great to be able to use natural resources for electricity and then sell back the extra to Consumer Power. The only way that wind and solar power can be affordable is if Consumer Power offers this opportunity through subsidy. Electric prices are going up. We need this opportunity here in Oregon. I’m waiting…………

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jewelry Television

I can’t believe the fabulous bargains on Jewelry Television. For very low prices, you can get something beautiful to make yourself feel beautiful or give a great gift that will be loved.

They were just selling a lab created 3.5 ct trillion purple sapphire that was gorgeous for only $6.99. Unbelievable! Item number S36T100.

A lab created gem stone is a natural gem stone. It’s like a tomato from a greenhouse as compared to a tomato grown on a farm. Both tomatoes taste great and have the nutrition of a tomato and are sold as a tomato.

To go with that beautiful purple sapphire, you can order a 10 kt. semimount with .25 ctw diamonds for only $149.00. Item number SMT719Y. So for only $155.99, you can have a gorgeous ring for yourself or as a gift.

Right now they are selling an 18.40 ct Brazilian lemon quartz round for only $39.99. Item number WT148.

Go to to look for more bargains or watch Jewelry Television. Call 1-800-619-3000 to order.

U.S. Senator Ron Wyden from Oregon

I tried to call Senator Ron Wyden this morning to talk to his staff or leave a phone message but his message box is FULL. I've tried before. I've sent an e-mail. This is a great way to ignore and not listen to what people want to say.

Democrats have a window of opportunity to push for real health care reform and pass single payer health care into law. There are enough votes to push this forward into law, IF all democrats in the House and Senate vote to pass it. Some Democrats are dragging their feet. Senator Ron Wyden is trying to delay this important vote to create change according to the news. Why? Does he have too much money invested in the health care industry? I know he was great friends with Mormon Republican Senator Gordon Smith. Why is he dragging his feet? Why isn't he working hard to support President Obama and help everyone in Oregon without insurance?

Health care reform is desparately needed. I'm one of the millions without health care. Maybe most Democrat leaders have health care and money in the bank but I don't. Maybe they don't feel the urgency. Democrats have the opportunity to make real change in the United States and put people first by giving health care to everyone free.

Senator Ron Wyden, I urgently implore you to vote for single payer health care and that you show leadership in the Senate and push for this needed change.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Many faithful church goers tithe monthly, giving 10% to their church. My husband and I used to do this for years. Many business leaders on FOX news, FOX business channel, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, and MSNBC say that businesses shouldn’t have to pay taxes and that they should be able to keep all their profits. These same business leaders say that single payer health care or free health care for all is wrong. These same people who want to keep all their pennies and never share feel no moral or ethical responsibility for those less fortunate. I’ve had it. This kind of sinful greed is unpardonable.

In Oregon, businesses are complaining about having to pay a tax that is 1/10th of 1% of their profits. Profit means all the loot that they get after all expenses and salaries are paid. This is the gravy. They don’t want to even let loose of 1/10th of 1%. Shameful! They should be paying 10% of their profits and paying another 10% to charity in Oregon.

Mike Huckabee who has a show on FOX on Saturday nights is a Baptist minister and doesn’t believe that there should be free health care. He’s working hard to defeat single-payer health care. He doesn’t believe that business should have to pay taxes. If I were a member of his congregation, I would put zero bucks in the collection plate.

Those in Oregon who say they shouldn’t have to pay 1/10th of 1% and who believe that there shouldn’t be free health care for all, I’d tithe 1/10th of 1% of my extra and if I didn’t have extra, I would give zero buckeroos.

Neil Cavuto who is Catholic, believes that there shouldn’t be single-payer health care and that businesses shouldn’t pay any taxes. If I were a Catholic, I’d put in the collection plate a note that says zero bucks for the church because of the moral example of Neil Cavuto.

If I were President Obama, the moral compass of this nation, I would take a look at all nonprofits that accept money and who find ways to deny they make a profit on paper. I would revoke tax exempt status of most churches and organizations.

It’s so interesting to me how so many church leaders in most churches and synagogues expect the congregations to give, give, give, even though they are having a difficult time. 10% is expected. Yet these same church leaders are not a moral example by crying out for social justice in the United States saying that single-payer health care or free health care should be law and businesses should pay 10% of their profits.

I’ve heard several people in the village where I live talk about times getting hard, like the great depression. Why don’t these business and religious leaders get off their duff and show courage, values, and moral strength by calling for what is needed. We need free health care for all and all businesses should have to pay 10% of their profits in the United States for doing business here.

I’m disillusioned. I don’t see anyone caring about anybody or feeling accountable. I’m disillusioned with churches and synagogues, and businesses who stand for GREED!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mike Huckabee

My husband, Leslie, watches Mike Huckabee sometimes on FOX. I walked by the TV last night when he was on. I don’t understand Mike Huckabee. I honestly can’t connect with a minister in the Baptist Church who believes that it is important to grab every penny in business at the expense of millions of people. I know that Baptists believe in Jesus. Would Jesus believe it is okay to take every penny and not care about or feel responsible for those who are less fortunate? Wouldn’t Jesus want everyone to have medical coverage? I think so.

People in business today, even ministers and those who supposedly stand for ethics and values and who go to church, think they have the right to make as much money as possible and it doesn’t matter who they walk over. Isn’t it the ethical thing to do to care about all people in the United States to give them a basic standard of care?

I couldn’t think of attending a church that didn’t care about all God’s children.

The legislature in Oregon has convened and they are proud of the accomplishment that they put taxes on business profits at 1/10th of 1% and they are getting criticized for this low tax. I don’t get it. I think businesses should have to be taxed 10% on all their profits and then have to donate another 10% to charities in Oregon. This is what I would do and recommend, if I were making the decision. Isn’t 80% profit enough? Good grief! Everyone is money grubbing and businesses don’t feel any ethical concern for people who live in Oregon. It’s hard for me to respect anyone who stands for GREED!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Single Payer Health Care

Single payer health care has a small window of opportunity of passing into law, if acted on quickly. Complacent Democrats are not going to get the job done.

It's important to contact all Democrats in the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate so they will vote for this important health care change for all Americans.

Letters need to be written. Phone calls need to be made. Groups need to create action agendas immediately to make sure that single pay health care is a reality. What groups have the most to gain from making sure we have universal health care? Those who desperately need it, like me. I am calling to action members of the NAACP, the millions without health care, the poor, the homeless, families who use social services, people in prison, people who can't afford their co-payments, all people of color, and people who care about social justice.

Everyone needs to write to all members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate to make sure they vote for single payer health care.

There is enough votes to pass this just with all elected Democrats in both the Senate and House and we don’t even need to have one Republican to vote for it. However, it would be so nice for Republicans to step up and care enough about all the people in the United States to make sure we have health care for all.

Please write and call your Representatives and Senators. Please gather peacefully to make this happen. Our country desperately needs this change. Greed must not continue to harm health care. We must act now to make a difference.

Insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, the American Medical Association, and other companies that profit from illness do not want change or universal health care. They are spending 1.6 million dollars a day to scare people and defeat health care reform.

Please help me. Single payer health care is the health care reform that is needed. It is urgent to act.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Men in Sheets

When I watch the Senate and House of Representatives on C-Span, sometimes I wonder just how many of these Republican gentlemen wear sheets on weekends. Shouldn’t belonging to a hate group, like the Klan, be grounds for automatic dismissal? Why doesn’t anyone bring this up?

I watched Godfather 3 recently and I was shocked to see ritual in the Catholic Church with men in sheets carrying the crucifix. Just what is this all about?

Corvallis Manor

My mother in law, Sadelle was brought to Corvallis Manor after being rescued from Marion Estates. Little did we know that the administrator at Corvallis Manor was a former administrator from Marion Estates. Sadelle fell under questionable circumstances 9 times in 6 months. We complained and nobody did anything. We visited often, several times a week for hours at a time in order to make sure she was okay. When you have someone who is elderly in a place like this, you can’t leave them without visiting them often. We finally put her in Heart of the Valley, which was better but not perfect.

Marion Estates

My mother in law, Sadelle stayed at Marion Estates when we lived in Gates. This beautiful resort complex is owned by a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. When her birthday came up, her blood pressure elevated so she was sent to the hospital and then placed in the nursing home at Marion Estates. I thought it was odd that the staff said we should clear out her room. Why didn’t they expect her to recover and come back? Her money had recently run out and she went on Medicare. She was put on comfort care in the nursing home without knowledge or notification of family. There was nothing seriously wrong with her. Comfort care means withdrawal of food and water and morphine given to kill the pain of dying. When we called her at the nursing home, we wondered why she always said she was thirsty and wanted water. After 4 days, my husband sent me to investigate what was going on. I was told by staff that I was not to feed her. I thought that was odd. I called Jeanine, her daughter in Illinois and my husband. I told my husband that I wasn’t going to leave her. I told him that I would stay with her and that he needed to arrange for me to sleep in a chair by her bed and bring what I needed. I slowly gave her water and sips of juice. Her lips hurt and it was painful for her to even use a straw. She wasn’t in good shape. After 3 days, I asked for her to be lifted in a wheel chair so I could take her outside in the sun for a few minutes. When I was going through the halls, one nurse said, “it’s a miracle.” It’s amazing what a little water and juice will do!

Comfort care is real and family needs to be aware that this can happen to your loved one. Comfort care could be genocide of the elderly in this country. Other dangers lurk in assisted living complexes, like Marion Estates. Money was taken from Sadelle by staff. I suspected that there was sexual abuse during the night shift because of a comment of one of the male aids. Later when she was in Heart of the Valley in Corvallis, an aid was arrested for sexually abusing elderly women on the night shift. Even the best places, the most beautiful resort-like settings have problems and you need to visit every day.

We complained about Marion Estates to the State of Oregon. Did anything happen? No. The complaint was put in the bottom drawer and never saw the light of day. Let’s not do anything to impede the progress of Comfort Care.

My husband called and had Sadelle taken from Marion Estates to Corvallis Manor where she fell 9 times in 6 months. We found out later that the administrator of Corvallis Manor used to work at Marion Estates.

Sadelle wasn’t an easy individual to get along with at times. She was in assisted living complexes in Illinois, and often caused trouble by calling the authorities on staff. One was a Baptist nursing home where she had to listen every day during lunch that Jews killed Jesus. Sadelle was a brilliant Jewish woman who was very independent. I admired her spunk and I thought that at her age, she had the right to be her self and say what she wanted.

I did everything I could to please her when she lived with us but she didn’t want to stay. I put individual servings of things she loved on her own shelf in the refrigerator. She had her own room and her own bathroom. She didn't like my cooking, even my homemade bread. I offered to get a small refrigerator for her room for snacks. I put lots of snacks on the table. I was determined to have her like me. She didn’t. She said that I should leave so I did. I stayed with my daughter and then at a hotel until my husband found her space somewhere. While I was gone, Sadelle called 911 to say she was locked on a mountaintop without food. My husband was there when the investigator from social services came who was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints. He saw she had plenty of food, a clean home, and everything she needed. He suggested Marion Estates for Sadelle and you know how that turned out…

During the last part of her stay at Marion Estates, my husband and I lived in Alsea. Just as we moved into town, the nursing home closed up. Interesting…since the one making the decision was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Interesting………..

Julie & Julia

The movie Julie & Julia comes out August 7th. This is going to be a money maker and a great film. Written and directed by Nora Ephron—that just about says it all and gives the reason why it’s going to be an amazing film. I love anything by Nora Ephron. She’s right up there with Neil Simon in my book. Meryl Streep is in the movie so you know it’s going to be good. What a combination!

Les Schwab Tires

Yesterday I went into Les Schwab Tires in Corvallis on 3rd Street to have my tires rotated on my Toyota. What great service! The best part is that this service is free. I'm impressed. They have free popcorn and coffee while you wait. I didn't even have a chance to read a chapter in my book and my car was done. They added air to my tires and took great care of my car. I would never go any where else.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Minnesota Senator Al Franken

It was a pleasure to watch Minnesota Senator Al Franken in action today during the confirmation hearing of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. Senator Franken is a strong, brilliant senator who has great courage and who asks the difficult ethical questions. I would expect nothing less. I'm so happy that Senator Franken is in the U.S. Senate and I know he will make a difference to fight for justice for all Americans, even me in Oregon and all Oregonians, for women, for minorities, and for first amendment rights.

My father was born in Minnesota--Winthrop, Minnesota. Both of his parents were born in Sweden. So many of the people in Minnesota have a Swedish heritage.

What do I have in common with Senator Al Franken and Sonia Sotomayor? We all watched Perry Mason every week. We all believe in justice and the law.


My husband has had a couple of MRI's. I've never had one. After I heard what it is like to experience having an MRI, I don't want one. My husband says it's like putting a tin bucket on your head and someone banging on it with a metal spoon for a prolonged time. That sounds wonderful.

A neighbor told me that MRI's aren't accurate. She said that an MRI wasn't able to show how badly damaged her shoulder was and that it wasn't until the surgeon opened up her shoulder that the extensive damage was revealed.

It sounds like the biomedical engineering students in this country need to come up with a more accurate and a much better MRI. Why isn't there a hand-held scanning devise that can instantly give a printed readout with whatever is wrong with recommendations for treatment and vitamins?

Confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor

I love watching the confirmation hearings of Sonia Sotomayor. She believes in justice. She believes in prevention and excellence in education because by the time someone enters the court system, it is often too late. I agree. She has the Obama calm. She's disciplined and brilliant. She loves the law. I respect her. What a great lady. It makes me regret not going to law school and makes me want to go to law school now. [I can't afford it.] She's inspiring.

When I homeschooled my children for four years, my son, Aaron said he wanted to be an attorney. He was 5 years old at the time. I found some law books at a garage sale and we began to debate Supreme Court law cases. I also bought a text book about debating Supreme Court law cases. My daughter, Gretchen who was around 8 at the time went on later to debate in high school and all across the country at Lewis and Clark College for their debate team. Why don't schools debate Supreme Court law cases? I see in the newspaper praise for debate about foolish topics but debating Supreme Court law cases does so much more to help the students and puts it on a whole different level of education.

Quality of Health Care

I've been watching CNN this morning and heard Senator John McCain say that the problem with health care is cost and that there is no problem with the quality of health care. I respectfully disagree, Senator. This is not my experience at all.
One doctor recently told my husband that most of the health care in the United States is 50 years behind the times and that the drastic difference at John Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic is amazing because they can do in one or two days what it takes 6to 9 months to accomplish elsewhere, if at all. Too many doctors "don't know" answers. One resident recently told me at OHSU that he "doesn't read medical journals." That's great! That makes me feel comfident about his care. A resident who isn't committed to continuing his education and medical knowledge--I'm shocked and appalled. Too many doctors are incompetent and not able to help a patient but still charge an outrageous price. I was shocked that at Casey Eye Institute that the equipment to test the eyes doesn't automatically feed the results into the computers. This is backward. Technicians and doctors must hand enter the information which could cause error. I have had experience with the health care in Oregon at various clinics and hospitals and I KNOW that the care I have received shouldn't have happened to anyone in some instances. I could write a book about my experience with health care over the years and another book about my husband, which would be worse.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sotomayor Confirmation

I've been watching this morning on CNN the confirmation hearings for Judge Sonia Sotomayor. She's a wise, brilliant Hispanic woman who will protect women and give a voice to minorities. She will give balance to the U.S. Supreme Court which has historically worked to protect all the interests of rich, old white men who want to dominate all that goes on in the U.S. She's committed to following the law but she will not be blind to justice for women and minorities as judges before her have been. Too many bullies have ruled in the U.S. Senate and hold key power positions in this country. I wonder how many of them wear sheets on weekends? I think that the senators who are grilling Sotomayor are really saying that they don't want her on the court unless she agrees with all they hold dear. Is that really representing all the people in the U.S. by only protecting the rich white men in this country?

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Games Democrats Play

I received an e-mail to have a house party in Alsea to support President Obama’s push for change for health care. I agreed. I wanted a political celebrity for the party to make sure it would be a success. I asked one but this person was busy that night. A leader in the Democratic Party in Portland tried to get a leader to come from Corvallis but Corvallis Democrats are all in meetings that night. Interesting bit of information.

I changed my mind about having a house party and decided to let someone with more resources do it. I don’t have a big house. I don’t have close friends in Alsea. I have acquaintances.

Now let’s get back to Corvallis Democrats who are too busy having meetings to support President Obama for real change in health care….It seems like there are Hillary Democrats and Obama Democrats. Hillary still seems to be running the show. Why? Do Hillary Democrats want to wait for Hillary to get into the White House before they will push for health care reform? Hillary is a little too friendly with Arab nations for my comfort zone, which means not that much change from Bush. I remember when I volunteered to help President Obama get elected. In Corvallis they had the Democratic Party Headquarters where I went to work to elect Senator Jeff Merkley. When I went to volunteer for President Obama, I went to a different location. Why? Why weren’t the mainstream Corvallis Democrats working hard for Obama? Was it because they are Hillary Democrats? Obama's name was on the script that you read over the phone,sometimes, but the main push was to elect Merkeley at Democratic Party Headquarters. Sometimes, President Obama's name wasn't on the script. I didn’t see the mainstream Democratic party volunteers at Obama headquarters any time that I volunteered. Most of the phones weren’t hooked up at Obama headquarters. Students from Oregon State University was heading the big push for Obama but not mainstream, older Corvallis Democratics who I was familiar seeing in the Benton County Democratic Party. Why? When I was volunteering for President Obama and saw a Merkley volunteer, the Merkley volunteer referred to Democratic Party Headquarters as Merkley headquarters and said I should come over and volunteer. Yes, I did because I didn't want to see Senator Smith reelected. I volunteered in both buildings.

What we have is NOW! Games have to stop. We need real change now to help those suffering and who need change. We have President Obama who is superior to other candidates who ran for President and is pushing for change. Democrats have to quit playing games, get off their duffs, and start supporting his policies. Democrats need to support President Obama--ALL Democrats and quit playing games. We have a chance for real change in health care. We can't take more greed. Either people matter or they don't and you want to protect the failed policies of the past. I think that the rich Democrats who have a hint of Republican color just don't want to see that much change. They want to see the way of life continue where you can skim off the top, inflate prices, and keep the poor from ever achieving their dreams. We have enough votes to get change in the health care system, IF Democrats start working together. THE TIME IS NOW.

Sarah Palin

I’m shocked that Sarah Palin quit. This decision is political suicide to some, but politicians have recovered from worse. It isn’t good that she doesn’t have the backbone and strength to stand up to criticism and the heat that comes with a political office so it isn’t likely that she will run for a bid for the Presidency when she can’t take being Governor of Alaska.

I wonder what she will do. Go on a book tour no doubt. I wrote a several page letter to encourage Sarah Palin, even though I would never vote for her. I like to encourage people. She’s a strong woman and she’s smart. Since I believe there should always be a check and balance system and plenty of healthy debate, I wanted to encourage her. I asked her for a signed photo but I never heard back from her. That wasn’t nice.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Alsea Valley Voice

I finished the Alsea Valley Voice on Sunday despite computer problems. I gave it to Mimi Stout, President of Alsea Community Effort to print on Monday morning and she started the process so it should be out today. I hope everyone likes it. I will do my best every issue. It is my intention to cover all groups and give a voice to all who live in the Alsea Valley area. I want to encourage more writers to write. All opinions and voices should have a home in the Alsea Valley Voice. It is everyone's newspaper.

I'm having fun working on the Alsea Valley Voice as the Editor.

The Alsea Valley Voice is given out free to everyone who lives in the Alsea Valley area. If you live out of the area and want to subscribe for $7 a year, write to Alsea Community Effort, 19192 Alsea Valley Highway, Alsea, Oregon 97324. If you want to encourage our efforts, please advertise.

I want to make the paper bigger. If you do subscribe or advertise, please drop me a note at Wendy Haber, PO Box 288, Alsea, Oregon 97324-0288. I'll be happy for your support of the Alsea Valley Voice.


I am reading ANGELS AND DEMONS by Dan Brown and I find the lines about women very troubling in Chapter 18, “In his country women were possessions. Weak. Tools of pleasure. Chattel to be traded like livestock. And they understood their place….he could end her life in an instant. What would it matter? She was subhuman, a vehicle only of pleasure and service.” These are words taken literally in some cultures, in some countries. Sad but true.

Women are not treated with respect or as equals, but as possessions to control. Even in this country, by some religions, women are treated this way by men. It may be more subtle, not as overt but it is still there. Evidence is that in 2009 in the United States of America, there is still not an equal rights amendment for women in the U.S. Constitution. We live at a time when men can pick women out of a catalog and because these women come from difficult circumstances, they are grateful. How sad.

No one can truly be free and rise up to their full potential until this ends. All people must be free, respected, and have the opportunity to bloom.


I want to know why when I turn onto C-Span to watch the House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate that almost all the seats are empty. We elect politicians from each state to work hard to represent the interests of our state and they are almost never there. Why? It seems like the most consistent state showing up in the chamber is Ohio. I almost always see a senator or representative from Ohio. It looks like Ohio is active and trying to do their job. Where are the other guys and gals who have been elected to work hard to represent their state? There sure is a lot of work to do that needs to be done. Why aren't they there to debate issues?


Albuterol is an inhaler that people use that have respiratory problems. It is inexpensive and has been used successfully for years by those who depend on it and need it. Now the use of albuterol has been banned. No one can buy it anymore because all of a sudden it destroys the ozone layer. Give me a break! Let's not go after big business and polluting industry but let's go after the guy who has trouble breathing and get rid of a group of people at the same time. This is genocide legislation!

My husband is using albuterol. He has one left when this is gone, he will have to pay almost 400 bucks that we can't afford to buy an inferior product that doesn't work as well. Let's make sure that the pharmaceutical companies who manufacture less effective choices have a chance to make money. Let's not be fair and decent and honorable. Let's not show compassion.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

My Garden

I love my yard and my garden. I'm grateful for the space to grow my own food. Yesterday I picked Swiss chard and spinach that I cooked with a fillet of halibut and corn on the cob for my husband and I for dinner. I cooked the Swiss chard and spinach in olive oil with broken walnut pieces and dried cranberries. It was so good and it was a perfect meal, in my opinion. I'll be glad when I have ripe, fresh tomatoes.

Joel Osteen

I love watching Joel Osteen. I have subscribed to his show on TiVo and I keep most of them to watch over and over. I have been watching every week for over nine months. Right now I am watching for the second time in a row this morning the show broadcasted from Houston. His messages are positive and inspirational. He smiles, when most ministers look so serious and grim that it looks like what they are doing is the last thing on earth that they want to be doing, as if it is a millstone around their neck. I think Joel Osteen should be training ministers all over the world because his messages reach people and draw people in. He should start the Joel Osteen Franchise Ministery. He either has to do this or he needs to clone himself so he can go into every community around the world. I like him and I feel better after listening to him.

You're great Joel! The world needs you. I know I do.


Merlin is a new series on NBC. It comes on Sunday nights. I've enjoyed watching it and look forward to more and more. It's well done and worth watching.