Wednesday, May 13, 2015


I love to eat at Chipotle and I feel good about their choice to not use GMO (genetially modified) foods. The food is delicious and I am proud to support them. I eat there 2 to 3 times a week. I usually buy the salad. I ask them to add brown rice, black beans, peppers, corn, chicken, mild salsa, cheese, and then it is perfect.

I just read an article in Mental Floss written by Bill Nye. I've always liked Bill Nye, the Science Guy who is also the Executive Director of the Planetary Society founded by Carl Sagan. I'm concerned that Bill Nye didn't stand up for the dangers of GMO foods.

Why do I feel strongly about this issue? About ten years ago, I interviewed on the phone for about two hours a scientist working at Monsanto for an article. I didn't publish the article but I was very interested in this topic about GMO foods. As a Master Gardener, I learned about splicing plant genes together to create new plant species and cultivars. When I learned that at Monsanto, they splice in RoundUp into corn and soy and other plant seeds, I was horrified. We shouldn't ingest RoundUp. It is a weed killer. What does it do to the food that we eat when it is part of the genetic make up of the plant itself? Is this why we are becoming so sick in this country? Yes, it does a great job of keeping the weeds down around these crops as they are grown so that the world can produce more food but at what cost to our health?

I will continue to eat at Chipotle and believe in their choice to not use GMO foods in their restaurant. More restaurants should do this.

I would love to have an extra part time job working at Chipotle. I would feel proud to work there. I believe in Chipotle. Everyone should eat at Chipotle to show their support and to eat healthy.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Zumba Resume

I've been working on this video almost the entire day from early in the morning until now. I taught Zumba this morning at the Greenwood Senior Center and took a Zumba class at the Shoreline Recreation Center this evening. So much Zumba fun all day. I'm grateful for Zumba. It's my fun.


My Zumba Resume

Friday, June 13, 2014

Whip It!

The Amazing Whip It!

I saw a demonstration yesterday at QFC in Northgate in North Seattle and had to go back and buy Whip It. It's a household cleaning product. I bought it to clean my rug. This "earth friendly miracle multi-purpose cleaner is amazing. It is non-toxic with no bleaches or acids, no fumes, no color or dyes, no phosphates and you can drink it! I had to buy it because my carpet needs cleaning plus I remember this product from the movie GUILT TRIP! This movie has special meaning to me since I could have written a similar screenplay and planned to do so when I went on a road trip with my son, Daniel from Mountain View, CA to Columbus, Ohio in a Penske truck. Then a few years later, the movie came out. This cleaning product which you can drink is the same one in the movie so I have a connection and had to buy it. I'm glad I had the urgent need to buy it. I thought I would find it on the shelf but no. I went to where the demonstration was and found the person in charge of this product. She was only going to be there for an hour so I'm glad I went out to buy it. I should have asked her for a job to sell it. I'm great at smiling and sure could use more income.

So how to you get it? Call 1-800-582-0398.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

J. A. Jance

I met my writing hero, J.A. Jance this evening at Third Place Books at Lake Forest Park here in the Seattle area. This is the third time I've tried to go to her book signing. Once in Corvallis, Oregon. The second time at Third Place Books at Lake Forest Park last year but there was such a big traffic jam that I was in the car for over an hour and a half trying to get to the book store.

I admire J.A. Jance. She just finished her 50th book that is on the New York Times best seller list. She writes two books a year. I have 19 of them and want to get them all. She's amazing and keeps an impossible schedule. I feel so lucky to meet her and to listen to her talk.

I want to be just like J.A. Jance and write two books a year. I've finished four mysteries that are unpublished. My goal is to be just like J.A. Jance who thrives under pressure and writes two books a year.

I wish I had gotten a photo with her. I wish I could sit down and talk to her for hours. I really want to talk to her. I hope it happens someday.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

AWP Conference 2014 Seattle

I went to the AWP Conference again today.

First I went to see a panel of children's writers who were awesome! I was so impressed with how they structured the panel, what they talked about, and all the great advice they sprinkled throughout the workshop. NEVER GROW UP: BUILDING A LIFE IN CHILDREN'S AND YOUNG ADULT FICTION with E. Lockhart, Robin Wasserman, Adele Griffin, Sarah Miynowski couldn't have been better and I'm so grateful that I went to hear them.

Next I went to THE HUMAN HEART HASN'T CHANGED: CELEBRATING 40 YEARS OF THE SUN with Sy Saffransky, Rachel Yoder, Cary Tennis, Danusha Lameris, an Molly Herboth. I've always admired Sy Saffransky who created The Sun that gives so many gifted writers a voice.

Last I went to a life changing workshop about comedy writing. COMEDY AND ERRORS with Peter Turchi, Antonya Nelson, Steven Schwartz, and CJ Hribal. Hearing CJ Hribal made a big impact on me. (And, yes, I have this big crush on him!) There is so much in life that you can't control but I can make the choice to sprinkle humor and comedy throughout all my writing to make it more joyful and to make people laugh. I think that's a great goal and I think that comedy writer's are heroes who make life better since they make people laugh.

Tonight is Sherman Alexie and Timothy Egan. I didn't go because I'm not sure about going on the bus at night.

Friday, February 28, 2014

AWP Conference

The AWP Conference 2014 is in Seattle. The Association of Writers & Writing Programs has a spectacular event going on and I'm grateful to get to attend. Today was my first day. I missed yesterday.

The first author panel that I listened to was Chicana/o Noir: Murder, Mayhem and Mexican Americans. Three attorneys and a cop were part of the panel representing Arizona, Texas, and California. They read from their books and I was impressed with the powerful writing and a look into the challenges of being Chicana/o. The writers presenting were Daniel Olivas, Lucha Corpi, Michael Nava, Manuel Ramos, and Susan Cortez. These writers are all new to me.

Next I listened to writers new to me. Chris Abani and Chang-rae Lee sponsored by the University of Washington. Their writing is powerful and thought provoking.

It's fun to discover new writers and find books I want to read. This is what happened today.

At the end I to see Amy Tan, a dream come true and I sat in the second row from the front, (actually the third row but no one was sitting in the first row). Absolutely amazing to get to hear Amy Tan read from her new book, The Valley of Amazement and have her sign it afterwards. This can only happen in Seattle! I'm so grateful to live here and I'm so grateful to have gone today to the AWP Conference. This was my first time.

With Amy Tan, was another writer new to me--Ben Fountain, an attorney who now writes. He's a great presenter and going to be a big hit among conservatives.

Green Lake Swedish Medical Clinic

I got a check up at the Green Lake Swedish Medical Clinic on Roosevelt in Seattle. I got an annual health check up and I can honestly say that I received the best medical care I have ever received in my entire life. I'm impressed with Dr. Michael Shamseldin. I've been really crabby about medical care. Just ask my kids. I figured that the answer was to move out of this country or eat healthy, exercise, and avoid doctors.

My husband was trying to move us to Germany because of medical care. I have even been taking training to become a personal trainer to learn how to take care of my self better. I moved out of Oregon because of health care. 

Last year I went to the University of Washington Northgate Clinic and had their big deal Medicare checkup. The doctor said she couldn't find anything wrong with me and said it was because of Zumba. I had a blood test and I was told I'd receive it in the mail. I didn't. I called and I called and I called. I didn't receive it in the mail until 9 months later. The paper said abnormal results. Why didn't they call and talk to me if the results were abnormal? When I asked, they said, "oh, your cholesterol is a little high, that's all." Good grief! 

There is a big difference between the medical care I received this morning. First of all everyone has been so nice to me--on the phone, in person, and my doctor is thorough, brilliant, and made me feel cared about, like I matter. I can't get over how different it is at Swedish. I figured I belonged there because I'm half Swedish.

I no longer worry about medical care now. I am where I am supposed to be. I'm in the best place possible and I have a great doctor. I even had an EKG and he said, "it was great!" I told him that I'm healthy. I'm just fat. I am so impressed with Swedish Medical. I'm grateful that I now have a great doctor.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Red Robin

I turned 66 today on February 25th. My son, Ben and his wife Amanda took me out to Red Robin for dinner with my granddaughters, Ella and Anna. I had a nice time. I had a great salad that I enjoyed. We had the best waiter named Daniel who was very attentive and had a great personality. He's my favorite at Red Robin. At the end of dinner, I was given a hot fudge Sunday and they sang Happy Birthday! I had a wonderful time and it was fun to spend my birthday with my family.

I am ZIN