Thursday, September 25, 2008


Last night I watched the special on stress called KILLER STRESS, A NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SPECIAL. After last night I wonder if my telemeres are long and capped or short and frayed. Stress kills.

A 40 year study in England showed that civil servants display chronic stress when they are at the bottom of the hierarchy and it lessens as you go up the ladder. If you have no social status, no support to say "you're great," and make less money, you are wallowing in the dumper of stress that breeds disease and early death. This research shows how our social standing can make us more or less stressed.

Even baboons in East Africa who live out in the middle of no display chronic stress. They use three hours of their day to find food and use the rest of the time to make each other miserable and cause social stress. The primates with the most power show the least stress.

This tells me that it is important if you are a new parent to make sure your child is one of the chosen. Make sure your child is positioned in the best schools with the best teachers so that he goes to one of the best universities to get the best job so he will have the best friends and all the good things the world has to offer. Otherwise he will suffer from chronic stress.

Everyone needs to find something that they can feel good about and take pride in. Everyone needs to develop a talent or ability to counter stress. Exercise is a great way and eating healthy. Do all you can to keep those telemeres long and capped. Don't let your chromosomes unravel. Better yet go to We can't all live the wonderful life without stress. Live Strong will help to give balance and teach how to get rid of stress.

Live Strong

The Lance Armstrong website is a tremendous resource for everyone who commits to living healthy. I just took a look at it last night and I'm so impressed with everything it has to support anyone wanting to lose weight, eat healthy, and exercise. There are great articles about all areas of healthy living. Take a look and join.

Community Planning

Someone in Congress needs to draft a bill to pass legislation that all new housing developments constructed from now on meet criteria that plans for the future. All homes need to have solar panels and green roofs. They need wind mills in the complex that provide energy for all the homes. Laws need to be passed that only energy efficient vehicles can be used by the citizens. Walking and biking trails need to be throughout, [not used by any motor vehicles] with access from the homes to schools, all shopping, and recreation. This is what I would do if I were a member of the House or Senate.

CNBC and Hunt for Black Gold

I watched part of the HUNT FOR BLACK GOLD on CNBC hosted by Maria Bartiromo last night. I enjoy watching CNBC for news and for business. I am astounded by the decisions that are being made by leaders of business and government regarding our future. If peak oil was reached in 2005 and a steady decline of world oil is on the horizon, why did Mike Coyle of Chevron in Richmond, California say "we need to be looking at alternative energy?" Isn't this a little late to just put it on the agenda? These leaders in their field have known about this for years. They have the charts and graphs. They have the studies. Why are they just talking about it now? They aren't DOING anything about it. We should have done something about this crisis years ago. Since Chevron purchased the most expensive off-shore oil drilling rig in history in 2006, it doesn't look like they have plans for alternative energy. They are putting their money on oil and want to drill, drill, drill.

Sarah Palin wants to drill, drill, drill in Alaska. She says that Obama is naive about thinking we can find all answers in alternative energy. I disagree with her. This is an energy emergency. One expert on this show said that they have drilled 240 dry holes in the arctic and that we've already drilled for 40 years. He said that it looks like swiss cheese up in Alaska.

The United States has 2% of the oil but we use 25% of world oil. Not a pretty picture. Something is wrong here. Don't tell me that they didn't see this coming. Why didn't they plan for it? Here Bush wants billions of dollars handed over as a blank check to his buddies right now in Washington. I'm interested to see if the Senate and House are dumb enough to vote for giving carte blanche to Bush and his cronnies.

Why wasn't an energy plan put into place years ago to make the United States energy independent? What are they doing in Congress? If the big oil companies in the United States are expected to lead the way to alternative energy, they aren't doing it. 5% of world oil is owned by American private oil companies. 95% of world oil is government owned by the big 6--Iraq, Iran, Saudia Arabia, India, Venezuela, Russia. Isn't China included? The 95% big six are not friends with us. They are unpredictable and politically unstable. One person on this show said that we are a "nanosecond away from some crisis in the middle east" that could threatenen the supply of oil to the U.S. Why, oh, why haven't we made responsible plans for our future? The chair of petroleum and geosystems engineering department at the University of Texas said "the dream is over. It's over forever."

Then I hear last night that one of the Arab nations [I don't know how to spell it] is developing alternative energies to sell back to us. The program is using new technology, solar, wind, and energy efficiency. Boy, are we idiots or what? And when we are supposedly at war with these countries and they are supposed to be our enemies as told to us by Bush, then why did I read in the Corvallis Gazette Times that Oregon State University is sending engineering professors to start a school to teach students and future engineers in Iran. This doesn't make a bit of sense to me.

I haven't heard one mention about MDI, Motor Development International in Nice, France who has developed the air car. The brilliant engineer has developed a car powered by compressed air that moves the pistons. Clean, breathable air is emitted. It uses gas to compress the air to move the pistons. It only takes one tank of gas to drive all the way from NYC to LA. The new air car will be available in 2009 for around $14,000. Australia is also developing technology with air cars. The air cars and trucks that are being developed sounds like the best answer and no one is talking about it. Why? Are we in bed with the Arab nations? Did Bush sell out the United States years ago?

We need to vote for Barack Obama. We need to wake up and start looking at the facts and not listening to spin from the Republican party who wants to rob us blind. The stock market tanked. Banks are failing. How much more needs to happen before people wake up in this country?

Bill Maher

I enjoy watching Bill Maher. I don't have HBO right now so I can't watch him. If I could change his show and have the opportunity to watch him, I would take out all the guests. I want to hear Bill Maher, not everyone else. I want to hear his take on political events and life. One guest is fine. One at a time but so many all together pollutes the full flavor of Bill. His brilliant mind, slashing wit, and uncompromising truth telling is refreshing.

I just did a search and I see that Bill Maher is going to be on Conan O'Brien on the 30th so I'll watch. I always watch Craig Ferguson. I'll record them both.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Neil Cavuto

I really like Neil Cavuto. I've watched him for several years on and off. He's now on the Fox Business News Channel. He's brilliant. He asks the difficult questions. He's thoughtful. He doesn't spin the facts but has the courage to look at the truth to try to figure out what's going on and how to find a solution. He's perfect just the way he is. If you want insight into what's going on in business, tune in to Neil Cavuto on Fox Business News.

Fashion Bug

Fashion Bug is a great place to buy clothes. My husband loves to shop and he brought home some of the nicest things for me last year. Everything was on sale. Practical and easy-care tops to wear anywhere. They have cute everything. Take a look around. Look for the sales. Look at the clearance racks. Find the perfect dress, blouse, or pair of pants at Fashion Bug.

Bed Bath and Beyond

Bed Bath and Beyond is a great store. My husband loves to shop there and so do I. However, at this time, I have no money to do any shopping so I just stay home. The last thing that my husband bought there was yellow rubber duckies to put on the bottom of the shower so I don't slip and fall. They're so cute.

This store has everything for the home and the kitchen. If you need something for your kitchen, go to Bed Bath and Beyond because it's there. They have it. When you're perusing recipe books and you need an odd kitchen tool, go to Bed Bath and Beyond. When you want a great gift, go to Bed Bath and Beyond. It's also a great place to look around to dream and plan for what you want to buy next.


Is it possible to become wealthy today? I read the other day that the three secrets of wealth are to make more money, invest in items that appreciate, and don't buy what you don't need.

Rising gas and food prices make it difficult to even keep even in this economy. Unemployment is up. My husband told me that he saw on Fox News a former mortagage broker who is sleeping in a parking lot in her car in Santa Maria, California. She has been homeless for 6 months. Abandoned homes are taken over by gangs. The police watch the parking lots in San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria where new homeless people sleep in cars. Boy, what a different place and how things have changed. San Luis Obispo used to be a upscale, wealthy community. It is hard to believe this is happening.

How do you invest in things that appreciate right now? The stock market tanked. You used to be able to buy a home and have it appreciate but now homes are depreciating.

I don't think that people are buying extras right now, unless they are rich. Everyone is having a hard time just putting food on the table and gas in the car.

I think it is always possible to make it better for yourself but it takes more work to learn what you need to do at this time. You must be creative. You must work hard. You must save whatever money you get. You must be competitive and do everything better than the next person so your skills are wanted and needed. There is always hope for a better tomorrow but it is a little harder to do it now.

The one show on television that is really helping people today find ways to make it is The Big Idea on CNBC with host Donny Deutsch. He's despensing valuable information. I have tried several times to call or e-mail but I haven't heard from anyone. He's helping so many people. I think that this show is probably the most important show at this time.

Boston Legal

I love watching Boston Legal created by David E. Kelley. James Spader is the ultimate attorney when he closes in the courtroom with passion using the perfect argument to win impossible cases. The character James Spader inspires. This is the last season. When it's gone, it's gone but you can always go out and buy the DVD's of each season.

I wonder what Kelley is going to write next? I loved Boston Public and Ally McBeal. Everything he writes is cutting edge and out of the box.

Second Life

I love to watch the Science Channel and see all the things that is possible on the show Beyond Tomorrow. The website Second Life looks intriguing. Linden Lab is headquartered in San Francisco, which is the home of Second Life. This virtual world, created by Philip Rosedale, allows the participant to escape into another life. It is not a game. There are no levels or scores. You exist as an avatar, a virtual representation of yourself. You can fly. You can build a house, buy items in a store, create a business, and make real money. 1000 linden dollars equals $3.00. At the time the show was made there are 150,000 users and this website is growing 10% a month. The membership is free.

This is for busy people who don't have time to socialize and it is for people who for some reason do not have opportunities to interact with people. One woman makes her living on Second Life. She spends 12 hours a day and never talks to a real person.

I looked at the website but I don't have DSL so it doesn't work for me to try it out. It encourages businesses and schools to represent themselves on the website so take a look at

Friday, September 19, 2008

Human Behavior

I find it so interesting and intriguing that people can be so mean and unkind to one another by manipulating, name-calling, shunning, and think nothing of it. They don't claim responsibility for what happens. They don't feel like they did any thing wrong when they turn their back on people who need help. They don't feel like they did any thing wrong when they gossiped. They don't feel like they did any thing wrong when they knew someone needed a friend and didn't take the time to extend a hand. They didn't feel like they did any thing wrong when they were selfish and didn't share. Instead of talking and communicating, it is easier to assume you know the answers. People want to believe answers that keeps them guiltless and protected.

I remember visiting in a nursing home and listening to an elderly heart-broken woman waiting for her daughter to visit. "She comes to town to visit her friends," she said. She was so sad that she didn't get an hour with her daughter.

People pass by the homeless on the street and ignore them as if they are invisible. They pass by the homeless and feel no responsibility to help them. And yet if enough support systems are cut away, many could be homeless. Are they really so different than anyone else?

Young people who feel a lack of support for their dreams deserve better. Now it is in the news that the national drop out rate is 25%! That's horrible. Everything should be done so that all children and young people find success in school so they can have a better life and make their dreams come true.

Lonely people are left alone. There is a collapse of values in this country. No one cares about the other.

People who want to be in control ignore offers of help to make things better in schools or in a community. I think we are in a place in this country where we need everyone to work together to make things better. I think we need to be kind to each other.

Economy Collapse and Bail Out

Years ago when $100 was missing, all employees had to take a lie detector test. Years ago when my husband was a manager of a finance company, this was common practice. Now millions can be stolen from a business and no one bats an eye. Now business leaders who steal are given million dollar severance packages to leave and keep their mouth shut.

Years ago when high interest rates were charged, it was called usury by loan sharks. Now it's acceptable business practice by banks and credit card companies.

Years ago when you used to qualify for a mortgage loan, you had to provide proof of income and a down payment. A few months ago, you could get a loan without any proof of income and a loan would be more than the property was worth.

Now people act surprised that the economy and market sector is collapsing in on itself. If people truly didn't see it coming, they shouldn't have held these positions of fiscal responsibility. They knew it was coming and they were getting rich off of it. President Bush allowed this to happen so his friends could get richer and richer. This is the result of failed Republican policies.


Corn on the cob is one of my favorite foods. Yesterday I picked six and look forward to eating corn for the next few weeks from my garden.

Craig Ferguson

I look forward to watching Craig Ferguson, the star of The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson every day. Not all shows on television are funny but this one is. The show last night on Thursday or early Friday morning didn't record. Something went wrong. It only recorded the first seven minutes, right after the cheeky monkey beginning. It had a message that said that "this station is temporarily unavailable" but it didn't ever finish recording. Sorry I missed it.

Craig Ferguson is a funny guy and keeps America laughing. We need more laughter in our lives and Craig Ferguson does his part by making sure that we have a daily dose of fun. Thanks, Craig. I hope you are on tonight.

Alan Alda

On the Wednesday night show of The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Alan Alda was a guest hawking his new paperback out called THINGS I OVERHEARD WHILE TALKING TO MYSELF. It sounds like a good book. I remember watching the science show with Alan Alda as host but most of all, I remember Alan Alda from MASH. It was a great comedy.

My husband's cousin by marriage, David Haber, was an architect and set designer. He designed the sets for MASH. David Haber also designed the MacDonald's play yard structures. David Haber passed away. He was married to Carol Goldberg [later changed to Olbur] who is my husband's first cousin. It is a strange coincidence that she married someone with the last name of Haber. I didn't ever meet David or Carol Haber but I always wanted to. My husband told me that they once had Jerry Lewis over to their house. When my husband, Les visited their home in the LA area, Carol had acting classes in their home. It sounds like they were interesting people.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Run for your Life

My son, Benjamin Haber, who is an elite distance runner sent me the following link to a U.S. News and World Report article:

What this article basically says is that the myths that running causes joint damage is baloney. It says that "older runners live longer and suffer fewer disabilities than healthy non-runners."

So I wrote back to Ben to say I would give it a try today. What have I got to lose? Nothing. I am convinced that there are only two people in the world who care whether I live or die--my sons Benjamin and Daniel. My husband cares but he's not the most uplifting person since he's sick all the time. So I thought I would give it a try today and I did. First thing, I ran and walked in front of my house on South Fork Road for 12 minutes. A start. Then when I walked up South Mountain Road this morning, I ran and walked all the way down. I usually walk only two miles. I walk one mile up to the place above a rock quarry with a gorgeous view and then I walk back down. Usually it takes me an hour and a half to almost two hours because I walk slowly, look around, watch rabbits scamper into the brush, look for birds, take photographs, and enjoy being outside. So this morning it took me 53 minutes to walk up to the stump at the one mile mark and it took me 28 minutes to run and walk back home. How come I feel so much better? Running makes me feel great. Ben is right. I need to start running. He's always tried to encourage me to run. It is amazing to me that I could feel so good and not breathe very hard coming back down South Mountain Road. It felt great. Running heals everything. Running is good. Running means health.


Bailing out AIG isn't going to make it all better. It's the tip of the iceberg. So did we borrow more money from China or are we printing worthless money to bail out AIG? What happens when the credit cards default that starts more bank failures?

Corvallis, Oregon is supposed to be one of the more affluent cities in Oregon and the United States. So how come when my husband shops four times a month going to six stores for bargains that the stores are empty and the clerks say, "that's the way it is now."

Our country's economic structure is headed for collapse and bankruptcy. I don't think we've seen anything yet. We can thank the Republican party, President Bush and the unbriddled greed of crooked leaders of business. Do you really want to vote for any candidate who wants to privatize social security and put the social security trust fund in the hands of business idiots who have caused the choas in the housing market, the stock market, the banking crisis, and the failure of large corporations?

Part of the problem is that large corporations allow top managers, vice presidents, and board room members to vacation at work by taking the big salary, delegate their work, play golf, and not earn their pay. This allows all kinds of crooks to manipulate the figures and the books, and steal. Read all about it in EXECUTRICKS by Stanley Bing who outlines how to retire while you're still working. This needs to end now.

Another thing that needs to end now is paying off CEO's who fail and who steal by rewarding their failure with million dollar severance packages.

Ronald Reagan said that communism takes away your right to fail. Even the Reagan Republicans who have allowed all this to happen don't listen to their leader. Our country is broken and Republicans are responsible.

We need change. We need the strong leadership of Barack Obama to get our country out of the mess caused by failed Republican policies.

Monday, September 15, 2008

James Patterson

I've been reading a lot of James Patterson lately. I love his novels. Since August 6th, I've read 12 books and out of those, 5 have been by James Patterson. I can recommend the following books with enthusiasm and tell you that you will become addicted to his books too, once you start just one.

Craig Ferguson

I love to watch the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson. He makes me laugh. He makes me happy with his boyish grin. I really loved seeing his sister, Lynn Ferguson on the show. She's fun, clever, and I'd love to be part of her group of friends. I also loved seeing his brother on the show. He was cute too and so talented. I can see that it must have been fun to be part of the household of Craig Ferguson growing up.

One of the best shows of Craig Ferguson was the other night when he stood up for voting and learning about candidates. I thought at the time at his eloquent speech that Craig Ferguson could run for office and win, just like other celebrities who care about our great country and want to make it better.

Senator Gordon Smith

Senator Gordon Smith is running for reelection. Will I vote for him? No. One of the main reasons is because of his voting record in the Senate, because he hasn't protected Oregon, and because he's a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or LDS or a Mormon. Oh, you say, that's not nice to consider a person's religion. Well, if you had my experience, you might think twice. My husband tells me about an attorney who defends perverts and criminals who brags on Sunday that "I can get anyone off!" My husband heard him in this church in Corvallis. Is this really the kind of ethics you want to vote for? Oh, you say, one creep doesn't make everyone a creep. Well, I disagree because a lot of financial scams comes out of Salt Lake City. I've seen first hand the duplicitious behavior and the situational ethics. I've had my fill of it.

Senator Gordon Smith who is head of Mrs. Smith's frozen pies regularly pollutes the environment here in Oregon. Does he clean up his mess? No. The Pie Man pays the fines instead. Over and over he continues to pollute. Do I respect this? No.

The Willamette River should be full of salmon and trout. The Willamette River should have lots of little row boats with men fishing on a Saturday or Sunday. Does this happen? No! If you get close, it stinks. Pulp and paper mills, chemical industries have poured their chemicals into this river for years. We need to clean up Oregon, clean up the Willamette River, protect the environment, have universal health care, protect social security, protect children, end the shame of having homeless people, halt unbridled greed and unethical behavior, and protect the Constitution of the United States.

Privatizing social security will be the end of social security. Banks are failing right and left right now. Bail outs are unprecedented. Republicans just want social security money to keep it going a little longer. When the money goes, the elderly will be out on the street living under bridges eating out of dumpsters. Senator Gordon Smith doesn't want to protect social security. He wants to privatize social security. Bah, hum bug!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I've been walking up South Mountain Road for the last month quite regularly. I've lost only 5 pounds. I've also been trying to eat healthy and count calories.

Here's what I've done:
August 17--Sunday 1 hour, 20 minutes
August 18--Monday 1 hour, 30 minutes
August 19--Tuesday 1 hour, 36 minutes
August 23--Saturday 1 hour, 47 minutes
August 25--Monday 1 hour, 58 minutes
August 25--Monday 2 hours, 23 minutes
August 26--Tuesday 4 hours, 16 minutes
August 27--Wednesday 1 hour, 55 minutes
September 1--Monday 1 hour, 28 minutes
September 4--Thursday 1 hour, 46 minutes
September 5--Friday 1 hour, 40 minutes
September 7--Sunday 1 hour, 50 minutes
September 8--Monday 1 hour, 20 minutes
September 9--Tuesday 2 hours, 3 minutes
September 10--Wednesday 1 hour, 43 minutes

I think that most people would lose weight doing this but not me. I heard on the news about new research about the European fat gene. Well, I guess I got one of those. They said that you need to exercise and sweat four hours a day in order to keep your weight down. So I guess I need to up the amount of time that I exercise every day. The only time during this month period that I lost a few pounds was August 25 and August 26 when I exercised for four hours each day. Sometimes I wish I lived in an apartment across from Timberhill Athletic Club where I could swim every day and take classes. I would also use the elliptical runner for one hour every day. I really wish I could afford a gym quality Precor Elliptical runner at home. It would be great.

Daniel Haber

Daniel is my youngest son. This week he's in Washington, D.C. taking a week-long class on doing business in Washington for his MBA program at Ohio State University. I talked to him a couple of nights ago. He visited the House of Representatives and the Senate where he heard Senator Hillary Clinton speak on behalf of her transportation bill. How exciting and inspirational!

I love Washington, D.C. There is so much to see. Some of the greatest museums are there, like the Smithsonian. My husband and I visited the city in June of 1995 for eight days. I loved seeing the Supreme Court, the Senate and House of Representatives, the Smithsonian, the Holocaust Museum, the Lincoln Memorial. I loved it all. History is everywhere in Washington, D.C. and I would love to go back someday.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Conversations with Michael Eisner

Conversations with Michael Eisner is a new interview show on CNBC. It is smart, bold, and edgy. It is just Michael Eisner with his choice to be interviewed. He is respectful but asks the difficult questions that elicit insight and reflection. This is the best interview show I've seen.

Sarah Palin

On the cover of the September 15th issue of Time Magazine is Sarah Palin with a feature article. After watching her during the Republican Convention and on other news shows, and reading this article, I have real concern about her as a candidate.

First of all, what does it say about John McCain who selects a running mate after meeting her once and is surprised by secrets? Obviously, he is impulsive and didn't fully check her out.

As mayor, Sarah Palin asked the library about banning books. As a lover of books and an staunch advocate who believes the library shouldn't ban books, this deeply concerns me.

It says in the Time article that "she has continued to play down social issues as governor." What does this mean to me? This means that the average person in the United States is not going to be better off or helped with Sarah Palin in office. The rich are going to continue to get richer and it means four more years of the same failed Republican policies, maybe worse.

Sarah Palin doesn't want anyone around who doesn't agree with her. She gets rid of them. The Time article said, "Palin stands accused of sacking the state's top cop because he wouldn't fire Wooten, a state trooper who is in a messy custody battle with Palin's younger sister.

I will NOT vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin. I see this right wing extremist ticket as a danger to the United States, to the freedoms of this country, to the Constitution, and to the people the government is supposed to protect and help.

As a Centrist and member of the Democratic Party, I will proudly cast my vote for Barack Obama and Joseph Biden. Even Sarah Palin's husband's step mother is considering voting for Barack Obama!

Assisted Suicide

Oregon is the assisted suicide state. I couldn't object more. This is the antithesis of everything a doctor stands for. Recently in the news a woman with cancer was told by state health insurance in Oregon that they would not pay for treatment but they would be glad to pay for assisted suicide. Wow!

I have grave concern for babyboomers in the years ahead who get sick in this country. AARP reports that many older people with medicare and other insurances are having problems finding a doctor who will help them.

The answer, if you aren't lucky enough to be rich, is to work hard at keeping yourself healthy by exercising, eating healthy foods, and destress.

Project Runway

I searched for this show at the suggestion of Craig Ferguson who is the host of the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson. I'm so glad I found it on the Bravo Channel.

This is a fun, off-the-charts creative reality show. The challenge for the show I watched was for a group of young fashion designers to design wearable garments from Saturn car parts. Yes, I said car parts! The group loaded up tail lights, seat belts, upholstery, and other stuff in carts and their imaginations started turning. Within hours, designs were drawn and garments were sewn. I love this show. One judge told one young woman who won the competition that her dress was good enough to take to Paris.

Project Runway reminds me of the clothing design class and competitions at Oregon State University when the students used to come into Joann Fabrics in Corvallis where I used to work. It was fun and exciting to wait on these students and listen to their dreams for the future and see their designs.


I finally got to see the Pixar animated movie, Ratatouille. It fills my heart and inspires. As the restaurant critique in the movie said, "The world is often unkind to new talent, new creations, the new needs friends....not everyone can be a great artist but a great artist can come from anywhere." I believe that too. What a great movie to watch again and again.