Saturday, May 14, 2011

Operating Room Masks

The other day when I went to visit my husband at the hospital in Corvallis, Oregon the nurse handed me a mask to wear since I still had cold symptoms. I understand this and it is important not to spread germs. However, it is hard to wear these masks.

You are breathing in your own exhaust or carbon dioxide. This can't be good. It's not comfortable. Over a period of time, I wonder if this is healthy. Then I started to wonder about doctors who wear masks in the operating room who breathe in their own exhaust. I wonder if it hampers their judgement and efficiency over time to breathe in carbon dioxide.

When you are spraying chemicals in the garden in the backyard, some people forget to wear masks. My husband hasn't worn a mask to protect himself most of the time in the last 10 years here in Alsea spraying for blackberries and poison oak. This can't be healthy. Now I seriously wonder if this is the cause of his esophageal cancer.

There needs to be a oxygen exchange system created that covers the mouth that releases the carbon dioxide but allows you to breathe fresh oxygen.

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