Friday, February 28, 2014

Green Lake Swedish Medical Clinic

I got a check up at the Green Lake Swedish Medical Clinic on Roosevelt in Seattle. I got an annual health check up and I can honestly say that I received the best medical care I have ever received in my entire life. I'm impressed with Dr. Michael Shamseldin. I've been really crabby about medical care. Just ask my kids. I figured that the answer was to move out of this country or eat healthy, exercise, and avoid doctors.

My husband was trying to move us to Germany because of medical care. I have even been taking training to become a personal trainer to learn how to take care of my self better. I moved out of Oregon because of health care. 

Last year I went to the University of Washington Northgate Clinic and had their big deal Medicare checkup. The doctor said she couldn't find anything wrong with me and said it was because of Zumba. I had a blood test and I was told I'd receive it in the mail. I didn't. I called and I called and I called. I didn't receive it in the mail until 9 months later. The paper said abnormal results. Why didn't they call and talk to me if the results were abnormal? When I asked, they said, "oh, your cholesterol is a little high, that's all." Good grief! 

There is a big difference between the medical care I received this morning. First of all everyone has been so nice to me--on the phone, in person, and my doctor is thorough, brilliant, and made me feel cared about, like I matter. I can't get over how different it is at Swedish. I figured I belonged there because I'm half Swedish.

I no longer worry about medical care now. I am where I am supposed to be. I'm in the best place possible and I have a great doctor. I even had an EKG and he said, "it was great!" I told him that I'm healthy. I'm just fat. I am so impressed with Swedish Medical. I'm grateful that I now have a great doctor.

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