Wednesday, November 23, 2011

3.67 Acres for Sale in Alsea

I have 3.67 acres for sale that is two miles from the main street in Alsea. It's a beautiful property directly across the street from a million dollar view of a wetland, mountains, and farmland. There is a timber exemption so you can market and grow timber for a cash crop. There's about one acre that can be put into garden with nine large raised beds, fruit trees, etc.

Benton County says the land is worth more than what I owe for the property. I'm not asking for the moon. I just want to be cashed out of what I owe for the mortgage so I won't have bad credit.

There are problems with the house. It's a two bedroom with 1 1/2 bath. When I made the decision to move from Alsea, I contacted several realtors in Alsea and Corvallis. Then I had an inspection done which revealed that a major pipe was broken under the house spilling sewage. I spent $3500 to clean it up plus I pumped the septic tank. I have a portapotty outside since the plumbing is still not connected. I've spent a lot of money on projects, getting the deck taken away, mowing, etc.

Since I don't want to stay in Alsea, I need to sell. It's discouraging when I have had recommendations from four mortgage and loan officers, one real estate attorney and several realtors to just walk away. I don't want to have bad credit. The land is worth what I owe on the mortgage.

It would be fabulous to put a home on the hill overlooking the million dollar unobstructed view of the wetland. The last family who lived here was Anthony Vella who was a professor at Oregon State University. He thought it was just fine to drive back and forth to Corvallis. Is there someone out there who wants a bargain piece of property, loves to live out in the country, wants to garden, enjoys fixing things, and wants to enjoy the beauty?.....................

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