Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Now I have a favorite new restaurant for fish and chips. It is Dukes. It was delicious. The batter was light and crispy, not heavy and soggy. The fish was in large chunks. It was cooked perfectly. The fries were even perfect. It was the best cold slaw I have ever eaten. The chowder was the best I have ever eaten too. Even the waitress was amazing. I was surprised at how great everything was because my experience at Dukes raised the bar for several areas in restaurants for me--the best fish and chips, the best cold slaw, the best waitress, the best chowder.

The waitress commented that she had tasted everything on the menu. This tells me that she cares about being the best waitress she can be. She was professional, efficient, courteous, and gave great and excellent service. She was great with my granddaughter and family.

Now when I think of fish and chips, I think of Dukes.

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