Friday, April 05, 2013

Jersey Boys

I saw Jersey Boys today at the 5th Avenue Theater in downtown Seattle. It was so much fun. I had such a wonderful time.

When Frankie Valli, played by Brad Weinstock, sang, "Sherry" with the Four Seasons, they became real. They became the Four Seasons. Brad Weinstock was Frankie Valli. I loved all the songs. It was fun. I didn't know the background of the Four Seasons. I learned that Frankie Valli's changed his last name to Valli because "when you're Catholic and from Jersey, your name has to end in a vowel!" and "Everyone in Jersey has a picture of Frank Sinatra and the Pope on the wall." The dialogue was great.

Brad Weinstock was hot off the charts great. He was the best of everyone. I'd love to see Jersey Boys again.

I thought that the time was 12:30 but it started at 1:30 in the afternoon. If I had realized I would have gone to Zumba this morning but I was planning, thinking about, and getting ready to go to Jersey Boys. I didn't want to be late.

I've been to several Broadway Plays. One year my husband bought a season pass but most of the time we saw individual plays in Portland or in Seattle or when we traveled, like the one at the Drury Lane Thearer in London. I love live theater and Broadway plays.

Jersey Boys is now my favorite. I love all the songs. I grew up with these songs...Sherry, My Boyfriend's Back, Dawn, Walk Like a Man, Rag Doll and more and more. It was glorious fun and I will remember it for a long time.

When I got home I looked up Brad Weinstock in the program and saw that Brad graduated from Northwestern University. Well, no wonder he was amazing! 

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