Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Wall Street Journal

I have a smart phone and I enjoy reading articles in the Wall Street Journal often. This morning I read one entitled, "Tactics to Spark Creativity." I think the reason why most people shut down their creative spark is because when you are pummeled into the ground for ideas and they aren't wanted, you train yourself to ignore and the creative flow stops. I get ideas all the time. I can always see ways in which things can be improved or how to make things better but I have learned that my ideas in most circles aren't wanted. Most people don't want to hear what I have to think and most people don't care. People care about themselves and just want to keep things as they are and get through the day. With this kind of attitude, you can't expect new ideas to burst forth and problems solved. However, if you constantly ask, "How can this be made better?" You get ideas and you live a life that flows forward into the future with adventure.

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