Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Seattle Seahawks

Seattle has heart! It is really heartwarming and cute that the entire Seattle area has ground to a halt and stopped to celebrate the Seahawks. I'm so glad they won. Seattle needed the win. The Seahawks are an extraordinary team with heart and everyone loves them. Television news said kids aren't in school and people aren't going to work except those who are forced to go. A half a million people are lining the streets welcoming the Seahawks. All TV channels are focused on the parade. Seattle has been celebrating for days. It's really cute. Awesome!

Teachers have brought their students. Parents have brought their children to celebrate as families from all over the region. People have skipped work. The Mayor of Seattle has said this is an excused absence for kids. Awesome! I love our new Mayor. Everyone here loves the Seahawks. I need a 12 flag.

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