Thursday, May 24, 2012

I wish.................

I wish everyone in the world was valued, wanted, needed, and loved. I wish everyone had a circle of friends and family who show support, encouragement, and help when needed. I wish everyone had unlimited opportunities to develop their potential so they can grow and soar. I wish everyone was surrounded by kindness, laughter, fun, happiness, and joy. And I wish this for myself................ I wish all animals on earth, birds in the air, and fish in the ocean were protected. I wish no one was allowed to pour chemicals into water on earth. I wish no person had to worry about violence, abuse, or racism. I wish everyone felt safe, had enough food, and adequate shelter. I wish everyone was educated to their ability and everyone could go to university without financial burden. I wish everyone had health care. I wish women, all women in the world, were respected. I wish all children were safe, happy, loved, and protected.

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