Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Stephen King's Family

There is a great article published in the NY Times today. You just have to read it. It's all about the family of Stephen King.

There are two families that I admire most. One is the Kennedy family and the other is the Stephen King family. One raised politicians because of their unique interaction and family dynamics. The other raised a family of writers.

I am so delighted with this article in the NY Times. It is absolutely brilliant that Stephen King had their kids read books on tape for him. It got them to reading all kinds of books at a young age. It basically was a chore to help out the parents. Absolutely brilliant! The other thing is that instead of telling them stories, the kids were expected to tell the parents stories. Absolutely brilliant!!! I love it. I admire this family so much. I wish I were part of it or a welcome neighbor or a friend or had grown up in this family dynamics. I admire it so much.

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