Sunday, January 19, 2014


I just discovered ALIVE JUICE BAR yesterday. It's right next to 24 Hour Fitness in the Ballinger Plaza located at 20206 Ballinger Way in Shoreline.

I'm impressed with the menu. Everything is a healthy choice and that's not easy to find now days.

Yesterday I bought dried beet chips and they were delicious.

The menu is creative and full of great choices from a kale-quinoa salad to curry lentil soup.
The smoothie choices are tropical northwest, green margarita, kale smoothie, winter berries, tropical breakfast, mistletoe, whatever, pain in the ass, and coconut juice. The juice choices are liver cleanse, attitude cleanse, green energizer, winter tonic, the orange juice, veggie juice, the exercist, and  detox shots. The protein shake choices are creamsicle, the butterfinger, popeye's secret, the power meal, the Iditarod, pina colada, and rabbit food. You can buy a baked yam for a dollar. They sell probiotics--sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha. The soup choices are chicken and rice, peasant's soup, dinosaur soup face and tail soup, curry lentil, and split pea.

Everything looks interesting and healthy and fun. Next time you are in the neighborhood, seek this great place out and buy something. Feel better knowing that you are eating healthy.

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