Monday, January 20, 2014

Becoming a Personal Trainer

I finished the two day intensive Training Made Fun workshop to become a personal trainer through NESTA. I learned a lot. Before I walked into the workshop, I didn't consider becoming a personal trainer because I am fat and a senior. I thought who in the world would take me seriously or hire me as a personal trainer. After the first day, I really thought that because I couldn't do all the floor exercises. I avoid floor exercises.

The reason I took the training was to help myself learn and to help other people as a Zumba Gold instructor. The material that a personal trainer must learn is hard and this is not my area of study for the last few years. It's all about the science of movement, muscles, the skeletal system, and how everything works plus learning how to design a plan of exercise to help someone become fit and healthy. I learned a lot. I took the class so I would have a better chance of passing the AFAA training at the end of the month. It's cheaper to become a personal trainer than to hire one. The best possible choice is to become a personal trainer and to have a personal trainer. This is the best thing in the world.

At the end of the workshop, however, I learned that I would love to become a personal trainer. I want to specialize in helping seniors and people who are overweight become healthy and stay healthy. I've worked at writing for the last 10 years and spent a lot of money. I've never been successful at connecting so that I could start publishing or getting an agent even though I have finished four mystery novels and have published dozens and dozens of articles.

So now I can see my life going in a different direction. I could start making money as a personal trainer as soon as I pass the test and get hired. I'm probably the one person in the room who didn't pass the test but that's okay. I know the material better now than when I took the workshop. I will keep at it until I do pass the test. A personal trainer has to know so much. I didn't find the right way for me to learn the material until a couple of days before the workshop. I started typing the pages and it started to help me connect with the material. I wasn't a science and math major in college. Yes, I have a bachelor's degree but I loved the social science classes and the humanities and history.

It would be great to go forward in life helping people become fit and healthy and make money doing it. Health and fitness is my number one priority. Becoming a personal trainer and Zumba instructor is putting my actions in line with my number one priority to become healthy and fit as I age.

I'm excited to see what happens in 2014. I will keep working at it. I will keep trying to learn. I want to continue to take workshops and classes. There is so much to learn. I want to go to conferences. After taking this workshop, I want to take a workshop on designing exercise plans. I know the basic formula but I want to learn more.

I'm interested in so many things so how am I going to spend my time in 2014? Health and fitness is number one. Writing is number two. Reading about health, fitness, and writing is number three. I can't do everything. This is what I am focusing on and trying to drive these goals forward. We'll see what happens.

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