Tuesday, September 25, 2012



I just learned about www.coursera.org from my son, Daniel. It's amazing. This is the opportunity for anyone around the world to take university classes for credit FREE! It was started by Daphne Koller who is co-founder and co-CEO from Stanford University. The university line up is impressive with big names like Stanford, Columbia, The Ohio State University, University of Washington, Duke University, and more. There are 33 universities participating. You take real classes, watch the videos, do homework, receive grades, have deadlines and receive a certificate from the instructor. What a great opportunity for people around the world to learn and go to college. This makes it education for everyone possible and life long learning possible. I'm impressed.

I'm thinking about signing up for:
Principles of Obesity Economics from Johns Hopkins University or
Community Change in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University or
Think Again: How to Reason and Argue from Duke University

If I had a better background in math, I would also be looking at:
Cryptography from Stanford University or
Introduction to Logic from Stanford University or
Experimental Genome Science from the University of Pennsylvania or
Introduction to Astronomy from Duke University

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