Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pink Martini

I can't quit thinking about Pink Martini. I LOVE this band. I love everyone in it and everything about it and everything it represents. Pink Martini is more than a band. It unites the world. No other band even comes close.

"As it turned out the songs that I gravitated towards were not exactly cheery or exuberant.  I mean they’re uplifting …  but in a devastating sort of way. This past January I totally panicked because the album, which was due to be released in April, just didn’t add up to “Get Happy.”  I thought: I don’t want the whole thing to be ironic. I do want it to be genuinely uplifting, and to provide authentic rays of happiness. " I love this quote by Thomas M. Lauderdale, the band leader, about the song selection for their newest album, GET HAPPY.

Thomas M. Lauderdale is pure awesome. He does it all. He can do anything and everything! He's a great writer and bandleader and perfect person plus he's very handsome. His beautiful daughter was on stage at Benaroya Hall and looked like she walked out of a fashion magazine.

I wish I could be part of Pink Martini. I wish I could travel with the band and be part of the family. I wish I could be included. I don't play a musical instrument well enough. I don't sing well enough. They sure don't need me to write about the band because Thomas has that covered. In my dreams............

Buy the album, GET HAPPY. Buy all the albums. Live and breathe Pink Martini. Let it seep into your soul to become part of you.

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