Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"Cars losing grip on Seattle"

On the front page of the Seattle Times this morning was the headline, "cars losing grip on Seattle." To that I say, Cool! There are too many cars. Too many people are driving when they should be walking or running or biking or riding a bus. Public transportation should be the priority and so should be building safe trails away from traffic for walking, running, and riding bikes. I think it would be great if cars had to be parked on the perimeter of the city and everyone had to walk or bike or run or ride public transportation to get where they want to go. There would be fewer tragic accidents with pedestrians and bikes. It would contribute to the health of our planet, people in Seattle would be healthier and it would be a great example to cities around the world.

I love Seattle and I think it is great that Seattle is a city where on the front page of one of the best newspapers in the world there is a headline that says, "cars losing grip on Seattle."

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