Monday, September 16, 2013

Zumba Gold

This is a great moment because I can see that I am going to be able to be successful at memorizing the choreography for Zumba. I've been watching DVD's of choreography picking out songs I want to teach. I have been listening to music but I didn't get serious until today.

I put an urgency in the process because last night I created the website for myself as an instructor on My web address for my website is Next I have to order business cards, insurance, and a headset.

Today I picked one song and did it over and over for ten times. The last two times, I turned my back on the television and just listened to the prompts on the TV from the DVD. I will have it nailed when I just listen to the music on my ipod and can dance the choreography over and over without any problem. I'm almost there. I know it. It feels great.

What song did I pick? I picked a cumbia. I picked a cumbia on purpose for several reasons.
  • Cumbia is Beto Perez favorite dance.
  • Cumbia is from Columbia where Beto Perez was born and the birthplace of Zumba.
  • Cumbia has dance moves called the "sleepy leg" which is based on the history of slaves being chained together and dancing dragging their chains in the fields.
  • Cumbia has the "sugar cane" dance move which is based on the history of slaves cutting sugar cane in the fields.
  • The choreography for the song I picked is easy.
  • This song and the choreography comes from the Zumba Gold training.
  • Cumbia is a happy music in triumph of difficult times and sadness.
  • Cumbia will always be my favorite for the above reasons and this is the reason why I picked it first.
After I memorize my first song, the second one will be easier and the process will go faster plus I will have confidence that I really can do this.

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