Monday, September 23, 2013

Princess Cruises

Golden Princess at
Pier 91 in Seattle.
I went on the cruise from Seattle
on September 22.
This is the view after the
Golden Princess started off for Vancouver, B.C.
This is me. I was on an elliptical in the exercise
room when I saw I was missing out on photo moments.
I enjoyed Dixieland and jazz.
There was a great comedian
Rodney Johnson who had
everyone laughing.

This is the interior of the ship.
Shopping, great food, nice people,
music, everything you could want.
I love cruising.
I want to write cozy cruise
mysteries so I have to take
a cruise at least a couple of times
a year. I've already written one
but it needs to be revised.

This is my room. It was huge.
Dolphin 120
I would love to live or
work on a cruise ship or
at least take multiple
cruises every year.
The fitness center.
So much to see. So much to do.
Healthy food.
At dinner I sat next to a man named
Jim who was one of the
most interesting people I have ever
talked to.
Great people and great
conversation at my table.

This is the welcome at Vancouver.
Then I boarded a bus back to Seattle.

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