Monday, September 02, 2013

Zumba Glutes

I passed the Zumba certification for Zumba Glutes and will start receiving CD's and DVD's of choreography in the mail. I'm excited. Now I am Zumba certified in Zumba Basic 1, Toning, Core, and Glutes. I am taking a class in Zumba Gold this Saturday. Zumba Gold is for seniors. It's slower, easier, and more my speed since I am 65.

In all the reading to pass Zumba Glutes, I learned so much I didn't know before. I had no idea that any lower body injury is due to weak glutes. So all these knee replacements going on could have been prevented by strengthening the glutes. Shin splints and other injuries are a result of weak glutes, or glute amnesia because people sit too much.

I love Zumba. If I can ever get off the ground by memorizing the choreography, picking songs, and finding a place to teach, I should be healthier and more fit as I move into my future. Zumba makes me happy.

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