Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Cumbia is the first dance choreography I am memorizing for Zumba Gold to teach as an instructor. I was thinking about each step this morning and the meaning. Cumbia originated in Columbia. The slaves that were chained together were dragging their leg with the chains and dancing and being happy in spite of the reality of their life. The "sleepy leg" is the step where they drag one leg with the chains. It is also called the "candle step." I was thinking this morning that they must have danced at night and held candles in their hand to see.

I was also thinking that since they had chains on one leg, when they did the basic cumbia move, it could only be done on one foot.

I love cumbia. It's my favorite Zumba dance. The women wore long colorful skirts. They held the ends of the skirts and twirled the skirts around. It's a beautiful dance.

So much joy in a dance that covered a lot of sadness underneath. The people who market positive thinking tips learned from the slaves who were chained together and danced at night.

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