Thursday, August 29, 2013

Zumba at 24 Hour Fitness Northgate

I had so much fun tonight at 24 Hour Fitness in Northgate here in Seattle. It's sad that Christina is leaving. She's such an amazing Zumba instructor. She's the one in the middle with the blue beads. Next to Christina on the right is Daniel who is such a popular instructor. He's always nice and such a gifted dancer. Akiko next to Daniel just got back from Japan for the summer. She's a new Zumba instructor. Vimala is on the left next to Christina. Vimala goes to Zumba often and is planning on taking Zumba Basic 1 instructor training soon. She's very nice.

I am going to work hard to Zumba myself skinny. I should only wear black but sometimes it's good to see how you really look.

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