Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ann Rule and Leslie Rule

I had the best time today at 1 p.m. Ann Rule and her daughter, Leslie Rule came to Barnes and Noble at the Northgate Mall in Seattle to sign books. It was an honor to meet them both. Ann Rule lives in the Seattle area and Leslie Rule lives in Seattle. The ladies ahead of me had several books to have signed and had read every one of Ann Rules books so I was blessed with the opportunity to listen. They are both so nice.

Ann Rule was a former Seattle police officer and has written 31 New York Times best selling true crime novels. She's a great writer and brings true crime to life on the pages of each of her books. She graduated from the University of Washington and has a Ph.D. from Willamette University. She is "a certified instructor for police training seminars and lectures to law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and forensic organizations, including the FBI and the American Academy of Forensic Sciences." She is so nice to talk to. It would be wonderful if I could listen to her more about her writing, the process of her writing, investigating, etc. She wrote about the Green River killer in GREEN RIVER, RUNNING RED. She wrote about Diane Downs, a case familiar to anyone who lives in Oregon in SMALL SACRIFICES. Her latest book is IN THE STILL OF THE NIGHT: The Strange Death of Ronda Reynolds and her mother's unceasing quest for the truth.  If you aren't already a fan, you will be when you start reading her books.

Leslie Rule is the daughter of Ann Rule. It was a pleasure to meet her. She is every bit as nice as her mother. Her book, WHERE ANGELS TREAD: Real Stories of Miracles and Angelic Intervention is one of five books on the paranormal that she has published. I look forward to reading it. At the back of her book, it says that she grew up in a haunted house so that sounds intriguing and makes me want to read all her books. Her other books are COAST TO COAST GHOSTS: True Stories of Hauntings Across America; GHOSTS AMONG US: True Stories of Spirit Encounters; WHEN THE GHOST SCREAMS: True Stories of Victims Who Haunt; and GHOST IN THE MIRROR: Real Cases of Spirit Encounters. Leslie is a professional photographer and author of seven books.

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