Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I am so impressed with how everything is run in Seattle. In the last few days the Seattle Times reported a garbage strike by the Teamsters. I was bracing myself for garbage not being picked up for weeks, maybe months. I have no knowledge of how everything was handled or what happened except for one article talking about fines but I haven't had any interruption in garbage service. Everything is proceeding without any problems. What is so amazing to me is that it isn't that problems don't come up or that it is easy to manage Seattle. What is amazing is how well the problems are handled and managed as they do come up. I think this says a great deal about Mayor McGinn of Seattle. He handles difficult problems as they come up quickly and with great success. Seattle is a great place to live and work and thrive. I am grateful to be living in Seattle and in King County. Everything is here that anyone could want and I feel safe here.

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