Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Zumba with Kristen

At noon I went to 24 Hour Fitness to take a Zumba class with Kristen. I haven't had her before but I have been in a body pump class with her as instructor. She's really good teaching Body Pump but boy, is she amazing at Zumba! I'm really impressed. For one thing, she wears a headset, which all Zumba instructors should be required to wear so people can hear in the class. Often classes are so crowded and people in the back have a hard time knowing what's going on or what to do. There should be large screen televisions high up so people in the back can see what to do so they can copy dance movements. Kristen is high energy but she was a perfect instructor because she taught on three levels. I can't do all the jumping moves but I love Zumba. She modified all moves and didn't just teach two levels but three and showed all three examples as she moved and danced. She's really great!

I hope that Kristen teaches often at 24 Hour Fitness Northgate. This gym is supposed to go from a Super Sport Gym to a Premier Gym so they need the BEST instructors. Right? Yes!

Kristen is really good with people. She has a great personality. She knows how to move and dance. She's a great instructor, great at modifying moves and easy to follow. It's fun to take her class. I didn't think I would be able to make it through the entire 60 minutes but I did because she was so great about showing how to modify all the moves. I had fun. Fun is in short supply these days.

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