Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gretchen Bennett

My daughter, Gretchen is my oldest of five children. She's amazing. I raised her to be a future world leader, as I did all my children, and she is, as are Daniel, Ben, and Joe.

This article is about Gretchen and her new job with the city of Salem. She's beautiful inside and out.

All my children are amazing and brilliant and make a difference. They are all the best people I know. My husband and I taught them to think, to have courage, to see how to make the world a better place. I am proud of all of them.

Daniel is working to completely revolutionize health care. He works at Battelle in Columbus, Ohio. He's working hard  to give the best care to all patients by making the information and research needed instantly to doctors. Ben is one of the world's best runners. He's an elite distance runner. In the Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon 2013, he came in 13th place. In the Seattle Marathon 2013, he came in 10th. He works at Dendreon on cancer research. He's also a gifted writer and could easily be turning out best selling book after book after book. Joe is going back to school to be a math and science teacher. He's brilliant. He will dazzle students in the classroom helping them learn math. All my kids can be anything they want to be. They think and they make a difference. They are amazing and good and the BEST people I know.

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