Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Southwest Airlines

I flew Southwest Airlines to Columbus Ohio and back. I had a great time. I love Southwest but I do have to say that some crews are funnier than others. The crew that flies from Las Vegas to Columbus are hilarious with one joke after another. It makes it fun and keeps a smile on your face.

I would love to be a flight attendant. I want to travel all over the place and I love the hospitality industry. I talked to two flight attendants about it and they encouraged me to apply. You have 5 weeks of training in Dallas, Texas. That sounds wonderful. I could make money and fly all over. I smile almost all the time. I love serving and helping people. And I want to start making money. I love to travel and see new places.

On the flight home I sat in the back of the plane to be closer to the flight attendants and so I could watch since I am serious about this. They were great at helping and serving people. They were all nice.

The pilot that flew the plane from Columbus to Las Vegas has flown for 43 years. I heard him talking to someone as I walked by. He's fantastic! It would be fun to interview him. This plane was a Boeing 737 and new.

With Southwest every seat is a good seat. Even if you sit in the next to the last row in the plane, it doesn't take long to get off the plane plus it is fun because you see more and are close to the restrooms.

Thanks again Southwest. I sure hope that I really have a chance to be a flight attendant. My son seemed to think that I only see the good parts. I understand that not all the people on the flight would be nice. That is the time for the flight attendant to be extra patient, nice, and give special service. You don't take what happens or what is said personally. You just be the best you can be and be courteous, helpful, efficient, and give great service because you represent Southwest. At the end of the flight, you leave the people who might not be so nice behind.

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