Friday, October 04, 2013

Edmonds and Edmonds Library

I love Edmonds. This is the first time I have ever been there. The words that comes to mind are precious and rare. There's something so special about Edmonds. Yes, it's being close to the ocean and being able to see the magnificent views. It's the shops that look so inviting. It's the Edmonds Library with the perfect librarian who is one of the nicest people in the world and who represents libraries and books in the best way possible. I liked her immediately.

I was sitting in the second row on the end listening to Robert Dugoni, an attorney and writer of legal thrillers. Right there I am sold because I love legal thrillers and the law.

I bought four paperback books and I talked to Robert Dugoni for a couple of minutes. I could have listened to him for hours with his stories about growing up in a family of 10, about his mother, about being an attorney, about writing, about the law, about his big EPA case that he wrote about. He's so interesting so I know I will love reading his books. He's a great speaker. He charmed everyone in the room. You can tell he is a good person.

What I like best about Robert Dugoni is that he is a champion, a hero, and someone who believes in justice and fighting to help people and do what is right. He is the best of what an attorney should be.

He mentioned Christopher Vogler, another writing hero. I've gone to a writing workshop where Christopher Vogler spoke on the Oregon Coast. He's awesome. He wrote the Writer's Journey and I have two copies both signed by Christopher Vogler. I need to read his book again.

At the Edmonds Library, it sounds like they have a perfect writing group on Mondays and a National Novel Writing Month group beginning in November.

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