Tuesday, October 01, 2013

red turtlenecks

I bought a bunch of red turtlenecks at Fashion Bug in Corvallis, OR about six years ago when they were going out of business. It was a mega shopping event to find so many wonderful clothes at the end of the sale for only $2 so I loaded up and bought a lot. I had several, probably 10-15 red turtlenecks hanging in my walk in closet in my apartment. I wore them all the time last year. I bought several tops exactly the same because if I wrecked a couple, it wouldn't matter. So where are they now? I have a bunch of orange ones. I bought the orange ones to sell because I had the idea that I could sell them to students at OSU and make a profit. I thought I could sell them for $5 or $10 and it would still be a great bargain but I would make a profit.

I look around my apartment and I keep finding stuff missing. Wish I had an army of detectives. Wish I was married to a good Mensa Jewish attorney who was retired, loves to travel and likes to dance and likes to laugh.

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