Saturday, November 23, 2013


I feel like I am at a great crossroads in life with many possible choices.
  • Zumba. I want to be a Zumba instructor. I want to find my place. I've even thought about opening up a Zumba Gym and I've been looking at the old K-Mart building on Aurora in North Seattle as a great place where Zumba events could be held and there could be enough classrooms to hold all the different types of Zumba all hours of the day. Plus there would be enough space to have regular gym options plus pools and spas. If I had my own gym, I could teach or co-teach with someone.
  • Getting my MFA and teaching at a college or university. This has always been a dream. To me a university is holy ground where thoughts, ideas, learning, and books thrive. I can't afford to get my MFA but I always want to take classes. I always want to learn and grow to be a better person.
  • Screenwriting. I'm enjoying my screenwriting class at the University of WA. I want to win. I want to have a chance. I'm learning so much and I'm part of a classroom where everyone is brilliant and a great writer, and the instructor, Kim Cunningham is a successful screenwriter, awesome teacher, and brilliant royal smart person.
  • Personal Trainer classes. I'm taking classes with NESTA, ACE, and AFAA to become a group instructor and personal trainer. It's cheaper to learn how to be a trainer than to pay for a couple of years of time with a trainer, which I need to do. I'm learning a lot and I have an abundance of respect for the knowledge of personal trainers. They have to learn so much about the human body and movement and how everything is integrated. I'm taking these classes to help myself and to be a better Zumba instructor.
  • Novel writing. I'm sitting on four novels that I have completed and yes, they need another revision. I love to write new novels and go off on the adventure of story to see where it takes me. Will I ever get anywhere with it? I'm determined to keep trying and to keep learning how to be a better writer. I am always reading a writer's magazine or a writing craft book, along with my other reading.
  • So many possibilities. I can't do everything in life. I have to say sometimes that even though I love gardening or quilting or other pursuits, maybe it is over. My main priority must be health and fitness and writing. If I could be a part time Zumba instructor, novel writer, and teach at a university, my life would be absolutely PERFECT! If I found royal smart, supportive friends, and someone who loves me, it would really move into PERFECT! If I could also take a cruise once in awhile, travel the world, go to the symphony, go to the art museum, go to the ballet, zoo, Broadway plays and live theater, always go to both Zumba conventions every year, etc, then my life would be HEAVEN! I don't want much, do I? ; )

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