Sunday, November 24, 2013

Olive Garden

One of my favorite restaurants is Olive Garden. A few days ago I was in Target and overheard the person at the cash register mention to the person ahead of me that she used to work at Olive Garden. When it was time to be waited on by her, I told her how much I love Olive Garden. It has been years since I have been to Olive Garden. I absolutely love the soup and salad. It's always delicious. Always perfect. And the best part is that it is safe for someone who must watch their calories.

So on Friday when I was in Lynnwood, I stopped at Olive Garden on 196th Street that is right off I-5. I'm so glad I did. I had minestrone soup and salad. The soup was delicious and so full of flavor. I had one bowl. I ate all the salad. It was perfect. I had one and a half bread sticks. Their bread sticks are always perfect but I think I need to pass on the bread next time. I need to be careful and lose weight. The food at Olive Garden is always delicious, always perfect. Right now they have a special on 2 for 1 entrees. If you buy one, you can take one home to warm up later. This is a great deal because the food is always perfect at Olive Garden.

I love to hear the music at Olive Garden from the "Rat Pack." Music by Sinatra is my favorite. This adds to the flavor of the experience of eating at Olive Garden to make it perfect.

Go to your nearest Olive Garden and enjoy the menu choices. It's always good, always perfect!

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