Friday, November 15, 2013

Seattle Symphony Orchestra

I rode bus 41 from Northgate to get to the Seattle Symphony at noon to enjoy Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony. My ticket was only $29.50 for seat 10, row W, in aisle A. To listen to the Seattle Symphony Orchestra is always perfection, as good as it gets, and my favorite part of Seattle.

I still think that the Seattle Symphony should sell musician cards with details about the background on each card. Each member of the orchestra and especially the illustrious conductor, Ludovic Moriot are the best of Seattle. They are the elite, the gifted, the ones who give so much joy to everyone who comes to Benaroya Hall. I don't matter but they all do. I am humbled and it is such a privilege to get a seat to hear them.

My mother was a piano teacher and I grew up with classical music. I knew the Pastoral Symphony by Beethoven. I have heard it many times and I love it. It was obvious that the Seattle Symphony Orchestra loves it because they played it with such passion. I loved every minute.

It was an extraordinary treat to learn about Pascal Dusapin, and his Concerto for Violin and Orchestra. Dusapin was born in 1955 and lives in Paris. I think he is now my favorite composer. He writes such complex, complicated music. I have never heard a composer explore the range of possibilities with sound, tone, and harmony with all the instruments before. He tinkers with sound. He is inventive and went out of bounds with this concerto. I loved it. The Seattle Symphony Orchestra played with passion and I know it was not the easiest piece to play. The violinist, Renaud Capucon was brilliant! He was one with the violin, the music, and the orchestra. I need to buy a CD.

I'm so grateful that I can come to hear the Seattle Symphony Orchestra. I'm so lucky to be able to buy a ticket and sit in one of the seats. This is as close to heaven as it gets.

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