Friday, November 29, 2013

Teaching Zumba Gold

Today was a big day in my life. I was invited to co-teach with Akiko Ogami at Fresh Fit and Dance at 4501 Interlake Avenue North in Seattle in the Green Lake and Wallingford area between 46th and 45th. Akiko is an awesome and gifted Zumba instructor plus she is such a nice person and very kind. She's awesome every day.

I had so much fun. I taught one Zumba Gold song and I co-taught about three others with Akiko. I had a wonderful time. This is the first time that I have taught a song as an instructor. This is the first time to get to wear a Zumba instructor shirt. I loved it.

This is a really nice dance studio and everyone needs to get a membership and take classes from Akiko because she is awesome and a great Zumba instructor!

I learned that if you break down the song, just like they tell you to do when you go through training, and if you listen to the song enough and practice enough, you just know what to do when the song changes. This was a big day for me. I had a great time.

I'm going to work hard on getting more songs ready. I've been practicing them for a long time but it was different last night when I knew that I was really going to be teaching a song. Then it was for real. I became real today. Thanks Akiko!

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