Friday, July 27, 2012

Best Buy

At the first of the week, I decided to learn about making DVD's so I went across the street to Best Buy to ask questions. I bought some DVD's and cases. I asked about video editing software. My problem with the video on my camera is that it was shot [in Microsoft Word lingo--portrait instead of landscape] at a different angle and I needed to turn it. Everyone was so nice and I'm grateful for the help. I went back and there was a customer in the store who overheard my conversation about needing to turn the video. I had brought my camera into the store thinking it was an easy fix. He told me about Windows Live Movie Maker which is a free download and can do these kinds of edits. He was wonderful! I had the best experience at Best Buy. The girl waiting on me was obviously a techie and great at her job too. Best Buy is a great place. It is the go-to place for answers and technology. Nerds gather at Best Buy. I love it! I'm going to go there more for answers and to buy my stuff.

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