Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Heaven is Seattle. Heaven is Zumba. Heaven is a membership to the Seattle Art Museum, Pacific Science Center and Woodland Park Zoo. Heaven is walking around Green Lake and going to Dukes or Spud for fish and chips. Heaven is looking at the art of Dale Chahuly. Heaven is playing mah jongg. Heaven is ballroom dancing. Heaven is going to the Seattle Symphony. Heaven is living one block from 24 Hour Fitness and close to the Northgate Mall. Heaven is going to the Seattle Public Library and reading stacks of books. Heaven is talking to my children. They're the best people I know. Heaven is spending time with my grandchildren. I hope there are friends in this new heaven. I hope there is extra money in this heaven to be a member of the Aquarium and to buy season tickets to Seattle Symphony, Northwest Ballet, Broadway plays and live theater. I hope there is a cruise once a year in this heaven and what I write turns into big checks in the mail. I LOVE Seattle and I'm grateful to be here. I look forward to my future.

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