Saturday, July 14, 2012

Olympic Athletic Club

I'm a member of Olympic Athletic Club in Ballard, the Scandinavian area of Seattle. I'm half Swedish and I love Ballard. I would like to live there but I can't afford it. I joined OAC at the end of December when I moved here. It's a Fit Life Gym, which means that when you travel throughout Oregon and Washington, you can go to the other Fit Life Gyms free. I haven't been to the OAC since January because I go to 24 Hour Fitness Northgate almost every day and it seems far to go to Ballard. I was told to park at the far parking lot near the water near an abandoned restaurant. OAC is crowded and they are building a new part. I got to thinking that if I were making the decisions, I would build a whole new four story two block long athletic club next to the water. The space is just sitting there doing nothing. My gym would have glass walls next to the water so you can see out on all four floors. On the first floor would be an Olympic size swimming pool. Four laps would be saved for hydrofit and deep water running classes at all times, 8 to 12 lanes for lap swimming. On the side saved for hydrofit and deep water running, I would put a giant flat screen television for those who get bored running in the water. There would be also music piped in at other times when classes aren't in session. There would be four to six large classrooms and there would be classes running every hour in each classroom with Zumba, Body Pump, standing abs, Tai Chi, and lots of other choices. There would be tennis and racketball. There would be a large basketball size court for indoor roller skating. I would go to and buy the quad skates I've been looking at with the purple wheels. It would be a gorgeous facility and people would come from all over to exercise there. The top floor would be the poof floor for spa treatments, hot tubs, steam rooms, and saunas overlooking the water. There would also be a restaurant, juice bar, and a salad bar. It would be beautiful. I called and asked for a refund since I'm not using my membership. I think I paid $680 for a year. Next year I would only have to pay $40 a month. I was told there is a no refund policy, which I don't think is nice so I am giving my membership to my son, Ben.

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