Sunday, July 15, 2012


I'm half Swedish. I would love to visit Sweden. I frequently write to four cousins in Sweden. One lives in Stockholm and teaches English at a university. I am proud of being Swedish. I love everything about Sweden. I think it is wonderful that Sweden gets along in the world. They have health care for everyone and they have a high standard of living. In the book, THRIVE: FINDING HAPPINESS THE BLUE ZONES WAY, by Dan Buettner, Sweden is listed as one of the top ten happiest places in the world to live. All Scandinavian countries are listed in the top ten along with Canada. I won't have health care until 2014 in the U.S., if I moved to Sweden or Canada, I'd immediately have health care because people are valued. The last three years of my husband's life, he started making plans to move to Germany since he was a duel citizen. He wanted to move because of health care. If he had lived, I might be living in Germany right now, which isn't that far from Sweden.

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