Saturday, March 30, 2013

24 Hour Fitness

I just came back from 24 Hour Fitness. I have a membership and I enjoy taking Zumba and Body Pump classes. It is interesting that these classes are under GROUP X and not under 24 Hour Fitness so that when an instructor fails to show, 24 Hour Fitness says it isn't us. The reason I have a membership is because of these classes. Today I went to take a Zumba class with Mariam. She's a great instructor and I enjoy her classes. I understand that sometimes an instructor can't make it because of traffic or something. BUT 24 Hour Fitness is creating a problem for 24 Hour Fitness when they don't have a solution in place if an instructor doesn't show up. It is their name on the door. I suggested more than once that some of the trainers should be certified in Zumba so they can give a class if needed. They can take classes from Zumba International. Now I'm not so sure that this is the answer either because the trainers want to make money as trainers and if they have clients at the time, they can't drop everything to pitch in for Zumba.

So I was thinking that a better solution would be to have a large television screen to show a Zumba video of the instructor who is supposed to be teaching. I think the television screen would be great during regular classes too. It's hard when you are in the back of a crowded classroom because you can't copy the movements. I like to stand in the middle so that I can keep my eyes glued to the feet of the instructor to copy the movements. In the back, I can't see. In the front, I'm too close.

If an instructor doesn't show up, then all the management of 24 Hour Fitness has to do is pull down the screen and Zumba starts with the instructor everyone came to see. The instructor should get paid and people who come won't get mad at 24 Hour Fitness. People pay money for a membership for these classes and it is a waste of their valuable time to have this happen. It is a big mistake for 24 Hour Fitness not to be in charge of GROUP X and take responsibility for it.

It would be so great if this could happen because instructors could make more money and there could be more Zumba classes during the day. Everyone would be happy, especially me! I really love taking Zumba classes but I need more of them on a regular schedule every day. I like taking 2 Zumba classes a day. This would be perfect! This solution would be a good one for everyone. It would also bring in more people who want to have memberships because people want more Zumba classes. My favorite Zumba instructors are Niel, Marco, Daniel, Mariam, Jewel, Christina, and Cindy.

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