Friday, March 29, 2013

Pedestrian Safety

Yesterday when I got off the bus and crossed the street on 5th behind Target, a car almost ran me down. It didn't even stop. I stopped in the middle of the crosswalk. I couldn't believe it. The driver looked right at me and kept going anyway. I shook my head and then continued. I had the light. It said I could walk across the street. Motorists are driving too fast and think that when the light is green that they come first and that they don't have to watch out for pedestrians. I think some drivers shouldn't be driving and some drivers are using their cars aggressively. After all, if they hit someone, they can always say, "oh, I didn't see them." Too many people are getting hit in the street by cars who aren't being careful.

I have witnessed several people almost get hit behind Target while crossing the street. It's hard to see the older people using walkers who have to fend for themselves against aggressive motorists. There are two retirement and assisted living buildings behind Target.

Cars should have to be parked on the perimeters of an urban area or in large parking structures and then people should have to walk or ride in a cart or ride a bus. There are TOO many cars driving on the streets and not enough safe guards put in place to protect people who walk.

Most streets should be closed to cars. The main streets with cars should have cross walks with pedestrian bridges for safe passage. More walking is good. Exercise and health is important.

I was thinking that they need to put a device on cars where the key ignition locks if the driver is angry or intoxicated so he can't drive. The car wouldn't even start. I think that's a good idea that is worth starting. So all you engineers out there can figure that one out to start saving lives.

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